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  1. I am trying to get my head around sequencing using RGB channels. 2 questions so far. Is all RGB sequencing done via the color fade tool. If so how do I fade on just red, do I fade from black to red? I am sure there will be more questions to follow. Thanks.

  2. I keep everything in groups of 4, 8, 16, 32. The big advantage I found doing that is each year you can change things up and not have to do a ton of re-sequencing.

  3. I was reading several of the threads over the last week about RGB. It really was something I didnt even want to think about yet, but seems to be the hot topic. One question I ask myself is that really Christmas lights. So anyways in a moment of panic today at Lowes I bought 16 sets of the 36 count GE RGB lights. On the way home the thoughts of doubt were already creeping into my head.

    Is this something I really want to take on? Hardware wise it wont be a problem for me. First year I did sequenced lights my hardware was all homemade. Since then I have accumulated 15 PC16 LOR controllers. Built them all myself. I still run 176 channels of DIO.

    Software is where the questions start creeping in, assuming S3 has support for these type of lights sometime this year, I cant begin to wonder how hard it will be to sequence this type of light. I am sequence challenged already, this many options would put me over the edge. If S3 doesnt support them, I have looked at Light Show Pro before, although it has some great options, I am comfortable with S3, not sure I want to learn a whole new software.

    Should I take the lights back, am I over re-acting, having buyers remorse? Thanks for any feedback.


  4. Display has been too busy this year so far for video. I either have to video the first couple of days or wait til after Christmas. It should slack off this coming week to finally get some video. It always sucks when you go out to video and someone either wont turn off there headlights or there is just one car after another.

  5. Audio folder is now shared. Again all I ask is dont download the whole folder. If you open the downloaded sequence in the sequence editor it will tell you the name of the of the audio you need. I am a very un-orginized person as you can tell.

    Disclaimer goes here about downloading audio you dont all ready have....

  6. I have put up an FTP site with all of my sequences from the last 6 years. Feel free to download what you like but please dont download the whole site. The prefered method to connect to the site would be to download a free program called filezilla. If not you can type in in either internet explorer or windows explorer to access the files. At that point you should be able to drag and drop or copy and paste between windows. I have added an upload folder if you want to share anything with others also.

    If you have any questions about the FTP or audio questions, just ask.

    Merry Christmas Everyone.

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  7. I added a 16 channel spiral tree also this year, all white C7 led. I based my height using 2 strings of lights. It ended up about 14 feet tall. I have been happy with it. Last minute I put up a 6 foot mini spiral tree using the same channels as my red and green mini trees, 8 channels each. That tree turned out awsome, everyone loves that tree. That being said, the only thing I am doing different next year is making my big tree 2 colors.

  8. In my situation I didnt do a charity the first 2 years I did my display and people were trying to give me money all the time, so I added the charity box to handle that situation. Donations this year have been OK at best compared to previous years.

    I get the same people coming to my display every year, I hear from alot it has become a tradition. As its looking towards next year I wont be adding much to the display, economy the way it is. I think if i took up donations to add to the display as long as everyone knew thats what it was for I would get more donations than I am now.

    The display is my gift to the community and I would never charge them to to watch it, but I think there are plenty of people who would gladly "donate" to see new and better things with the display.

    So final answer is I dont see a problem with it.

  9. Not sure if this will help or not. I ran into a problem when I got the same error when trying to save a sequence. My problem was I had saved a sequence to a flash drive. I then removed the flash drive. The sequence was still open in the sequence editor, I made some more changes. When I went to save the sequence it would not let me save, obviously, but also it wouldn't let me save as either. So the only way to avoid losing my changes I put the flash drive back in the computer and then did a save and then a save as back to my computer. Hope that makes sense.

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