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  1. Half of my display is now based on the "sleeve" method. All of my sleeves are using 3/4 inch thin wall PVC, it is the cheapest 10 foot PVC pipe. I use 1/2 PVC pipe to slide the sleeves over. This year I have 310 sleeves. 64 for arches, 64 for vericle poles, 64 for spinners and the rest are used for a 7 segment dispay to spell out words. Storage works out great with the sleeves.

  2. This has been asked for quite a few times and unfortunatly not implamented yet. I have about 70 sequences. I make changes to my display up until a few days before I go live. Typically Thanksgiving night I finally know what my final display consists of and I sit in front of the computer for a couple of hours importing that last config into each sequence. I would love the feature where the sequence points to "2011.lcc" all I had to do was change that file to pick up my changes. I wish I was one of those perfect planners who didnt have to change things, but I am not.

  3. Well I have been doing this hobby for about 5 years now and every year I have been in the same boat as Amie.
    No matter how hard I plan it seems like 2 days before the show starts I either have a channel that goes bad or something happens and I have to do a new channel config.
    So I make the new config, export the config and then have to open all 60 - 80 sequences and import the new config. It has happened to me every year. Sometimes a channel will go out mid season and you have to open every sequence up and make the change, when you have as many sequences as I do you are talking easily over an hours worth of opening, importing, and then saving.
    I like your explanation of how a web site works using styles. If we had a master config, make the change and then all the sequences would point to it.

  4. I saw ISA dying a few years back. I picked up a P4 motherboard with 3 ISA slots, it was pretty unusual to even have 1 isa slot by then. I am running at 2.8 gig htz which hopefully will last me a couple of more years. Right now I have three 96 output ISA cards. I only use the DIO to run a grid of lights simular to a seven segment display.

  5. Thanks for the reply Jeff. I read a little more last night and pretty much determined the same thing. What a shame, I have two 96 channel PCI cards. I was hoping to be able to replace those old ISA boards. OH well..

  6. I use a couple of ISA digital I/O boards in my display. I add the boards using instacal and everything works out perfect. I picked up a couple of Acces PCI-DIO-96 boards and I am having a tough time with them. The driver loads fine in windows so under device manager everything looks good. When I start up instacal I have no place to add a PCI board. I updated to the newest instacal and still no luck. Anyone have much experience with PCI digital I/O boards and getting them to work with LOR or instacal. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks.

  7. Looks very interesting. I am not doing a whole lot with my display right now but look forward to how this is playing out come september. I will be very interested in using the software for this coming season. I dont use a blackberry, I am a windows mobile user if you need a tester for that.

  8. I have a mega tree with 96 strands of LED's. 24 each of 4 colors. 16 channels dedicated to the tree. I hooked it up this past weekend and it worked perfectly. Tonite as I was doing some final checks for the season, I had all 13 controllers turned on. I noticed that 2 channels on the mega tree stayed lit all the time. Both were green. I thought it was strange that this problem didnt show up till tonite.

    I hooked up a set of mini lights to one of the channels and it went out. On the other channel I hooked up 2 sets of minis and it still remained lit. I searched around the forum and tried to read and solve the problem all I cound find as an answer was to load down the channel. I would think that 2 sets of minis would be enough of a load. Does this indicate that there is something wrong with that channel? The controllers are all CTB16PC's.

    I haven't done any troubleshooting on it yet besides loading down the circuit. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.

  9. Cool, I've been looking for some amp meters that were internally shunted, amazing they are so hard to find, Newark electronics has over 2 million parts but not one internally shunted panel meter. I missed that second board below the other board in the picture so 4 meters makes perfect sense.

  10. I have thought about adding in panel meters also. Musicdude, what meters and associated hardware did you use and where did you get them from? Also, why do you use 4 per box, it would seem that 2 would be enough.

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