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  1. I do remember early on, just scrapping my S4 imported preview and totally redoing my preview in S5 and letting it rebuild the channels. Basically starting from scratch, sometimes carryover from a  previous version can cause some issues.

    I looked in my old sequences folder and I have been using S5 since the middle of 2017. So it has been a while since I did my conversion. I know personally since I am all pixels it was the best thing I did, haven't looked back one time.

  2. I too have been on S5 since its inception and have had no issues. I have pasted in clipboards that have been as large as 3 gig. Not debating that there are issues but I havent run into any. I just recently updated to the newest version was on 5.2.4 for the longest time. Not sure if anything changed after that.

  3. Over the years I have purchased quite a few Superstar sequences and they all have a 6 channel star as part of the sequence. Is there an easy way to take the effects that would have been on the 6 channel star and make them work on any type of RGB topper? Is everyone just starting from scratch with their mega tree topper or has anyone figured out an easy way to use the effects for the 6 channel star?

  4. I took a different approach than most others, I run my show with LOR but did some sequencing in XLights. I export out of XLights and bring it in the sequencing editor. This way I have the best of both worlds. I like the way my original sequence editor sequences look,  I like the way my SuperStar sequences look and I like the way my XLights sequences look, they all look unique.

    My advise, dont stop using S5 because of some issues, both software's had some issues this season.

  5. Never did any sequencing in 5.3x. Stayed on 5.2.4 and show is running perfect. I didnt change because of MIIP. Cant believe the lag problem isnt fixed by now, that makes no sense. If the files are already created where would the lag come from. I did notice with my limited time with 5.3x that some of my files got huge. The people who have lag how big are the shows? 

  6. What what I remember from conversation, just create a show and play it and it will create the playback files. I stayed on version 5.2.4 for that reason. Although it is cool to not have to manually create the playback files, the way the newer version renamed the files would possibly mess with MIIP if you use that software. 

  7. For years now, I always setup and play my show several days before my actual show starts, I play the show all the way though with no power going to the controllers. That way the .LCS file would get created which always took a while to create. Even if you pre-created that file, the show would sometimes create it on its own the first time.

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