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  1. dougd

    Clipboard S5 won't work

    Clipboards changed between S4 and S5, Sounds like Papagayo to LOR is outputting in S4 format, which makes sense it would be,
  2. dougd

    4x4 decorating?

    In the early days of shared sequences, most everyone did things in 4's and 8's. First person I can remember getting away from that was Richard Holdman, he did several things in 9's. I remember always having to delete the middle channel when I used his sequences.
  3. dougd

    4x4 decorating?

    I follow 4x4 model, started that way and never got away from it. All my props are divisible by 4, 16 big trees, 16 mid size trees, 16 candy canes, 16 strings on my mega tree, 16 spinners, 4 fans, 8 stars and so on. Even took it so far on a lot of props that the number of pixels is divisible by 4. I always figured the 4 started with how many beats per second a lot of songs are, 4 count or something like that.
  4. dougd

    AutoFlip clipboard tool for S5

    Thanks Bob! Love Autoflip, this thing works great.
  5. dougd

    Making the big conversion

    Grouping does not make them white. If you have 100 pixels on an output. If you do grouping of 100, it is turning the string into an RGB string. To LOR it would be 1 channel of red, green and blue. I used grouping a lot in the my early days of pixels to match up older sequences.
  6. dougd

    Making the big conversion

    Grouping at the controller level would possibly accomplish this?
  7. dougd

    Success with One Drive?

    Well I have no idea about the virus thing, been doing this for several years now with no problem. When I was looking for a backup solution Onedrive was perfect for what I was looking for. This is hard to explain but it just works so easily. I have a folder called Onedrive on all 3 computers, it is in the user folder. In that folder I have a folder called LOR. That folder is my default location for the LOR software for all 3 computers. So in that folder is my audio folder and all the associated LOR folders. I have all 3 computers set to sync for the LOR folder. Like I said, I can add an audio file on one computers and it will automatically sync that audio file to the other computers. If I add a new sequence or change an existing sequence it will automatically sync that sequence to the other computers. If today as an example I add a new sequence and audio file from my work computer. When I get home those files will be on my home computer, I can open that sequence in LOR and the audio file will be in the default location and that sequence will play perfectly at home without making any modifications or having to do anything for that matter. I can modify my preview at work and when I look at my preview at home it will be exactly look the one I changed from work. It is the perfect solution for sequencing on multiple computers.
  8. dougd

    Success with One Drive?

    Not running my show from the internet. Onedrive is a folder on my computer. It is also a folder on both of the other computers also. When i make a change in my onedrive folder it uploads the change to the cloud onedrive folder. When the other computers see a change in the cloud folder, it automatically syncs the onedrive folder on that computer to match. Again what is so awesome is I dont do anything it all happens automatically. If you sequence on multiple computers it cant be any easier. And the super bonus its all backed up in the cloud also.
  9. dougd

    Success with One Drive?

    All of sequencing is done on a onedrive folder. My default LOR folder is my onedrive folder on my computer at work, my computer at home and my show computer. I do anything in those 3 places, within minutes it shows up on all the other computers. Cant imagine sequencing any other way. It works perfect. Best part is I dont have to do anything.
  10. Well if has to do with the number of views, that could be it, highest views I have is 500.
  11. What is so weird is I have 60 to 70 videos on both Youtube and Vimeo and have never had one pulled. I just dont understand the randomness of it.
  12. These look very popular. Would love to check them out also. drdelong@outlook.com Thanks!
  13. Just finished porting over the Greatest Show from the Xlights around the world sequence. Wasn't easy but finally got it done. I ended up with a 5.25 gig sequence and it plays in the preview just fine. Will be interesting to see how it looks on the actual display. Here is what the sequence looks like in the editor and I also captured a video of the preview itself.
  14. dougd

    Pushing LOR 5.25 gig sequence

    Yeah, all of the sequences I have converted from xlights are in the 2-3 gig range. I do have one Superstar sequence that hit 1.5 gig. Most of my LOR only sequences are in the 3 hundred to 4 hundred meg range.
  15. dougd

    Pushing LOR 5.25 gig sequence

    This whole sequence took about 2-3 minutes to save. Takes a bit to write out 5.25 gig.
  16. dougd

    Early Christmas Gone Wrong for Dying Boy

    Mike, couldnt like your post, but consider it LIKED!
  17. dougd

    Taking the Pixel Plunge ! Questions

    Upgrade to S5 and do it all in one place?
  18. dougd

    Help settling an argument

    I have been doing that sequence for 3 years now and no one has ever pointed that out until I read this thread. Nor did I ever put the 2 together.
  19. dougd

    Trans Siberian Orchestra 2018 Tour Dates

    Just saw that myself. Duluth, GA also. I have 2 choices within 2 hours and both are on weekends. I havent seen them in a few years, hopefully will get to go this year.
  20. dougd

    Uninstall S4 before installing S5

    No, you can not have S4 and S5 on the same machine, unless you are using one in something like a virtual machine.
  21. dougd

    How to create a group in S5

    Within your preview. Click add item, add group. 2nd option down.
  22. dougd

    Windows Command

    My cmdmap.lcm file look normal to me. I have all my seqeunces in there.
  23. I can use this one. drdelong@outlook.com Thanks James!
  24. From what I thought I read, he is only going back because he cant convert his sequences very easily.
  25. Its been a while but here is the way I did it I believe. Open up your S4 sequence in S5. Once open it should look similar to the way it looked in S4. Create a new preview in S5, dont use your old stuff. Once you have the preview created, create a view that looks just like your S4 seqeunce. Create a new musical sequence with the same song, import the correct view. Copy and paste from the old sequence to the new sequence. Should be all to it.