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  1. OK, finally got around to test this and it worked as shown. Thanks for helping me out here. Now lets see what I can do with this information.
  2. Made quite a few changes to a Preview. S5 crashed. Now I get an error on startup saying that there is something wrong my preview and I should try and fix it. When I try and modify that preview S5 give me an error and shuts down. LORSequencer-trace.txt
  3. Can anyone from LOR answer this, whether it can be done now or if it is on a to do list?
  4. I have created a group of props. My arches, spinners and circles. I was wanting to put an effect on all of them at once by applying a motion effect to them.
  5. Not sure if I just cant figure it out how to do it or not. Can you add a motion effect row to a group?
  6. Well I installed S5 back on the home computer. Looks like I am going to commit and make the change. Going to start a brand new sequence with it so there wont be any going back for that sequence. Pros so far. Much faster than S4 once a sequence is converted. Can leave undo checked. I haven't been able to use that feature in years. Preview isn't as good as the visualizer but since it is built in now it is a good trade off for me. Finally able to use pixel editor effects. never could use them in S4. Several new feature in SS. Time will tell how it does with large channel count but preliminary results look like it will do large channel counts much better. Cons. Clipboards, but we are being told they will get those in there. Well that is all I have so far, I am sure there are many more pros, hopefully not many cons. What has anyone else come up with on the pro and con list? Anyone else made the commitment to run S5 this year?
  7. Introducing Tor

    1.54 was the first version I used, Seems like it was around for a year or 2.
  8. DD01 - Open existing sequence

    This was resolved in 5.04. Sequences open perfect now.
  9. 5.0.4 Import of Ver 4 files

    My import under 5.04 worked perfect. I too have lots of tracks. Each track ended up being a "view" Once I scrolled down to track 1 all of my props were there, just like it was in the sequence editor for version 4.
  10. New error with 4.3.22

    Mine was due to saving more channels than my license was good for. My visualizer file had 4 16x50 trees in it. I dropped it down to 2 trees and it would save just fine.
  11. New error with 4.3.22

    I went back to 4.3.18 to finish up what sequences I have started already. Once those are finished I will go to 4.3.22.
  12. New error with 4.3.22

    Looks like I better go back to 4.3.18 until I figure this one out. I opened up the sequence I had been working on for a while on my home computer. Worked on it for about 2 hours last night before I tried to save it, (first mistake). When I tried to save it would only let me save as encrypted or something like that, saved with a .supe extension. This morning I went to open that sequence on my work computer, I save everything to a onedrive folder and can open anything at work just like from home. So I got a message saying it was saved as an encrypted file and can only be opened on the computer that had saved it. Here is where the problem started, I didnt realize it had opened a file with the same sequence name. I was going to do some testing and did a few effects on what appeared to be a blank sequence but when I saved it it overwrote the sequence I had tried to open. Bummer.. Then of coarse I made the final mistake, deleted the small sequence I had just created before looking at the recycle bin on onedrive which now just had the newest deleted file. Luckily just lost the couple hours work from last night. Live and learn I guess.
  13. New error with 4.3.22

    Help/About shows I am using the 40 ccr version.
  14. Been working on a sequence for a while. I upgraded to 4.3.22 today and was working on the sequence. I tried to save and I got this error. https://1drv.ms/i/s!ApgRhyoQKfS8hb8ylZDinbw53QanPw
  15. I wouldn't mind checking it out. Thanks. drdelong@outlook.com