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  1. Movie effect and S5

    Good to know. Thanks Matt!
  2. I haven't used the movie effect before. I added a few videos to some of my sequences. Yesterday I was viewing the sequences on another computer and the movie didn't play. I realized you had to have the video in the same path as when added to the sequence. Does anyone know when you create the play files whether you will still have to have the video in the same path or not?
  3. Played with the movie effect and it does look like it will be worth my time to use that effect as opposed to using my older sequences.
  4. Good to hear. Cant wait for the next release.
  5. Where is the clipboard stored in S5? I cant find a file anywhere. Are you copying to memory? Just trying to help you solve a problem.
  6. I converted an S4 sequence with probably version 5.02. Made some mods and saved it. The sequence created its own preview with the sequence name. Since then I have created a new preview. When I assign the new preview to that sequence, it turns the entire sequence into what looks like intensity data and then all the new props that I have redrawn in the new preview wont play in the preview. Anyone seen this behavior before?
  7. In S4 when we copied you could see the file in the clipboards folder. Where are the clipboards in S5?
  8. Here is a very boring video about copy and paste. I put a movie effect on my matrix as another sequence. Pasted it into my main sequence, which took 8 different copy and pastes just to make it work. When I played the sequence it was off by 6 seconds. So know i need to delete the first 6 seconds copy the rest and paste at the beginning. You can see at the :15 mark i changed copy and paste to time. I did my cut at :33 in the video. It finished the cut at 5:00 did my paste and that finished at 10:00. These strings are only 30 pixels each so I am copying a total of 300 pixels.
  9. Matt, just so you know, several of us have tried the copy and paste by time and it makes no difference. There is something seriously broke in copy and paste. If you play around with that sequence I sent you, you can see for yourself.
  10. LOR please be honest.

    Thanks for the update Matt.
  11. I know we are heading into the season and it is already pretty busy. Is the beta test for S5 over for this season? It has been almost a month since the last release. Just wondering if this is all we are going to get for this year.
  12. RT 005 Copy/Paste Causing Shut Down

    I have tried various copy and paste methods myself. none seem to help. Seems like the larger the sequence gets the worse the problem is. I sent Matt one of my larger sequences where it was taking between 10 to 15 minutes to paste. Havent heard back from him yet.
  13. RT 005 Copy/Paste Causing Shut Down

    I have been complaining about this for a few weeks now. I am about ready to go back to S4. Seems like they are done with S5 for this year. DO you find it to take forever to copy and paste also?
  14. Just wondering. In S4 we could use intensity files or intensity data. In S5 we convert to "play" files. Is this pretty much the same thing?
  15. Glitch in copy and paste

    Matt, I messaged you with a link to one of my sequences concerning this problem. Hope that was OK. Not sure if you were able to check it out yet. Doug