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  1. dougd

    DD07 Movie Effect Error

    I was able to change the frame rate and that fixed my problem. Also, compressed AVI files seem to work without changing the frame rate. Currently when I pick the path to a movie, only AVI and WMV are available. MP4 seems to be the most popular option, will that be an option anytime soon
  2. dougd

    DD07 Movie Effect Error

    These uncompressed videos play with all the players I can find. I can not find a program vfw32 other than a dll. Some of my video files are native uncompressed video files, will I need to convert those to something else. Here is a link to one of the files I am trying to use. I installed all the codecs I could find. Here is a link to one of the files I am trying to use. https://1drv.ms/v/s!ApgRhyoQKfS8hp1NfgzXgkhWXHkVKg
  3. dougd

    DD07 Movie Effect Error

    That is good, dont have to convert the videos anymore, now I have to find the originals. Either that or a codec for uncompressed AVI files.
  4. I have several videos in sequences and up to Version 5.018 were all working. They are uncompressed AVI files. I noticed they were not playing in version 5.022. When I try and choose them in the effect editor I get the error "Unable to read frames from this file." Not sure what might have changed. at ‫‮‏‬‌‍‮‬‌‍‏‍‌‪‮‫‎‭‎‪‭‎‫‍‫‭‎‪‮‭‮.‍‬‍‮‍‮‮‬‫‬‭‬‎‏‬‌‌‮‍‌‎‮‮() at ‪‭‏‍‏‬‏‬‍‭‬‭‎‭‪‍‍‎‮‬‮.Open() at LightORama.MotionEffects.EffectMovie.‫‍‏‭‍‭‫‍‍‍‌‭‍‍‌‪‮(IEffectBuffer ) DateTime=2018-07-02T13:28:27.8176975Z LORSequencer.exe Information: 0 : Closing movie effect frame grabber DateTime=2018-07-02T13:28:27.8176975Z LORSequencer.exe Error: 0 : movie effect error: System.Exception: Exception while setting up AVI video decoding - perhaps a CODEC is missing.
  5. Never heard Disney and cheap in the same sentence before.
  6. dougd

    Grinch Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    I will check this one out. drdelong@outlook.com Thanks!
  7. I thought i remember reading a post about the beta period ending 6/30/2018. Will the current version of S5 quit working at that point?
  8. I ran last years show on it and it is even further along now. I don't see why not.
  9. Found another nice feature, themes!
  10. OK, got it. Nice. Great job on the new version. Everything looking good so far. My preview is looking better than ever with the spiral 360 tree option. All my wrapped trees now look correct.
  11. dougd

    DD05 Copy and Paste

    Thank You, Thank You. Pasting now works like before. Thanks Matt!
  12. Users can now dock sequence windows to different positions within the main window, allowing sequences to be viewed side-by-side. Reported by users arnolddeleon and dougd. Cant figure out how to do this. Anyone gotten this new feature to work?
  13. dougd

    2018 Expo FOOD!

    I know you are sworn to secrecy. Will there be a new beta release or final release of S5 at the expo? BTW, Steak N Shake is the best value burger out there for sure. Good chili too.
  14. Version 4.3.26, I get an error of "maximum number 512 of props allowed" and cant add a new prop. I probably have 150 props in my current visualizer. When I edit the xml file I can see props that have long been deleted but are still in the xml file. Is there any way to fix this, just deleting the ID's at the top, those are the old ones isnt working.