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  1. My home depot had wire, but it was quite a bit more expensive than the vendors shown above. Unfortunately I ran out at the last minute and had to get it from them anyway. They did not have the vampire plugs though.
  2. Upon further investigation, I don't think its a fade issue after all, because they're NOT fading. They're either off or on, with random "flickering". I'm thinking I need a snubber on the affected circuits. I haven't really read up on this, as I thought it was mainly seen on channel with numerous strings. These circuits each have 3 ea 100ct strings, and they're not even plugged end-to-end.
  3. I'm about halfway converted to led for this season, but having trouble finding the sweet spot for matching the fade rates (led vs incandescent). Using 100ct C6 pure white, red and green from CDI, as well incandescents of the same colors. Anybody out there mastered a similar configuration and know the "magic numbers"?
  4. captainron19 wrote: That is the most awesome video EVER!!!
  5. I'm feeling pretty good about my status. Have almost all of my "build" stuff done. However, I am a bit behind on sequencing. Once this weekend is over, I should be finished completely with construction duties, and will focus on sequencing until actual set-up time.
  6. Thanks for the addtional info, Dan. I have plenty of experience with DC voltage, but not very much at all with AC. The troubleshooter in me always wants to know the "why", and not just the "how".
  7. Worked like a charm. 3 new controllers assembled and tested. 1 more item that I can cross off the list! :cool:
  8. Thanks, Dan. I will do that.
  9. Is this arrangement acceptable? Attached files
  10. I'm hooking up the power supply cords to my PC boards in a CG-1500 broadband store enclosure. Where is the best place to wire in the ground wires? I have 2 mounting bolts that pass through the back of the enclosure and the heat sinks that I can easily use, but I don't want to fry my new board. Is this acceptable?
  11. I have been running my show with an older pc that has Windows ME. It ran perfectly when I used 32 channels, but last year with 80 channels there were a few hiccups. Nothing major, but I could tell it was taxing the system. This year I'm retiring the old desktop and running the show with my laptop.
  12. I am in the process of putting together my 3 new PC boards. I picked up some CG-1500 enclosure boxes from broadband, and secured the boards in them. I am ready to start wiring them up, but would like to know what some of you have done for strain relief. I have an idea or two bouncing around, but I'm always looking for "cheaper and/or easier" if you know what I mean.
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