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  1. Doug... Are you using Pro? I'm curious if it's part of the Pro license that's an issue??
  2. exactly... a temp fix.... my main concern was getting my show running right so I could leave the house if I wanted to.
  3. I've had a help ticket into LOR on this since Thursday. Bob is working to resolve. To work around this tonight (as I didn't want to have to keep starting my show over) was to do the following: put song a, b, c etc into the list.... List them again a, b, c etc.... I kept repeating this method until I knew my 4hr show would be filled. Been running all night without issues. I am running condensed sequences and preloading them as well
  4. Not true as I do not use pixel editor and am having the same issues. I've had a help desk report on this since Thursday night and Bob is looking into it. I have a (9) song show that run flawlessly...... The first time. Once it got to the loop to play it again the error message flew. I was able to work around this by doing the following: create a show with song A, B, C etc.... Put song A, B C etc again.... I kept repeating this until I knew I'd have my 4 hr show filled.... Been running all night with no issues. I will be reporting this to Bob at LOR help desk. Just curious is everyone on Pro level?
  5. Custom is really your only selection. No one has the same RGB setup as anyone else.
  6. No wood at all..... Throw 1/2" rebar 16" into the ground and 12" into the PVC pipe...
  7. I wouldn't hold off waiting for a software update. I would almost bet this update will not be coming out this season (just based on past experiences).
  8. Bummer, that's kind of why I stick with pixel strings and not strips. A lot easier to change out bad ones.
  9. I also used CG500 boxes when needing to store single CCR controer and power supply. I no longer use CCRs and have a few boxes to sell if you want a few at a cheaper rate.
  10. General rule of thumb is nothing over 10' should be PVC. Chances are if you go over 10' you may be picking up a tree in the middle of your show.
  11. Also Steve how cold it is makes the light travel slower........ up in the Northeast we need to adjust for really cold nights the same way.
  12. I ordered mine from EBay... MengMengUSA was 1/2" cutable every 36" LED and dimable. Have had in operation a few years. 3/8" is good for tight turns but if you don't really have tight turns 1/2" should be fine
  13. If it has a green status light it's Gen3, red status light is Gen2
  14. If you plan on buying sequences be sure to look at what you're buying first. Most sequences for "CCR tree" will be for 16 strips.
  15. I don't have the link but do an eBay search for the same wire..... You'll find 500' reels for around $50 free shipping
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