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  1. Do you have snubbers on the light stands?
  2. I'm glad it is working now. You're welcome for any help I might have given...although I'm sure it wasn't much, if any.
  3. Yes...that makes sense. I'm not at home right now, so I can't check my system. Does it usually say "Disabled" in red and "Enabled" in blue? The box that comes up has a running log showing the status as it loads the scheduled show. What is it telling you? I'm at a loss here...but I hope something might jump out at you. Okay...it just sank in that you said it says "Enabled" ...on mine, it shows that there is no activity from the end of previous show to the current scheduled show. Is you schedule correct (am vs pm...etc)???
  4. I wonder if there could be a scheduling conflict? I don't know if this is possible...or would cause these symptoms. I'm sure someone else might chime in here with the answer. If you click on the red bulb...does the log show what the problem might be?
  5. Is your USB comm connected? (Just a stab) You will not get blue without it.
  6. Kevin N

    newbie in TN

    *** correction ***
  7. Billy Gandy wrote: Actually...this is Watt's Law. Ohm's Law is: current = voltage/resistance. This is just for clarification purposes.
  8. I'm not sure if this would work...but how about setting up a 1 minute "all on" sequence to run in the background tab. Then...just schedule this "show" to run from 10-12. I have my "tune to" sign on this way...and it never blinks during the duration of my show. Hope this works/helps. Kevin
  9. Just a thought...are there any electronics in this candy cane set that could possibly be causing any interference? Also, have you tried the lights another channel?
  10. Just play the one song. Sorry...I couldn't help myself. Actually...this is bizarre in my books. I'm not sure what would cause this...but I'm sure someone on here will. Good luck!
  11. Max-Paul wrote: No problem! Actually...I'm up late every night M-F. I work third shift...so I sometimes get a jump on the forum.
  12. To reset a PC series controller: Remove power Remove the jumper on the second row of pins Apply power for a few seconds, a different blink pattern should establish, and repeat Remove power Put the jumper back on the second row of pins Re-apply power Test again. Hope this helps. Kevin
  13. If they're Philips brand...try Target. They seem to carry a bunch of Philips lights.
  14. Thanks Dan...this info has been sent!
  15. I am running on utility AC power. The sequence has been reloaded several times (after deleting the previous one AND resetting the controller). I am using only 1 controller and only 6 channels on it (it's a very small setup for Halloween). I just am not sure what is going on. When I run the sequence via PC...it runs correctly. It only seems to fail in standalone mode. ??????
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