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  1. can i get a copy of both please. djwj25@gmail.com thank you.
  2. can i get a copy of both please from you. djwj25@gmail.com thanks.
  3. hi there. can i get a copy from you if possible. djwj25@gmail.com thanks
  4. hi james. i was wondering if you help me and get a copy from you of uptown funk with the faces on. many thanks. david
  5. hi mate. excellent display..!!!! Would you be willing in letting any of the sequences go to us newbies to use? david
  6. hi there, did recieve email can you sent it again. d.w.jones@talktalk.net
  7. would love a copy for my christmas display if you don`t mind. d.w.jones@talktalk.net
  8. hi all, the grandkids loves this song and was hoping someone might have this sequence done with a face or faces and would be will to send me it. As will be hopefully putting in the christmas light show we will be doing for a kids charity here in the uk. hope you can help.
  9. hi there, what is the chances of getting a copy of this sequence from you? you can email me on djwj25@onetel.net. Hope you can help. Many Thanks.
  10. keith, enjoyed the video. u going to share the sequences & audio track.? email is djwj25@onetel.net
  11. thanks for the sequences they are great, a few i have been looking for.. A Happy New Year to Everyone On Here.
  12. i am based in the uk and have decided to do my first halloween display this year as xmas went down a storm, was wondering if anyone could help and tell me where i can get some lor sequences for 2 pumpkin faces for various halloween songs or could possibly be able to help me out with a copy of there sequences that i can alter. hope u can help.. Many Thanks... david..
  13. hi there, Love the sequences, we were wondering if you could send us a copy of your Disco Santa sequence and music if possible, as we do a display here in the uk for charity. many thanks. you can look at ours on youtube.com search for geordie787
  14. Hi there, wondering if anyone can help? i am wanting to know how to make the large face u see in a lot of the halloween sequences on you tube
  15. got mp3 for a few songs and we are looking for someone or somebody who can get the mp3`s from us and create a 32 channel lor sequence for the mp3`s. And what would it cost to have it done. hope u can help.
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