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  1. Sorry Dig, it isnt a matter of hardware.. you could be running a Cray and it'd still do it.. Only way to see what it really looks like, is to run the sequence thru real lights. Saturday I was over at John Slade's place, we were looking at this very thing and the Visualizer lag isnt across every channel or element either, only some of them, so skewing the audio forwards or backwards wont fix it.
  2. Karl, you look amazingly like Bill Clinton! Welcome to the madness and addiction that is LOR!
  3. The Visualizer lagging is a fault noticed by a lot of people, something in the way it encodes the video I guess, but it's a known problem.
  4. olright ya swabs, 'ere be me firs' video o' th' Pearl runnin'.. shot wit' me DroidX.. th' dvd camera be still chargin'.. I ABSOLUTELY could naught 'ave done this without Lenny! These Light Ruel, indeed be a true statement!!
  5. I thank you John!! 'twoz wonderful ta meet ya olso! 'realized afta' I shudda 'ad ya in fer some rum! Terrific chat we 'ad.. yer Caroline 'tis a lovely wench! Keep ta th' Code an' she shall olways treat ya well, savvy? Um, you would naught be in th' market fer a slightly used pirate ship, would ya?
  6. Well, the ship, mast and sails are up.. skelly crew (the electronics) goes on tomorrow, along with the fogger cannons and a bunch of other things to finish it up preparing for the Turn On tomorrow evening.. Had a terrific visit from John and his wife Caroline.. they didnt get to see the talkin' skellys yet, but maybe later in the week. Hoping Denny and Brian get a chance to come by too! Attached files
  7. Bob-o.. if you look at my youtube page, you'll see how over th' top I went (and am going again!) This is the last year for Pirates.. it's going on CraigsList after Halloween.. next year is Corpse Bride.. complete with Victor, Victoria, Emily and the BoneTones band..
  8. Im using VSA for the skulls haven't tried servodog yet.. next year..
  9. 5 more feet added to the mid-deck.. 29' long now.. I put the lower part of the masts up to re-drill the bolt holes for mounting. Monday, the upper parts of the three masts (another 12'/ea) will go on, with the rigging/ratlines to secure the masts. Unfortunately, as you can see, the masts are kinda seriously bowed.. comes from leaving them propped up on the end of the booms for 2 yrs. I'll have rope secured at the midpoint and top of each mast so I can pull one section vertical, and balance out the bow with the upper lines. This is the last year for Pirates, and the ship will go on sale o
  10. Sprayed it brown, as in wood-tone. Biggest problem I have with the pvc is the bowing it did over the last couple years it spent in storage. And I'm not able to fit a steel fence pipe inside it, as it has several bolts thru the doubled 3" pipe. The masts go up tomorrow, I'll shjoot some pix of it. I decided the length just wasnt right for the size of the ship, so I'm adding another 5' length to the mid-deck. That will also spread the masts along the deck length, so it'll look better. This is the last year for Pirates too, the ship will go on CraigsList for sale.. havent decided on the pri
  11. Wow!! 8"?? I just doubled 3" Pvc with fence pipe for strength, (two 3" bolted together looks like an 8 looking at the end) and 3" pvc for each boom.. the doubled 3" let me make it 24' tall and rope ratlines secured it..
  12. This was two yrs ago.. 7 talkin', singin' swabs.. Attached files
  13. .. like a cate'pilla' becomes.. 24' long.. 8' wide.. 3 masts, 16', 22' & 24' tall.. 10 talkin'.. singin'.. insultin'.. skellys shall be me crew.. A weather eye I shall keep open fer storms (some wind) next few days, so masts shall go up after then.. Attached files
  14. Th' Black Pearl sets sail again for booty-filled ships ta plunder.. This... Attached files
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