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  1. i would love one to switch between the Motion effect and "ON" options in the dropdown since i switch to "ON" all the time
  2. Any videos of LED net "Tune To" signs?

    Thanks Dennis! I think I'm going the old fashioned sign route, plexiglass, spray paint and some lights, lol.... I price out doing scrolling sign and its a few hundred dollars vs like $50, overkill right now for just a tune to sign
  3. I am looking into tune to signs but they seem so small for the property and I would need probably a few. I was thinking maybe instead doing a 8 foot wide by 3 foot high LED net 3" spacing for about $200-$300. Has anyone done this and have a video of how it looks? debating between the 2" space and 3" space nets but not sure how it would look thanks!
  4. I was wondering if we can know the font or at least why when I make letters in Superstar they look so clear on my tree and in the preview but when I try and do the same words in txt in S4/S5 sequencer, they look nothing like they do in Suerpstar. I always seem to have to use SS when I want to do text on the tree
  5. Text in SS vs S5 sequencer

    thats a great idea, I am doing a 16 foot tree so all the words I have been doing in SS have been vertical but I will definitely try your idea out too. Just stinks right now that I want to program it all in Sequencer but just to do text I have to use SS pretty much being it looks 10 times better then sequencers text
  6. Can we have the ability to export and import beat channels? I setup one sequence with 15 beat channels all color coded them perfectly that i know i will use in my other sequences, It seems like i have to rebuild them in every sequence I tried exporting and importing channels but just the prop channels imported, not the beat channels. thanks
  7. even doing a new sequence, when i import channel config no beat channels come over
  8. correct, in S5 if i export channel config and import in a new sequence, the channels come over fine but not the beat channels, i think the beat channels may be something totally different then what S4 had
  9. Plans to improve VU meter?

    Heres a screencast i made for ya matt using S4 to create what i wanted on my windows. looks like when it uploaded the mouse is at the wrong spot sometimes which is weird
  10. Curious if there are plans to update the VU audio meter like the sequencer had in S4? I can't do the same looking effects in S5 like I could in S4 so I have to uninstall 5, install 4 just to make my window props bounce up and down to specific beats and parts of a meter like I do in this video at 1:20 in this video
  11. Plans to improve VU meter?

    Matt, I can definitely screencast something tonight using S4 step by step how i created the effects in that video, would love an automated process! i love the effect and it makes the house look like a big audio mixer in person, people love it
  12. Plans to improve VU meter?

    Matt, the beat channel way seems pretty easy especially since i can tell the beat channels 1-10 to be green, then 11,12,13 yellow and 14 , 15 red like a an audio mixer channel lever indicator, then copy and paste to channels 1-15 on the window. Matt, the beat channel way seems pretty easy especially since i can tell the beat channels 1-10 to be green, then 11,12,13 yellow and 14 , 15 red like a an audio mixer channel lever indicator, then copy and paste to channels 1-15 on the window.
  13. Can we have the ability to add multiple beat channels at once added? I want to add 20 beat channels and instead of adding them one by one it would be nice to to be able to copy 1 grid 19 more times and have it numerically name it like we do props unless im missing an easy way to do this, thanks!
  14. Plans to improve VU meter?

    ok great, i did try the motion effect idea but theres no way to get the exact look like what i did in the video have each side of a window bounc up from gree/yellow/red and on a prop using only pixels 1-20 to go up the left side and then like pixl 50-31 to go up in revers the right side. Not sure if you saw in my video what im trying to accomplish that was easy to do in S4 Glad to see you will add the S4 functionality into S5, its much easier
  15. Plans to improve VU meter?

    like in these pics https://www.dropbox.com/s/xp80sx7bvr49ycq/VU_Wizard-1.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ajejhecn7d7lnqx/VU_Wizard-2.png?dl=0
  16. Plans to improve VU meter?

    In s4 I can set what actual pixel lights up at what DB the meter reaches so I can split up my windows and have them bounce upward to the beat. in S4 you can set it so when the beat reach "this" area "this" led lights up and so on. If you watch my video you can see how It looks, I have no way in S5 to create that look
  17. Thats the thing Matt, i was seeing the same issue in 5.0.6 (if its really an issue and not just the way its supposed to be) Just seems like I use "on" effects more then Motion and i always get this pop up to select a motion effect because if i touch a motion effect row that drop down goes back to Motion Effect
  18. The drop down in sequencer all the way to the right to pick if you want "motion effect, On, Shimmer, Twinkle. "" always defaults back to motion effect when you click anywhere on the grid. I select "ON" and then highlight a few boxes and hit "N" to turn those boxes on on an effects row and then it immediately jumps to the "motion effects" in the drop down now making me have to select ON again for the next few boxes. this happens a lot and then we get the message to pick an effect before we can continue but i always want it on ON. thanks
  19. I think you're right Matt where they are collapsed is where i see the issue most. Hoping the next beta is soon, lol
  20. I went back to 5.0.4 just because of this bug, was happening a lot and very annoying obviously 1. in the effects row of 1 prop i create a ramp down "on" fade for 3-4 cells for a quick burst of light 2. copy those 4 cells and paste into another prop when i do this on props that have channel configs also for individual LEDS it cause a random LED to fill white so if i do a burst of lets say red, 1 pixel will randomly be white, i have to expand the channels in that prop, find and erase a random channel that was turned on . Went back t 5.0.4 and it doesnt do this
  21. is next beta release coming soon?

    Glad to hear they are ok!
  22. 2016 Engh-Lights

    awesome, thank you, ill try and mess with it too
  23. 2016 Engh-Lights

    I'm still trying to figure out a way to get talking things onto my tree by drawing them in SS, its hard to get when your not an artist, lol
  24. 2016 Engh-Lights

    amazing,,, how are you doing the singing tress on the matrix? i tried drawing one out in SS for my 16x50 tree and couldn't get this to look good
  25. Now that everything is moved to S5 i cannot figure out how to do a chase from arch 1 all the way through to arch 8 I have the channels list and drag to do a chase but it only chases arch 1 pixel 1-50, i cant keep dragging the mouse to arches 2-8 because it says "all selected grid types must be the same" because motion effects is in the way and i cant get rid of that row without the channels disappearing. with SE i could just drag a chase across all 8 and it make it chase from arch1,pixel 1 thought to arch 8 pixel 50. How can we do this in S5?