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  1. Is there a way to play music while shows are not running? for example I plan on running 7 songs/sequences I made in a loop from 5PM-11PM every day of the week and obviously the music is piped through a FM transmitter for people sitting in car BUT I would like to have this hour long music mix I have of about 20 Christmas songs just play (no lights) while the show is done so from 11PM-5PM. I saw that in the show builder if I add the 1 hour track to a "music sequence" area it will loop but it wont actually stop at 5PM, it will carry over until the 1 hour track is done playing. If I add it as a startup sequence it will cut off at 5PM but it wont actually loop so I would have to add the track like 19 times to the startup sequence Any other ideas to do this? thanks guys
  2. ok thanks, maybe ill go the windows scheduler route,
  3. My new "Tune To" sign

    thank sguys I really can't do a video being its already built and sealed so I don't want to take it back apart but I can list what I purchased and how I did it materials 1. I believe the plexiglass was 18x32 maybe, precut from home depot 2. 2 6 foot pieces of 1x3 wood to cut up to build the Fram to mount the plexiglass to 3. sheet of thin fiber board for the back cut to the same size as plexi 4. full roll of LED strip from RayWu, 5M and obviously a pixie controller to run it I ran the leds back and forth in the casing and wired/glued down to the back panel as you can see in the pic. My mother in law has this cricket machine cutter so I purchased a roll of black sticky vinyl and she cut out the words in revers mirrored so I can stick onto the inside of the plexiglass so now you see the words and clear through the plexiglass but to make it frosted I did 2-3 coats of white spray paint over the clear words so the light looks great shining through https://www.dropbox.com/s/gf23u3zh28a6fj1/Photo Oct 01%2C 6 00 28 PM.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xbwx0yj72fz4ic/Photo Oct 01%2C 10 15 31 AM.jpg?dl=0
  4. Just finished my Tune To sign, I love it, came out really good. I am making 2, 1 for each end of my property ran off a pixie 4, 100 pixel strips in each sign
  5. My new "Tune To" sign

    thank you!
  6. Does anyone buy backup Pixie controllers? I am just thinking that I am sure once christmas season kicks in that LOR is getting killed with orders and run out of product so if my 16 channel pixie blew out I would be down a week or maybe more, is this the case each year or the stock is usually pretty good where I can have one next day if I paid?
  7. nothing like dumping $200 just now for backups,lol
  8. great idea, I did think of that months ago and never ordered, thanks for the reminder!
  9. exactly, worth the $100 for piece of mind
  10. G3-MP3 director

    awesome, thank you!
  11. I did buy a backup power supply and 4 rolls of LEDs so I can switch out on the fly if I need, maybe ill drop $100 on a backup 16CH for piece of mind. My 16ch tree is center of attention for my display and if its down for a few days I would be upset
  12. G3-MP3 director

    sorry to derail the thread, last question, how would you "trigger" the song. Are certain switches/buttons purchased to link into the director?
  13. G3-MP3 director

    can u use the director to change sequences? Lets say someone comes by and wants to hear song 2 of 6 right away, Can I go to the director and change to song 2 if its on song 4 or it only plays the order you set and cant be changed?
  14. Great! thank you Matt
  15. I attached a link to the errors i am getting, Same 3 errors every time i verify a sequence . I just tried creating a brand new preview, added 1 rgb arch with 50 nodes, created a new 1:00 animation sequence with a quick "on" for the lights for 10 seconds and still get these channel errors. Doesn't make sense. Just nervous that once i setup my display this will effect something Message Number: 29 Severity: Warning Description: Sequence is completely off Detail: C:\Users\Brian\Google Drive\Christmas project\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\New_Animation_1.play.las =============================================================================== Message Number: 28 Severity: Warning Description: Channel is completely off Detail #1: [SEQUENCE]: C:\Users\Brian\Google Drive\Christmas project\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\New_Animation_1.play.las Detail #2: [TRACK]: Track 1 Detail #3: [CHANNEL]: c0 =============================================================================== Message Number: 30 Severity: Warning Description: Channel is missing settings Detail #1: [SEQUENCE]: C:\Users\Brian\Google Drive\Christmas project\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\New_Animation_1.play.las Detail #2: [TRACK]: Track 1 Detail #3: [CHANNEL]: c0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjg1vzq5xnrf6ug/Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 8.48.14 AM.png?dl=0
  16. awesome thanks Matt, I probably wouldn't have done that in a real situation, I was at work so I just quickly opened the program to make a quick video, I don't even know what props I had open, lol
  17. so this has been happening a lot and i don't know if this is the way it is or a bug in the video you can see I have a prop (arch) that has a few motion effect rows and channel rows, i have the arch doing a ramp down on the main prop row so all other rows are blank, if i try and copt and paste that to another prop it is copying all the blank motion effect rows and channels and then pasting them throughout all my props, so if i have 50 channels in an arch, even if blank, it now pasted 50 channels down and overwrites all info in those columns i had in other props. now if i expand the arch so both motion effect rows show up and copy and paste it works fine, but the second row is blank so why can't this work with the prop rows collapsed too? sorry i couldn't talk on the video to explain , i am at work. hope this helps though -
  18. I tried pasting special but that goes across in the 1 row, i wanted to lets say copy one row of info and then paste it along 4 separate props at once like in this video -
  19. ok good to know, thank you Matt! one more question, can we paste over several props? I could have sworn that we were able to in the past where I can copy like in the video and then drag to highlight lets say 5 other props and paste and they all got the info pasted in vs just the first one
  20. will do a video tomorrow and make a new thread, thank you
  21. Matt, Is this the same as the issue I am seeing that I was about to report If I have a prop channel with 2 motion effect rows and its collapsed, if I copy a few seconds of the motion effect and paste it somewhere else, it pasted it as 3 rows even though I only had an effect in 1 row, Its copying the blank rows and then overwriting them in both props
  22. So i noticed when setting up a show that in options i can 1. Have sequences load when they are needed 2. sequences are loaded before any are played If i am running the show from a laptop i am assuming "1" is good enough being the power is being it being its a laptop and not a small unit running the show?
  23. forget it, watched a video on it quick, thanks anyway