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  1. What I want to do is copy from this: ...to this: Or, as an alternative, I would like to show the channels from the first image as a string of 50 RGB bulbs in the visualizer, without drawing each one individually. The only way I saw to do this was to create it as a Motion Effect Row.
  2. I'm converting from S4 to S5. One of my props is a string of 50 RGB bulbs (using an ELOR emulating an iDMX, to a SanDevices controller to 2 GE Color Effects strings, but that's not really important). This prop was in my sequence as 50 RGB rows. In my process of converting to S5, re-added that prop as a RGB pixel string (which it is) of 50 RGB nodes. Then I archived the existing 50 RGB rows. Now I want to take the effects that are in those 50 archived rows and copy them to the motion effect row, but I can't figure out how. A paste to the motion effect row overflows to the rows be
  3. I was thinking about the 4 colors idea, but it just seemed "wrong". But I'll do what you suggest and just pretend they're all one color. Related question: Is there a way to group multiple props together into 1 prop?
  4. I have an old chasing candlestick string I've been using for 13 years. It uses 4 AC channels and 60 bulbs, 15 bulbs in each channel, ordered 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,... This string is 4 unconnected lines. Is there a way to make such a prop in the preview? Or when using traditional (non-RGB) strings, do I have to make a separate prop for each channel?
  5. I had a problem like this. It turned out to be caused by one of the controllers. IIRC, replacing the comm chip in the bad controller solved the problem.
  6. With more investigation, it appears the problem may not be the ELOR. The DMX output from the ELOR goes to the Seasonal Entertainment Multiport Blender, which repeats the DMX signal on 4 outputs, allowing me to have 4 DMX cables come to one point in the garage instead of being chained in one line. It also inserts power, so I can have 1 power supply in the garage powering all my DMX fixtures. The Multiport Blender has a 5v regulator, an RS485 receiver chip, and a quadruple differential line driver. When I got home today, I measured the output from the 5v regulator on the Multiport Blen
  7. The DMX part of my display failed last night. Since 2012, I have been using the ELOR from SanDevices. It emulates 4 iDMX1000s, translating the output to E1.31 multicast, and mirrors universe 4 to a DMX output. I have been using the DMX output to drive 5 RGB DMX floodlights, 3 RGB ribbons, and an 8-RGB-channel mini tree. The E1.31 is connected to an E6804 (which is connected to some GE Color Effects strings). I would like to repair/replace it, but it is no longer made. I could get an iDMX1000 and bridge the E6804 to my pixel tree network, but that seems overkill, and a lot of work for litt
  8. Actually, you could. LOR uses pins 3,4,5,6 and DMX uses pins 1,2,7 so you could combine both networks in one cable. This would only work if your DMX devices passed pins 3,4,5,6 through without doing anything to them.
  9. I looked for a 12v power supply on Amazon, and I many manufacturers. This is to replace an unnamed one that simply quit, so I'd like to buy something more reliable. ALITOVE DC 12V 20A 240W MENZO 12v 30a eTopxizu 12v 30a BMOUO 12V 30A SUPERNIGHT 12V 30A EPBOWPT 12V 30A EAGWELL 12V 30A Mean Well NES-350-12 12V 350 Watt Any recommendations?
  10. Last year we bought some Halloween lawn ghosts, and I have discovered that they look really good with a spotlight. The trouble is, I only have 1 spotlight (that I use to light the "Tune Radio to..." sign at Christmas). I need to get about 8 tiny spotlights. I have a bunch of spare AC channels (used for the color changing tree at Christmas). I also have most of a DMX universe, although I believe white spotlights are sufficient. Another option is to tie into the landscape lighting and just leave them on static. Your suggestions are wanted. Which way should I go with spotlights?
  11. I was originally thinking: Sure, I can learn S5 fast. It can't be that much different, can it? Then I tried to figure out to do things that I know how to do in S4, and I have to admit that I agree with you guys. There are many questions I want to ask about S5, but now is not the time. I'm going to uninstall it, and reinstall S4.
  12. Report Number: SS05 Module: Control Panel Software Version: 4.4.4 and 5.3.8 Description: The Control Panel menu can be invoked from 2 places: Right-click on the LOR notification area icon, or from the "Commands" menu of the Status window. Certain menu items are disabled at certain times. For instance, if a "Show On Demand" is not running, the "Shut Down Show on Demand" menu item is disabled. The problem is that the menu is not updated, if invoked from the "Commands" menu in the Status window. Repeat By: Show the LOR Status window. Bring up the "Comma
  13. Lumenplay strings can't be controlled directly by LOR (because the Lumenplay controller uses Bluetooth, and LOR doesn't), but it may be possible to use a 3rd party device, like an E6804, but you'll need to cut the wire that connects the stock Lumenplay controller to the string, and then you need to figure out which RGB pixel chip is used in the Lumenplay bulbs. I couldn't find this information online, so it may be either that: No one has gone to the trouble to figure this out; or They use a proprietary chip, in which case you're out of luck.
  14. I've been using 50 GE Color Effects G35 bulbs (with a SanDevices E6804) for several years. They are very durable, but one bulb has seem to have lost its red LED, which makes my orange, yellow, and purple come out green and blue. Unfortunately, I didn't buy any spares when I bought them years ago, and now they are very difficult to find. Does anyone have some spare GECE G35 pixel bulbs I can buy? If not, what do you recommend as a replacement?
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