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  1. Im going to hop on this train as well. snocrusher@yahoo.com
  2. Nice timing here liked the way you switched the main focus from an up mouth movement to the downward, well played!!
  3. Also like the weber, not sure what reflection i was seeing in the window? maybe it was just the camera angle but over all well done. Wish i were all set up by now....
  4. I walked out to grab the mail and had a family "slam" on the brakes just to stop and ask the question. "how do you do all of this crazy stuff?". my simple reply every time, "Its easy i do it just so your kids bug you to come see the display every year" That's when the kids scream from the back seat on how amazing one part or another of the show they liked the best. To top it all off after speaking with them for 4-5 min i opened the mail box and found $100.00 and a note: "we loved your lights this year we have stopped several times and have even brought friends and family over to come watch, here is a little something to help with the electric bill, signed Tom and Patty. Not sure who you are but im sure that the lighting store would love to take that $100.00 so i can buy more lights! Thanks again to whom ever you are!
  5. You said light Pros helped? Is the house here in utah i would love to do a personal visit, BLOWN AWAY! Nice work!
  6. I have yet to remove my bottom jaw from the floor..... Well played.
  7. This is an example of give a man a fish and he can eat "today" but teach him to fish and he can eat for a lifetime, you just need to look at what you have, get your layout done <-------most important it will just kinda click once you get started, besides if you have questions there r plenty of people that r more than willing to help. GET IT ON!!!
  8. WELCOME BACK PROFESSOR!!!! You r the man that is simply amazing, "the cracker effect" hands down!!!!
  9. Went from 32 ch to 160 added halloween this year thanks to those who shared seq.'s that i could hack and piece together, added 4 songs to halloween and 7-8000 new lights for x-mas, 5 6 foot trees with 3 colors each more and more led's, and we are going to try the easy light linker set up this year wish me luck! Good luck everyone keep pluggin away on the keyboard and make the kids smile!
  10. i was on action lighting and they were cheaper than that....
  11. I just recieved the reapers you spoke of and for 19.00 it was money well spent...
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