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  1. Could I get a copy? Thanky you Jimboaverill@gmail.com
  2. James, could I get a copy? jimboaverill@gmail.com Thank you
  3. Well, would it be possible to gat a copy as well? Thanks!! Jim jimboaverill@gmail.com
  4. That looks awesome Jim! Any chance you could share the details with me? My goal this year is to add a snowman that sings. Jim
  5. Last year someone gave me a copy and I modified it for my show. Here is what I ended up with. Jim
  6. How about sending it to a fellow james? jimboaverill@gmail.com
  7. Hi James, Could you share with me as well, please? jimboaverill at gmail dot com
  8. My arches are a mixture, 12 have only one channel and 4 arches have 5 channels. My firesticks which are about 2 stories tall have seven channels (I have 5 of them). Don't judge my by the quality of the video, it was taken by wy wife with her cell phone. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2692117936067 http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=2692141216649
  9. Hey Tom I liked yours, care to "Like" mine? http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Averills-Big-Red-Christmas/165197556854716
  10. A simple reboot worked this time. Thank you!
  11. Does anyone know why I am getting this error message? My controllers all work from the hardware utility but when I enable my show, I get an error loop with the message ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Address in use Trace: UDP SetIntensity I am using 2.9.4 It does it for every song. Thank you for your help! Jim
  12. javerill

    Rainbow Brain

    Thanks Greg, I set my DIP switch to 9 (1 and 4 on) but it still can't be found in the hardware utility. Is that normal? The green light is on and I noticed on the flood I have connected that there are a few red lights are on but very light. is this okay? Thanks again
  13. javerill

    Rainbow Brain

    I just ordered my Brain and 3 flood lights and I have many questions. 1)am I correct in understanding I will be able to daisy chain the three floods together via a cat-5 cable? 2)In the LOR software what option do I select to assign the brain to? 3)I read that I will be able to use 15 channels and of those I need three for each flood light, is that correct? 4) One channel for each color? 5)I set the color by the intensity of the three colors? Thanks everyone! Jim
  14. Last year I had some controllers that the second cat5 jack didn't work. I took the cat5 caple and split it after my first box and ran 4 boxes off it and had no problems! I have NEVER been able to get the phone jacks to work.
  15. Well here is what I ended up with. One down and five more to go!
  16. CCR would be awesome but it's a little expensive for me. I like the wood frame idea, it looks great.
  17. i was just using the same as my leaping arches, i assume that thats a good way to do it?
  18. I want to add chasing lights around the windows of my house. My plan is to make a pvc frame and then add the lights to the frame. Has anyone done this? Does anyone have suggestions on how to space my seven channels? My thought was to measure the distance around the window and divide by seven. But then where should I start the first set? Thanks! Jim
  19. well the RJ45-ECS Ethernet Connector System would have been an excellent idea and I will have to look into it for next year. But about this year....
  20. So if I connect my first controller with a cat5 cable, I should be able to use the phone jack to connect to the second one? Do the controllers need to be the same type? I tried earlier today and went from a 16 channel to an 8 channel and the red light went out. It did start blinking again when I unplugged the cable.
  21. I discovered on two of my boards I have a loose cat5 connector. I use both of them to daisy chain my connectors. I tried the phone line but that wasn't any help. I did put one at the end of the chain so I only need to get one fixed. Could someone help? Jim
  22. Hello, I am in need of a driver. I am no longer able to read the model number or serial number so I am attaching a picture. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome!! Thanks Jim Attached files
  23. Okay, I get the picture. It might work but is it worth the risk? Does anyone have any other ideas? I want to eleminate four extension cords going to each window. Thanks
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