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  1. Yes thank you I just seem to have a few missing pixels at the top of the tree but I should be able to sort that small problem
  2. Thanks for your patients Brian I will have a look for a good tutorial and have a go at making visualizations for myself, I will need a good simple tutorial because I had a look at how you set up the visualization you sent me and I can't make head or tail of it once again Thanks
  3. Brian I have one more question this visualization comes up with a unit id of 01 when I open the sequence editor how do I change it to unit id 09?
  4. Thank you Brian and guys the problem is now solved
  5. Hi Brian I think you are right it is a 16 string wedge shaped tree but there are only 8 lengths that are folded in half at the top the string then comes back down next to and on the right hand side e-mail sent
  6. I will give JR's idea a try and see what happens by the way it is a Pixie8 pexel controller
  7. It is a 360 vertical tree and the kit is a pixel tree 16 from LOR I have set it up as per the instructions so could I have a setting wrong somewhere? and it did change things when I changed from bottom to top but it seemed to change from left to right.
  8. Hi Brian it's the lights that are upside down and I tried the top and bottom controller position but that did not work
  9. Hi Guys I have looked high and low for the answer to my question with no luck so I am hoping someone out there can help I have just bought a pixel 16 tree kit but I am having trouble setting superstar up, when I export to the sequence editor the sequence comes out upside down and I can find no way to correct that in superstar or sequence editor can any one help
  10. Sorry I can't help you but I just wanted to say What a great idea that is :cool:
  11. Orville wrote: at least we can be happy that LOR stand behind their product, In that knowledge I will be quite happy to continue buying from LOR:cool:
  12. you can't be attributed it to rain at all, as where I live in New Zealand we have had little rain and as I said my 1602's had NO problem at all
  13. Hi Guys my season has now ended and I have checked all of my controllers and I have 27 failed triac's and they are all on the new G3 CPB16's my 2 1602 controllers were running the same lights and they worked perfectly. also the CPB16's will not reset, I have tried several times with no success,has anyone else tried resetting the G3 controllers
  14. I have 2 of the old 1602's and 4 of the new CTB16's all running the same led lights, the 1602's have been near perfect, but the new CTB16's have been a real problem, so far I have lost about 15 triac's I was lucky that I had a few spare channels. so far I am not impressed with the CTB16 G3's. However, it is nice to know that LOR stand behind their product and will deal with these problems, this gives me the confidence in LOR to buy more stuff this year :cool:
  15. So far I have lost 8 traics and they have all been on the new controllers, I had these lights running on 2 1602 controllers for 7 weeks and had no problems, as soon as I changed to my new CTB16's I started to have problems and I am sure that by the end of the season I will have lost more. It’s not the load on traics, as I have different loads from 10w up to 150w, and as I stated earlier my 1602's ran the same lights with No failures for 7 weeks :{
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