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    Bradenton, Florida
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    P-10 Panels
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    You Tube. Saw some displays and I was hooked. My first year show didn't get started until 8 days before christmas with 3 songs that I sequenced. They were not very good. With the help of this forum and members I am progressing forward every year.
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  1. John (oldandslow)

    Flashing red led

    I have 12 LOR boxes and on three of them the red status led is flashing and the others is on solid. What does this mean John
  2. John (oldandslow)

    Trying to run in DMX

    Thank you both. I did open a new ticket o my problem.
  3. John (oldandslow)

    Trying to run in DMX

    I am trying to run old and new boxes in DMX. The new boxes show that there in D0001 DMX. How do I find out how to run the older dial boards in DMX? I am having a problem that when I put on box 1 channel 1 on, I also get boxes 8-10-12 channel 1 on at the same time which is not good. Any help is appreciated. John
  4. John (oldandslow)

    To my fellow Floridians

    Looks like the bad girl has passed. We are now getting the winds from the back end. So far 5.5 inches of rain and gust of 52 miles per hour. My security cameras show a lot of junk on the ground but no big chunks of anything. That's it from Bradenton Florida. On a good note I got a new song programed
  5. John (oldandslow)

    How many E1.31 channels can LOR run

    Yes, 48 p-10 panels plus all my pixels from the last 4 years
  6. John (oldandslow)

    Matrix size?

    I have a 4x8 pixel panel with 2 inch spacing and while text looks great I could not get the graphics to look good. This year I have p-10 panels and everything looks great. The cost is more and it's a different software to setup. I'm not sure if LOR can handle the high channel count without lag. I have asked this forum but haven't had a reply yet. if it can't, I will have to use xlights to run my show.
  7. John (oldandslow)

    How many E1.31 channels can LOR run

    I would like to run 90,000 channels of pixels, can LOR run this many with out lag I have the pro license. thanks John
  8. John (oldandslow)

    K6ccc Thank You Once Again

    Many thanks to k6ccc also for his help the pass few years. John
  9. John (oldandslow)

    How many dmx channels can LOR safly run?

    After paying for the upgrade for the pixel editor I was disappointed to say the lease. You have always helped me on these boards to which I am grateful. Thank you. Perhaps one day you will go into the p-10 panels and I can return the favor and help you. John
  10. John (oldandslow)

    How many dmx channels can LOR safly run?

    I am going to run a 49 p-10 panels plus all of the other pixels that I now run. 3 different people have said not to do it in LOR because it would bog down. Yes it's e1.31. I do the pixels in xlights and then import them to LOR because 1 I don't like the all or nothing with the Pixel editor and 2 I have run LOR for 6 years and keep adding on to it. I guess I have to switch everything over to Xlights UGH ! Thanks for the reply John
  11. I want to run approximately 90,000 channels of dmx. Can LOR handle these many channels without lag?
  12. John (oldandslow)

    Expo 2017 - What's Important : FOOD!

    Demos in Lebanon has great Steaks, sea food and spaghetti.
  13. John (oldandslow)

    Oldest Sequencer Here?

    I'm 74 and will be 75 in August. My wife is 73 and we both take about 2 weeks to put up our display. Now you know why I'm oldandslow
  14. John (oldandslow)

    Splicing LED M5 mini lights

    Yes you can as I did this on 5 different strings of sealed lights. You must keep the same number of bulbs in the string and more importantly keep the same number of bulbs between the resisters. George is right about the colors having different voltages but I found no difference in the brightness that the eye can detect. You will find that the blue bulbs are the worst for failure rate. I solder and shrink the splices as well as liquid tape them. One last thing, you must keep the polarity correct or the lights will not light where you splice. John
  15. I have two channels that come on and off together. They Are 3 and 4. I have a 1602. The inside is very clean. What can I do to get them to work separately. They started off fine.