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  1. Why does it always seem that when I start up each year, that I have traics failing and causing issues? What causes traics to start failing and eventually not responding? I have purchased over the past 7 years, LOR controllers from various generations. Each year, I end up having to change up a program and reassign channels to other legs of a controller, because a traic is failing or completely stopped responding. Is there something that I am doing to cause this reaction to the controller or is the lifespan of a traic only for a couple of years? Are these components that sensitive that they breakdown and have to be changed out frequently? I really enjoy the LOR controllers, but here lately, I really am concerned of their life expectency, once purchased. I only operate 22 - 16 channel controllers with 8 CCR's. This year alone, I have a total of 8 traics that have failed or on their way of not responding. Even though I leave an extra channel vacant in close proximity to another controller, just in case of failure, I still have to reprogram the configuration to each song. Will LOR provide these replacement traics at no charge? How easy is the replacement of these traics, if done on my own? Curious Minds want to know. Jerry
  2. Thanks Kneel.... That was the issue.... The LOR Network Preference screen in the video tutorials is different than in my HU... That took care of the issue and thank you so much for the response... Now Santa can get back to the children.
  3. I am totally lost on this one. I know that there is a simple step that I have overlooked, but I am blinded by my ignorance in com ports and Network creation. I followed the Video Tutorials on setting up multiple networks. I followed each step as illustrated. I have defined two com ports and when using the HU, they both indicate all the controllers assigned to them. When I run the sequence editor, only my standard network is working. I have 22 regular controllers and 8 CCR controllers. Because of the speed of all these on one network, I split the CCR away from the other controllers and now have two networks. I made the changes in the SuperStar program for each song as instructed. Then I save it and loaded into the SE as a individual song. Then I imported it into a channel in my regular song as instructed. BUT no results. BEFORE I made a change in Networks, I was able to run all of my controllers and CCR's on the same network. The reason for change was the reaction time of the CCR's, with so many on one network. NOW that I separated them, I can't seem to get both to come on in the song. WHERE am I missing the boat on this one? Please help this desperate old Santa...
  4. Thanks Brian, That was most of what I was concerned about. I knew that the CCR's had an affect on the other controller speeds. Too much data activity, I guess. How do I run two separate USB485 adapters from the same computer output?
  5. Hey Dan, I am having a problem with the sequence scroll bar on the monitor jerking as it passes along the timeline. I also notice that the quick changes in the sequence on my talking reindeer are not picking up the signal fast enough for the mouth to be in sync with the talking. I have 8 CCR, 2 FloodLOR and 21 16 chan controllers. Having all of these on one network creating the problem? I don't want to make changes this late in the game, but if needed will sacrifice and do so.... Thanks Jerry
  6. When I add a additional network, do I use another USB port with the USB485 adapter, running to the other controllers on that network? So I would have two complete independent networks running from the same sequence? Just want to make sure, before setting up all the channels and controllers. Curious Mind
  7. I have a program loaded up in a Sequence Editor file. I erased the original from the SuperStar Sequencer. Is there any way to download the file from SE back to SSS? signed "Whoops, won't do that again"
  8. I am currently running a 4.00 GB , HP 2.60 GHz processor computer. After loading up the CCR program and operating the units, I noticed the visual display of the monitor appears to be hesitating as is scrolls across the screen of the monitor. Will this affect the overall outcome of the how it is received at the controllers in the yard? I have 23 - 16 channel controllers and 8 CCR controllers on the same network. Would splitting the CCR's off on their own network help this situation? "Just Asking"
  9. WOW! Do I feel like an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES it was a duplicate channel.... Once I review the channel configuration sheet, I was as clear as day. Thanks Frank, Ron, Steve and ItsMeBo for your help and support. I had loaded up another song and it worked after I made the corrections. The reason for a different song is that I overrode the one I was working on with a dummy file and saved by mistake. Now I have to start all over again on creating the Super Star program... Oh well, at least I can not move forward. Thanks again to each one of you. Hope each one of you have a great display this year.
  10. Yes, I have Eight CCR controllers, but only one on line. This is my first try at CCR's and only have one on line to test.
  11. The only section is the first section next to the input cable. Like I said, I can load up the same program independently into its own sequence and it all sections of the ribbon comes on. When I load it into one channel on my main sequence, only the first section of the ribbon will come on. I am totally without any thought on this one.
  12. I have it in "normal single ID"mode, since I configured it the first time. It was originally loaded up as Legacy. I can run load up the "sup" file into its own Sequence and run it. All the lights will work on the strip. When I load it into my main sequence, only one section of the strip will light up.
  13. I have followed all the necessary steps in the layout, configuration along with performing the Utility Hardware as required. Everything was followed and recheck multiple times. When I loaded up the _sup file into the Sequence Editor, it loaded as illustrated in the Video Tutorial. When I play the sequence, using the first CCR controller, only a small section of the strip lights up, when all of it should, because of being programmed to do so. Does anyone have any ideas to share that could be blocking the correct signal? Signed "Hurry up and Wait"
  14. No. I was in hopes that someone could point me in the right direction. I really needs someones expertise that has accomplished this. My ears are open and my eyes are ready. My fear was having to create 100 relays and have one for each channel to corrospond with LOR programming. If you can get me on the right track, I will be sure Santa fills your stocking this year.
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