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  1. I always wanted to make a test jig when I was building my units much like that. I just didn't want to have to plug everything in. Drew
  2. pikadroo

    Drone Christmas Tree

    practical *
  3. pikadroo

    Drone Christmas Tree

    yeah, the gift box one seems it would have some particle use. =D Drew
  4. pikadroo

    Please... Be careful out there

    Oh, but if it had been Uber I bet both of you would have ended up in FEMA camps. Great joke though! =D Drew
  5. pikadroo

    Light EFFECTED Diode - bad pixel

    The control chip is probably not completely encased in epoxy and the light is disrupting it. Would be my guess. Drew
  6. Nope, the police will say the suspect says that isn't them on the camera. Police will agree, crazy is off the hook. Drew
  7. pikadroo

    Great Christmas Light Fight 2016

    It isn't always something obviously Disney (TM) like Mickey Mouse. They own so many rights to so many things that it may seem like a l lot less then what it really is. Seems to me that statement really means you weren't in television production at all. However, to the point on money being involved. I've heard that the show "Love it or List" it was sued for not paying contractors for work or something to do with poor workmanship by the contractor... or something like that. I've heard that Mike Holmes has also been sued for running a sloppy home inspection company, and with that it's almost like his inspection show is an hour long commercial we are all watching. The problem with TV is there isn't anymore escapism. If everything is reality TV, well I can get reality any time cuz that is where I live. There isn't much story production these days and we end up with stations that just do nothing but run Law and Order and Star Trek 24/7. Entertainment these days in all forms is just run off the rails and I don't see any hope in sight. Drew
  8. pikadroo

    Made the news for wrong reasons

    Who thinks they know what I am thinking right now? Drew
  9. pikadroo

    Great Christmas Light Fight 2016

    Yup, I'd say that makes my point pretty well. Not that I am keeping score, but I totally am. Drew
  10. pikadroo

    Made the news for wrong reasons

    Wow. You would think these goofs would be easy to catch, even if they are only causing half the problem. Drew
  11. pikadroo

    C7 Incandescent Twinkle

    Speaking of Lowes. I have seen a lot of these this year in stores: https://www.lowes.com/pd/GE-StayBright-100-Count-33-ft-Multi-Function-Color-Changing-Mini-LED-Plug-in-Indoor-Outdoor-Christmas-String-Lights-ENERGY-STAR/999922280 It's a single classic style miniature light that has a white LED and one other color in the same bulb. I feel like we are getting closer to a RGB light that looks like the classic lights, maybe even the same warm color. =D As for the twinkle lights, I guess my worry is they don't make them anymore because of some... reason... likely to do with LED world domination. That all of the ones I see online, like amazon are the last of any stock that will be made. Drew
  12. pikadroo

    Stupid teenagers ruining it for everybody.

    I had a camera set that did that too. Where I would get like hours of empty street footage. I think cars going by on the street would trigger the recording but only after the car was out of range of the system. So you would get recording starts at like 10:00pm ,10:01pm, 10:34pm, 10:39pm, 10:43pm, ect but nothing would actually be moving in the footage. Long since sold that piece of garbage. Glad to hear you didn't loose any display parts. =) Drew
  13. pikadroo

    C7 Incandescent Twinkle

    While putting the lights on the indoor tree this weekend, I had this feeling I wanted some twinkle bulbs in the mix. So I looked through all of my C7 bulbs and only found 4 which are likely from my parents way back when. Three of the ones I found are blue one is red, so... that isn't going to work. Did a quick look at Creative Displays because I swear they has boxes of 25 in all the colors but I don't see them on the site now, so maybe it was in the old catalog I used to have? Does anyone know a source for these old style flashing C7/C9 bulbs new? To satisfy me for this year I bought two boxes off eBay of a brand that looks like it may have been from Ace Hardware but I have not seen them in stores in a box of 4 or 5 replacements or sets of 25 for well over 20 years. http://www.ebay.com/itm/112229243461?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Drew
  14. pikadroo

    Great Christmas Light Fight 2016

    Yes! Yes! I hate that when the judge states, "Oh well this big natural lake they own on this 50 acre property doubles the amount of lights." What the heck is that! LOL Oh my goodness it makes my head explode! LOL Drew
  15. After watching the national Christmas tree and the Christmas Light Fight show. I am really bothered by something and that is the loss of the tree cone shape. At some point when everyone started to use pixels the point at the top of the tree was lost. I can't recall ever seeing a standard light strand mega tree 5 years ago looking like this. They all used to include a point. I feel like with the advent of pixels someone engineered the mega tree to look like this. I just don't think it looks good, it looks lazy and especially in the case of the national Christmas tree. There aren't even any pixels in the national tree, so why not just make a cone point for that? I feel like in loosing the cone shape we are loosing a basic shape that is easier to relate to. Flat top trees just don't invoke the same connection for me that the old mega trees used to. I understand it might be simpler and easier to setup but there has to be a way to fix this. I think basic shapes like this are pleasing to human perception and should be preserved so down the road we don't find ourselves all crabby with all christmas trees becoming pointless on the top. =( Drew New Old