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  1. I have 64 channels and no faces, do you think I can use it?
  2. Does anybody have a sequence for Welcome To My Nightmare?
  3. Talked with LOR help desk, and found out that channels in a background sequence cannot be used in other sequences even when they are off. A channel that is off still sends a command which will confuse the background sequence. Thanks to the help desk !!
  4. Help!! I am running 3.11.2 Advanced,with 9 controllers. I have put together a backround sequence using various channels from the 9 controllers, listed it in the backround section of the sequence editor. When I run the shows the status says it loads the backround, and the shows. It also says it is running the backround and shows, but I see no backround. Any help would be welcomed Thanks L.J.
  5. Great job Eric!! it gives me a starting point Thanks
  6. Great display!! How big are the faces on the roof? How many channels are you running? soooooo many questions :-) LJ
  7. Help, where do I find power supplies (DC) to power a CMB16D-QC? Thanks in advance
  8. RGB devices have been added to the Cosmic link, its getting close
  9. Hi, I schedule my shows to start and end certain times and certain days, and leave the software enabled.I run my shows on my PC, so I have to leave it on when the shows are running (cannot let it go to sleep / standby) Hope that helps Larry
  10. Very nice, love the projector!! Where would I go to get the videos for a projector?
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