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  1. All items have been sold. Thank you everyone for your interest. Kent
  2. Hello Chris, Yes all are still available. Thanks. Kent
  3. Selling my entire LOR display. Had a great time with them, but moving on to pixels. This is an inexpensive way for someone to get into the hobby or for those looking to expand or looking for new ideas. All lights are incandescent mini lights unless stated otherwise. Can ship controllers, CCR and LED spool lights (buyer pays shipping from California). The rest is quite heavy and best to sell to those who can pick up in north Orange County, California. Used strands may have some fading or chipping. Most not bad in my opinion, but this is subjective. I would estimate that 90% of the strands will work straight out of the box. The rest may need work to get them going. Prices negotiable, especially to someone who wants all the heavy, bulky stuff. All sold as is. (3) CTB16PC's - board soldered by LOR with LOR input and output cords and heat sink, about 8 years old, $125 each. One has misaligned RJ45 module but still works fine $100. (3) CCRs - about 8 years old, $100 each. One CCR has one pixel where the red intermittently doesn't work; all other pixels are fine $80 Incandescent strands, Walmart, 100 bulbs Red-Green-White combined strands - 34 used sets (102 strands) Red - 1 new, 2 used Green - 11 new, 3 used White - 25 used Blue - 6 new, 1 used Multi - 1 new Purple - 4 new Yellow - 1 new, 2 used, Home Depot, 70 bulbs Orange - 1 used, 50 bulbs All 160 strands for $100 Incandescent nets, Walmart Red - 2 new and 11 used White - 12 used Blue - 10 used All 35 nets for $50 Incandescent Icicles - 1 new and 36 used, various brands, 150 - 300 lights each, $37 for all LED C6 faceted multicolor - 3 new spools of 200 bulbs each, $45 for all Extension cords - 6' (6), 9' (7), 12' (35), 15' (6), larger male prong ground down so they can be plugged into the end of a strand, $35 for all Other miscellaneous items to add to a display. Lots of new circuit ideas. Some are used and may need some work. I won't ship these items so would need buyer(s) local to pick up. Looking for $150 for all but no reasonable offer refused. (6) 6.5' Colorado Pine artificial tree with multicolor lights - 6 full trees (not stick or pole trees), were white but have turned tan with age, used outside ($40 each at Walmart) (4) 4' Indiana Spruse with artificial tree with multicolor lights - 4 full trees (not stick or pole trees), were white but have turned tan with age, used outside ($25 each at Walmart) (2) 6' multi color spiral tree - 2 trees, spiral plastic rising up to top of center pole (2) 7' Random Twinkle string tree with star - 200 clear lights on vertical strands from base circle to top, 2 trees 11' Twinkle Lightstring tree with star - clear lights lights on vertical strands from base circle to top (4) 6.5' wide green swag with red holographic bow - 4 of these, metal wireframe that unfolds, green lights on swag and red translucent plastic for bow White rope light - 180' cut in 16 pieces (talking face with 6 mouth and 6 eye positions), all with male plugs Blue rope light - 20' Plastic candy canes - 12 canes 12" tall, lighted C9 strand - 25 multi color bulbs G40 strand - 2" diameter round bulbs - 25 bulbs (new) G40 strand with stakes - 5 strands of (25) 2" diameter round bulbs with stakes, good for planter or walkway Blue faceted LED mini light strand - 60 bulbs (new) Lighted Nativity scene - 48" W x 36" H, (100 mini lights behind colored translucent plastic) Holographic Santa Window Decoration - 50 mini lights behind translucent plastic, 19" tall, new "Tune To 10X.X FM" coro sign and stand, you insert mini lights for your frequency (new) (71) Red velvet bows - 10" wide x 14" tall, new (7) Red and green velvet bows - 14"W x 24" tall, New (2) Light String Saver - new Light Keeper Pro
  4. Very nice Ron.. I especially liked the lights over the garage that simultaneously faded horizontally and vertically. Did you cut smart strips into roughly 18" long sections? Also, what is the diameter of the 8 spoke cart wheel between the arches and to the right of the circle? Thanks. Kent
  5. Hi Dave, I'm on the other southern corner from you ... the other Orange county in southern California a bit south of Los Angeles. Of the 3000 or so pixels, I saw 3 that failed, and all were adjacent on one string so somehow probably related. As for weather, we are in a mega drought here. We had one slight drizzle in the 2 months that I had them up. They are IP68 epoxy filled and seem very resistant. I had some hanging face down in the yard with C-9 covers which filled with water from the sprinklers, so the pixels were sitting in water and had no problems. Granted the biggest danger point on pixels is where the wires go in and that was not immersed in water. Kent
  6. Hi Buckeyelights, How were you planning to use 1/2" rebar to remove the sag? Would you run the rebar inside the EMT to add rigidity? I wouldn't think a turnbuckle would work well because, for the amount of tension required to straighten the pipes, it will more likely pull the pipes apart in the middle. I had a couple come apart and I didn't have nearly as much tension. Frankly, the sag was minor and didn't bother me. The wind twist was more annoying so that would be my main reason for applying additional support. Another thing to consider is whether to paint the bars. If you don't paint, you will get some reflection and probably will help fill in the gaps between the lights. During the day though, it will look like you have the top of the Chrysler building in your yard. I painted mine dark green and was pleased with the result. It worked well at night and somewhat looked like a green tree during the day. In my other post showing the tree from the bottom up, the circle farther up the cone is green and the larger circle closer to the camera is silver and you can definitely see the silver more. It is a matter of personal preference. Yes the EMT pixel tree does save time installing, but the biggest benefit is the tremendous flexibility in using Superstar and Nutcracker. They provide immediate visual feedback and are downright fun to program with. Kent
  7. Thanks everyone. I like the plastic fencing idea. I hadn't thought of that. It is also a good idea to flatten out the black base to reduce wind resistance and provide holes for attaching stars to the net. Is something like this what you had in mind? Kent
  8. Hello, I could use some suggestions for how to keep coro stars in place on the roof. I have a 5 X 5 matrix of stars. As you can see form the attached photo, I have a bit of a wind issue. My wife doesn't want me using bricks in case one comes sailing off the roof with the star and hits someone in the head. I tried using sandbags but that clearly wasn't the perfect solution. I don't want to punch holes in the roof. I am not opposed to screws in the fascia board on each side and running a cable through each, but I don't think that will keep them from shifting some (though it would be an improvement over what I have now). I have 4 RGB pixels poking up from the bottom of each star, with the wiring in the base. I thought of pouring cement in the base but don't want to cover the wires. I could pour cement in the star itself with protectors around the pixels, but there must be a more elegant solution. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Kent
  9. Hi Buckeyelights, I originally planned on using C-9 covers and didn't want to glue each one on so I chose the round pixels (like mini lights) rather than the flat ones because the flat ones don't have enough meat to connect the cover to. Unfortunately the C-9 covers seem to have changed from last year and they do not hold onto the round pixels like last year's batch. They slip off easily or slip down too far over the pixel and only the tip of the C-9 glows. I ended up not using the C-9s and, frankly, didn't miss them. To make a long story short, I would have bought flat ones if I knew that I wouldn't use C-9 covers. Being flatter on the pole would make the zip tying easier, but the round ones work fine too. My megatree doesn't have a pulley. I hoist it up Iwo Jima style with a 24 hook tree topper http://www.christmaslightshow.com/Standard-Large-Hook-Head-for-outdoor-Christmas-decorations.html I then assembled two 10' EMT poles with a coupler in the middle. I drilled a 1/4" hole at the top and inserted an eye bolt 2.5" long, 1/4" thread diameter and about a 1" eye diameter. Hoisting a 20' pole like this vertically and getting the eye hole over the hook at the top was difficult because the pole flexes a lot. I zip tied two adjoining poles together with one eye on top of the other, forming a single hole. The two poles are touching at the top, forming a "V" with the eye bolts. (Sorry I didn't take any pictures which would have made this more clear.) The solution solved 3 problems: 1) The two poles were much more stable when vertical and trying to hook it over the topper, and you only have to do it 12 times rather than 24. 2) Since I used 24 total vertical poles tied in groups of 2, this allowed me to just use the front 12 of the 24 hooks on the topper. This made the top nice and clean (although a bit flat at the top). 3) Having two poles permanently lashed together allowed for zig-zag strands of 100 pixels per strand with 50 going up and 50 coming back down. I had Ray connect a 3 strand version of these connectors http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/10-pairs-4-Core-White-Waterproof-cable-45cm-long-each-male-and-female/701799_532156471.html to both ends of each strand. The electrical connections were always at the bottom which was very handy because I did a lot of experimenting with the number of strands per circuit. The SanDevices E6804 allows up to five 100 pixel strands per circuit, but that had too much freezing on the later strands so I reduced to three strands. Having these connectors at the bottom made it very easy try different lengths. I then zip tied the bottom of each pole to rebar stuck in the ground to keep it in place and relieve the weight on the top of the tree. The wind rotation was an issue and also the 20' length kinks inward a bit at the junction in the middle. Next year I might bend some EMT into a half circle and attach to each pole half way up with bolts to secure things better. Other benefits: This method allows for easy removal of a single strand for repair. Using a hook head at the top allows for several star choices at the top (next year I will probably use a coro star at the top and tie it to my old metal star). Easy assembly and take down. Stores in a pretty small area (about 1' x 1.5' x 10'). Erection process is so much easier than spiraling individual dumb strands and trying to make the spacing equal and avoid sagging. Hope this makes sense and gives you some ideas. I was very pleased with it. Kent
  10. Hi gmac, Not quite 180, but close. Probably about 150. I didn't feel the need to put one strand almost entirely behind the other. You are exactly right on the zig zag, 100 pixel strands with 50 from bottom to top and the other 50 from the top down on the adjacent pole. Spacing turned out to be about 4.75 inches. Kent
  11. Pixel-wise I have 900 on the house, 100 on stars on the roof, 1200 on the megatree, 350 on seven 6' trees in the yard, 150 on 3 arches, 150 on a yard border and 400 on 4 star bursts, so 3250 if my math is right. Added 1750 this year so pretty much doubled. Planning on another 2000 ish next year. Kent
  12. Thanks Dave and Buckeyelights. I'd be happy to. It is a 180 degree tree, 20’ tall and 10’diameter base. 24 strands of 50 pixel 5 volt 3001 pixels zip tied to EMT conduit. 6 strands zig zagged up and down per circuit. Single Sandevices 3804 controller and two 350 volt power supplies from Ray. Power injection after pixel 25 of each string. Mounted the controller 10’ up the center pole so very short distance to run the power injection wires. Nutcracker generated almost all the effects which were then copied into LOR and run on LOR version 3.9 something. Had about 25 songs which was more than LOR could handle memory-wise, even with the 4 gb patch, so I broke them up into 2 shows on alternating nights. Also, the songs took a long time to load the first time they appeared in the show, so I started the show about 3:30 so they were all loaded by dark at 5 and then had fast seamless transition between songs for the rest of the night. Sorry but I didn't take any pictures. Kent
  13. Hello all, Here is a video sample of the more interesting RGB mega tree effects for 2013. This is a roughly spliced compilation of snippets from a number of songs from the show. 95% are Nutcracker effects. The ability to combine two different effects allows for a lot of variety. My favorite effect is Picture with scrolling JPGs and animated GIFs. Do a search for “psychedelic images” and you will get tons of interesting and varied examples. I was also impressed with the clarity of recognizable images like the yellow submarine and Rudolph pictures. Next year I plan to do a collage of TV theme songs and scroll images like Battlestar Galactica (1970’s cylon), Scooby Doo, Star Trek (Enterprise whooshing by), Fred Flintstone, Gilligan’s Island, Partridge Family (bus), Emergency (scroll a fire truck), Lost in Space (Dr. Smith), etc. I used a TV tune collage for audio a couple years ago and people liked the nostalgia. Sample highlight video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkvQ8P-1c8I Video with just scrolling JPGs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06T1ljnGNdo Video with just animated GIFs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NZbNWRpSaw My favorite uncut mega tree song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyh9suKkoN8 While I was generally pleased with the outcome, there were definitely imperfections, and they show in the video. This will lead to some changes next year. I will start a lot earlier next year to test various configurations and not wait until late September to buy. Numerous complex color changes like scrolling JPGs caused the last half of the 6th strand of each circuit to freeze. Also, the up and down Bar effect was uneven between the color changes. Although it looked jagged like you could get tetanus by touching it, to anyone else watching the show it looked intentional and interesting so I called it a “feature”. The wind turned my straight up and down tree into a 45 degree spiral tree. Additional reinforcement will be in order for next year. RBG can be challenging, but also very rewarding, I love it! Kent
  14. Hi Jeff, I didn't actually video the show as a whole this year. The house was pretty much the same as the video last year. Since I also do my neighbors house, it is just too wide to video effectively and see the colors. That said, I did add an RGB mega tree this year (in traditional stand-up style) and videoed it. I will post that in a bit. Kent
  15. Here is a video sample of a mega tree from the bottom up. Before I put the tree away for the year, I reassembled it laying down on the ground, looking up the bottom. These are Nutcracker effects specifically selected for this viewing angle. The idea next year is do the regular mega tree until Christmas and then lay down the tree afterward and aim the bottom end toward the viewing area for the rest of the season. It is a 360 degree tree with 22 strands of 50 RGB 3001 pixels attached to EMT conduit. It is 20’ from apex to base and the base is 7’ in diameter. The 7’ base diameter just wasn’t big enough. For the show next year I would do at least a 10’ diameter. It was surprisingly easy to set up. I just had a 3’ and a 7’ pipe circle to zip tie each pipe strand to. For this sample, I just had the apex laying on the ground but, for the real show it should be raised so you are looking straight down the cone. Certain Nutcracker effects definitely work better than others. Pictures of recognizable things like Santa just aren’t recognizable from this angle. Scrolling text isn’t readable either. Circles are interesting but aren’t recognizable as circles. As expected, spirals, meteors, bars, fire, garland and curtain look good. Certain scrolling JPEGs work well, but you have to be selective. Psychedelic ones with patterns seem to work the best. It isn’t easy to visualize how a scrolling jpg will look from this angle (at least for me), and takes a lot of experimentation to see which ones looks good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztnaIv0rRnk And if you like a close up view ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0hXAfnI7ck
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