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  1. Ok. That’s the answer I was looking for. it was getting frustrating.
  2. When I get home I will snap a picture of the note and post
  3. I’m not talking about the white dip switches. I’m talking about the jumper to tell the controller what type of lights I’m using. And yes I am daisy chaining 3 controllers on this network. One pixie2 and 2 pixie16 in this chain. The first pixie16 seems to be doing fine. The second on has strips that flash. Prolly because elf the length to from the controller to the strips.
  4. Ok. Just making sure. It came with a big note in the box that warns about the jumper. I’m not new to light I Rama. But new to these smart pixel controllers
  5. I have a pixie16 that I am making a mega tree. I will be using those China bullet pixels ws2811. Do I need to install the jumper or do I need to leave it off
  6. Now half of my strips are staying on white. Even with no data. Can’t be bad strips
  7. Let me redo that. /<<<<<s2 ctrlr——-booster——- \>>>>>>>s1
  8. Yes. That’s what my setup is. I need to connect like this. /—-s1 ctrlr———booster(if needed)< \——s2
  9. I was hard to explain. But yes that’s what I was asking.
  10. My question now is can the data cable be hooked to both ends of the strip as long as it follows the direction of the arrows. For example 2 strips beside each other. Can the green data line be connected to from the beginning of the first strip to the end of the second?
  11. I found a site that has Falcon F-AMP signal boosters you can use to insert into the line. I’m gonna see if that solves my problem.
  12. I will try it if anyone knows how to insert the null pixel into it. I believe the hardware utility has a option to add a null pixel in the setup but I’m not sure.
  13. I’m new to these smart pixels. I have a grid with 3 pixcon controllers I been using for years. The pixel were bought though light I Rama
  14. Yes. I am using the red network adapter at 500k enhanced network. So far yes on the strips that are the furthest away from the controller. I am also using the connectors in the line that are for the strip. One connected the the controller. The connectors are soldered onto the wire extensions.
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