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  1. Glad it is holding up for you.... I have been bleesed so far no issues, started the shows on Sunday night partially and made some changes to the shows them selves while the schedule was running and all is well... Acutally had a error where one of my stactic lights was named incorrectly and while it showed errors when the next event came up it ran correctly. Simmons has done some fun stuff, enjoy the evening and give greetings from another NW guy! Try and see you over the weekend! Curt
  2. Zman, Curt over in Mill Creek.... How are things, did you get the system stable? I have been lucky so far all is working well .... Hope to come by and see you display this weekend as time permits. Merry Christmas Curt
  3. Show up and running things are working great this year on S3... Thanks to all who have put in so much time to get S3 to where it is today. Beta Testers included cause without you we all would be guessing a lot more!!! So my question is about the color fade tool.... Successfully using it and works good, would have said great but I have a question and maybe I''m just missing how to do this.... Created a color fade using, as example, of purple and of yellow, works great, but now I want to change the fade length and do not have the original colors to work with.... So the question is there a way to highlight the color fade on the sequence and have those colors appear back in the fade tool? If there is I'm missing it and if not would be a great add for future updates. Thanks Merry Christmas to ALL! Curt:D
  4. CraigG wrote: I have done some testing and this is my assessment only... From what i can tell.... There is a limit on how far you can extend the cable before it needs a signal amplifier and the total seems to be around 30 feet. Heavier guage cable seems to help but don't count on it. I don't believe LOR sells a signal amplifier. Maybe I'm wrong there. Do be careful if you cut the cables make sure you mark them so you don't mix up + & - and the data or it could be a big big issue and I'm sure not covered under any warranty. I have also learned that the connection at the controller for the light ribbon is not really very sturdy, the more you plug and un plug the more you stress the solder joints. I have had one break loose and needed re solder. All is good I have 4 ribbons that I like very much.... Wish I had signal amps to extend the cables though, as I have a common place for my controllers, well either way I will need a weather proof box for either the controllers or the sig amps. Good luck Curt
  5. Dan, I have read different things and I'm sitll a bit confused, I have CTB16D controllers, with updated 4.30 on them I just ordered another CTB16D and added it to the system and it states 4.40 Firmware but the download page only has 4.30. Is there a 4.40 that is available or I'm not sure what to ask next. Thanks Curt
  6. I like the concept.... adds some further flexibility Thanks John. Is this something you will actually be implementing??? If so how soon, I know, I Know, just that in the middle of programing and would be nice to have or not have it..... Would love to see everything under the sun happen tomorrow, at the same time I have to stay solid under some level of firmware at some point to finish programming for this year. Thanks again! Curt
  7. Well, I read your comments a few times and I think it makes sense. Totally understand about legacy mode etc. Just trying to get by this year before you are able to finish the next upgrade to include the new set of tools. Sounds like the added efx leap might be the ticket to get around what I was originally asking for. Sure worth a try and appreciate your willingness to figure a way to do this type of efx. I understand Darryls request and it sounds good as well, why 3 more channels??? Am I correct in assuming that it would be the RGB for the Bgnd Colour? Thanks again John, we all appreciate what you are doing to get around issues for this year while looking forward to everything that would complicate getting your software updated. Good coding day!!!! Curt
  8. Hmmm, see your point and a second controller would work... but honestly it wouldn't bother me to have an additional 10 channels if it would give me the control over 2 halfs, for this year I'm onlly using 3 RGB channels and the efx channels so to add another 7 channels and 3 more RGB channels for the second half is not a big deal. And for those that have the units set to anything but 2 for resolutions the additions channels wouldn't mean anything they would have to bother with. Actually another reason is I don't need 16 foot arches they are to big, so if you all had made 8' CCR's with controllers I would have bought those.... Just trying to figure a way around not having to program all 150 channels to get where I need to go. Just my 2 cents that would give me the control without additional costs, .... sorry know your in the business of making money. Thanks for the response. Curt
  9. John, wow not surprised by your choices and support them, would have been nice to "have it all" but "all" is a big deal.... And going forward with time I know you guys will come up with the correct way to make it all function. That said, I have a suggestion that I would like to see as a macro choice. you have already done it for the whole ribbon by allowing us to chase from one end to the other or from the center to each end and back, but this is utilizing the entire ribbon as one pixel.... good but what if you gave another choice by dividing the ribbon into 2 pixel sections and still having those functions for each pixel space... This way I could utilize the first 25 pixels as one for a single arch and the second 25 pixels as a second single arch utilizing one controller. I hope that makes sense in a short description... Please let me know if it does not. This would give me most of the flexibility I need without having to program individual channels, just utilizing 2 sets of RGB channels and setting the Macro channels. Allowing me to only have to deal with RGB and Macro channels this year until you all get the "BIG ONE" finished. Thoughts???? And thanks for the product, it is cool and even with the more complicated programming it is a great addition to the display. Curt
  10. Thanks for the info.... No I didn't have 2.4.9 I was on 2.3.8 as you suggest I just "assumed" that I missed it since I went straight to 2.4.10. How do you get the beta that you refer to? Thanks C
  11. So have been reading alot, 4 CCR's on their way and while functionality appears to be coming in LORII. I'm confused even about the hardware utility. The manual show something that I cannot find in my version. Manual states click LOR Control tab on top of hardware utility then select Configure on the bottom set of buttons and I only see the DIO config screen no button or any way to get to the CCR config screen. did something change from the previous version 2.4.9 to 2.4.10? Just also wondering what others are thinking about programming... It appears to me unless there is a major update to LorII that it might be a whole lot easier to program using a DMX interface to talk to the CCR. It then "appears" that you have a whole lot less controls channels to deal with to accomplish the same thing. Thoughts all, btw not new to the game just new to the group, I travel a lot and barely keep up at times... Without the ccr's I'm at 160 channels of LOR. You guys all have great ideas I must say I have learned a lot from watching and reading. Curt
  12. Thank you, that makes sense now! I was looking at the 240v / 120v that we have going on in this country. Merry Christmas! Curt
  13. I have searched the site and although I see a few things on 240 volt hook up there is no real explanation. I see jumpers on the boards and while easy to move, what is the exact wiring that will take place from the panel to the LOR.... I'm assuming that 1 neutral and 2 hots and the jumper on the LOR board takes care of the loading of the neutral. Can someone who has utilized the 240 connection comment as to the correct hook up of the input connectors Thanks Curt
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