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  1. I have a try to get done by date, but, don't always make the target (sometimes the rain slows things down). I don't start the show until everything is 99+% working - I will allow a slight programming error or one dead string, but try to have everything working correctly before I start the show. My neighbors are already eagerly waiting for lights on...had one see me moving lights out of the van and was quite excited!
  2. Sorry if this has been talked about before, but is there an easy (or easier) way to replace a jack on the controller board (residential controller - older version) without having to take everything out of the box and disconnect a lot of connectors? Also, will I need to take off the heat sink? Just trying to get this done without having to spend an hour just getting the board out. I have 2 of these to do... Thanks! Mark
  3. Mike: I re-ran the file through Audacity (a newer version) and the problem seems to have gone away. If it comes back, I'll try using the internal media option. Thanks for your help!
  4. Mike - I'll have to check and get back to you when I get home from work.
  5. I found when I had a setup like yours I needed to keep the Visualizer window (background size) pretty small and make sure all the play options in Sequencer (like channel button colors, move grid, etc.) were off. Otherwise, your computer can't keep up. (I now have a much faster computer, so it now keeps up just fine). Try shrinking the Visualizer file and make sure all the play options are off as much as possible.
  6. I recently updated to 3.10.12 and ran into a problem I had not seen before. If I play song all the way through, it works fine and the audio matches the video. But, when working on part of a song and the Play Range is set to only play the part of the screen showing, then the audio gets off. It's a audio file I've used for years and is set for the correct bits per second (128). This is the first time it's happened on this audio file. If I play from the beginning, then it's fine again. Since I'm working on the final seconds of the song, it's annoying to have to replay the entire sequence just to check everything is in sync. It worked fine in 3.8.x and earlier, so is there something I need to change or a new option to check? Computer is plenty fast. Thoughts from anyone? Thanks! Mark
  7. I had a problem like that last year, and it ended up being the PIC chip in one of the controllers was not quite seated (one pin must have had an intermittent connection). Caused a lot of havoc in the entire chain. Was an intermittent problem, but one I found it, it's been fixed. This was a G2 controller I had put together myself, so if you have G3, this would not apply. It would sometimes light up lights when the show was not running (or when I went to work in the morning). Long and short of it is it could be a controller issue - have you tried taking that one out of the chain to see if the problem stops?
  8. That much cable should not be a problem - I've run more boxes and cables than that and it worked fine. I have had problems where the connection inside the box (cable to jack) was a bit flaky and it caused problems (though mine were all over, and it was the last box in the chain). Make sure the cables are seated well and fit tightly in every box - it only takes one to mess things up. Problems like this tend to be connection issues, not cable lengths.
  9. My first year was with 16 channels. Check out the video. Don't know if this will help, but people did enjoy it!
  10. I've had my Cat 5 cables right next to the power cables and never had any issues due to noise. The one time last year I had problems it turned out one of the connections in the controller box (cable jack) was a bit flaky and it caused problems. Just had to take the cord out and re-plug it back in, and it worked fine. Having said that, I do try to leave some separation just to make sure noise is not an issue. I end up with about 250 ft total of Cat 5 and it works just fine.
  11. Hopefully I'm just missing something (couldn't find it in searching the forum). Once you create a tree in the Visualizer with the Mega Tree Wizard, can you go back to the Wizard to change the orientation once you've created the tree? For example, if you created it looking at it from the front, can you change the view to be from the top? I know you can do that in the wizard when originally setting up the tree, but I can't get back to the wizard after it's created. Thanks for your help.
  12. I set up my first show ever (this is fun!) and had everything one weird problem. I'm using a LOR1602W (brand new this year) and the software is on the latest update (2.6.0). The problem is that channels 1-8 won't fade. They just stay on until the fade hits zero %, then shut off. Turning them on and off are correct, it just the fades that have issues. I have only incandescent lights and LEDs plugged in - no motors or flourescent lights. The funny thing is, I changed one of the power input plugs to a different plug (on a different circuit) and the problem went away! I did some looking at my circuit breaker box and by moving the plug I have the power coming from the same side of the incoming power (in other words, both circuits are wired to the same 110V input). Before when I was having the problem, I was on opposite sides. I had read somewhere on the forum that phasing can be an issue if you are on 3-phase, but this is a normal residential power hookup. Has anyone run into this before? I ran the show all last night and it worked perfectly with the power coming from the same side. I'm OK with that - just wanted to know if that is something I need to deal with. (Also, I saw is some posts people other people having problems with fade issues - might this be part of the problem?) I check tested a few other circuits around the place and anytime I plugged both inputs into circuits on the same side of the input I was fine, anytime I didn't, it created problems with fades. Just a thought. I have 16 channels and about 8000 lights, and does it ever look cool! Can't wait to add more channels next year. Thanks in advance for the help - this forum is awesome! Mark
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