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  1. MikeToo

    Static RGB Display

    UPATE: For some reason the PROP I created now appears in the sequence when viewed with the SE. But, there are no channels assigned to it??
  2. MikeToo

    Static RGB Display

    I've created a new prop, following the LOR Pixel Editor - Part 2 video. After creating a new animation sequence in SE it takes me to the Pixel Editor to create a new PROP. When creating the new prop with the Effect Generator, the video sets the "controller" to unassigned. OK, did that. Completed the new prop and have it working. I save the Intensity Data File and the PE file. When I go to the SE and open the .las file, there are NO props shown. How do I get the prop created in PE to appear/be associated with in the SE. Furthermore, how do I assign a controller to the prop after it has been created?
  3. MikeToo

    Static RGB Display

    P E R F E C T ! ! ! Thank you sooooo much.... crazy about vert/horiz..... but working as described....
  4. MikeToo

    Static RGB Display

    Little_b : most helpful, however, I can't seem to get the "chase" effect. See attached screen shot...? Changing the Spacing seems to have no affect on the "preview". The displayed line never changes in size? Changing the speed just causes the merged lines to alternate but since they both have the same # of bulbs, there is no "chase" effect?
  5. MikeToo

    Static RGB Display

    Thank you. I'm looking at SE now.... I'm a newbee using the Pixel16D and RGB as well. Each bulb in my string is individually addressable ... I thought that was the purpose of using PE to keep from creating 50 individual channels in SE. Your suggestion is best and will try that!!
  6. MikeToo

    Static RGB Display

    I have a string of 50 RGB C9 bulbs connected to a Pixie16D controller. I want to use them as a static display of alternating red and white lights. Can I create a sequence with the Pixel Editor to do this or must I create a basic Animation Sequence with 150 channels setting the colors to red and white individually for each of the 50 bulbs?
  7. MikeToo

    3-wire RGBs on LOR Pixie16D

    Excellent!! Thank you.....
  8. I purchased a string of C9 RGB Pixel bulbs from HolidayCoro with the intention of using the LOR Pixie16D controller to drive them. When I started to set them up to test, I discovered the HolidayCoro lights were 3-wire strings (+v, gnd, data). The Pixie16D controller connections are designed for 4-wire strings (+v, gnd, data, clock). Can I use the 3-wire strings on this controller leaving the "clock" connection open? (RGB chip in the bulbs is a standard chip supported by LOR controllers)
  9. MikeToo

    Can't get enable show to work - comm problem

    Similar issue... I created a couple of musical sequences and saved them. I opened the LOR Control panel and the status is "Schedule play is off". I click on COMMANDS and found "Enable Schedule" to be grayed out. No other LOR programs are running (other than the LOR Comm Listener and the Control Panel. I have been unsuccessful trying to "Enable Schedule" so I can run my show. I know if I RESTART the PC, it will allow me to "Enable Schedule". When I do that and use "Disable Gracefully..." to stop the show, it causes "Enable Schedule" to be grayed out and I can't not enable a show. What's up?
  10. Add me to the interested party list for this one. I, too, am unable to get the HW utility to recognize my "active" USB Serial Comm Port. I had a PC crash early this year and had to reinstall LOR. Didn't attempt to connect via USB as I was using a SD card and the G3-MP3 Director. I had been using a PC connection thru a USB485 prior to the crash. I have only ONE USB COMM port showing in the Device Manager (COM 5). I uninstalled it. Restarted the PC and when I reinserted the USB485 I got the typical "musical tone" indicating the PC recognized and installed a serial driver... check the Device Manager, it was there as COM5 again. I connected the Cat5 cable to a LOR CTB16PC controller. I bring up the HW utility, click "Auto Configuration" and see it cycle thru COMM 5 (shaded). When completed it reports "Port Not Found". If I click REFRESH in the "Select UNIT to Configure..." panel, it "Searches the Network" then reports "Found 0 UNITS".... Have I missed a step here?
  11. MikeToo

    Sequence Templates

    Thanks for all your responses. Using Paste/Timings instead of Paste/Cells did the trick....
  12. MikeToo

    Sequence Templates

    An afterthought.... and probably a much simpler question to accomplish the same goal.... is it possible to import or cut/paste an existing animation into a new sequence???
  13. MikeToo

    Sequence Templates

    ISSUE: I have created a complex animation for musical sequences using 4 "Singing Christmas Trees". I have a "canned" sequence that I would like to use with my custom animation. The steps I'm using to create a "new" musical sequence are as follows: (My Sequence Editor is V3.11.2 Advanced) 1. I open the "canned" sequence in the Sequence Editor. 2. I then open a "new" musical sequence which first prompts for the media file. 3. I point to the "canned" sequence MP3 file and the SE opens with a dialog box to select the timing events for the sequence. This dialog is also the vehicle I use to import the saved Channel Config file I created with my custom animation. 4. The channel config file from my custom animation exactly matches the channel config of the "canned" sequence. 5. At this point, I would like to use the "timing" that was used with the "canned" sequence but I don't see an option to do this so I select BEAT WIZARD and launch it. 6. When BEAT WIZARD completes I select APPLY AND EXIT 7. So far, so good.... my custom animation appears when I select VIEW ANIMATION. 8. I open the "canned" sequence and COPY the "Singing Christmas Tree" sequence and then paste this into the "new" sequence. All looks good. 9. When I "Play" the sequence, the music works and the animation works HOWEVER they are not in sync. I suspect it is the "timing" grid that is the issue. Am I trying to do something that the SE software can't do?? Is there a way to import a sequence with both the channel config AND timing??
  14. Want to know if I can drive a LOR net from an ELL connected to the G3-MP3 Controller? I don't want to be tethered to a PC to run the show. Want to run SD based show from G3-MP3 with two "remote" LOR controllers attached to the LOR net via ELLs? See attached config...
  15. Windows 8.1, have LOR ICON on system tray (blue lightbulb) but when I click on "LOR Control Panel" nothing happens, LOR Control Panel won't start. LOR Control Panel appears in START Menu but same behavior when clicked... I used to have a RED LOR Lightbulb when I clicked on "Show Hidden ICONS" but it no longer appears in the list. ?? I seem to have this issue every year when I start to plan my Christmas shows. Need suggestions on what's going on (or not going on)??