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  1. Issue resolved. I just deleted the EXISTING and OLD playback files and created new ones.
  2. I updated the media file on several working S5 sequences. On the Sequence Editor menu I selected SEQUENCE -> MEDIA FILE. I browsed my AUDIO files for the updated media file, selected it, clicked OPEN and saw the LOADING FILE message. When I click on PLAYBACK, it brings up a blank screen .... my PROPS are missing. If I click the PLAY button the music plays but the VERTICAL BAR that I normally see moving across the sequence tracking the playback does not move although the music is playing. The ONLY change I made was to select a different MP3 file, save the Sequence with same name and create a new PLAYBACK file ???
  3. I would like a copy sent to martoo@verizon.net I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share.
  4. Great info and useful examples!! The best way to learn is to create a sequence using this info.... To that end I have opened the Sequence Editor and created two tree props, TREE1 and TREE2. I then selected "New Musical Sequence", and selected my Media file. I then get a prompt to "Select a preview..." On the drop-down list I select TREE1, the Sequencer opens with the TREE1 prop as expected. Playing it back produces exactly what I have countless hours trying to create. THANK YOU ALL!! Now, I want to add a second prop I created, "TREE2". It appears in the PREVIEW list but I have been unable to determine how to add it my sequence?
  5. Thanks Jim. Email is martoo@verizon Diagram of tree below. It is designed for 100 nodes however I'm only using 50. My goal is to be able to turn a series of the nodes on/off independently. For example (using the Spoke analogy) Spoke 1 would be nodes 1-9, Spoke 2 would be nodes 10-19, etc. up to Spoke 5 with nodes 42-50. My theory was the tree would be Unit 10. Nodes 1-9 would be circuit 1 (channel 1?), 10-19 circuit 2 (channel 2?) etc. I have 6 trees configured like this... Tree 1 connected Port 1 on the Pixie16, Tree 2 to Port 2, etc. At this point I would be happy to just light-up a single tree with a single color (aka an S4 dumb prop). Maybe I should define this as a prop in S5 as an unconnected line with 50 nodes? Therefore, each tree is a prop with its own UNIT ID starting with 10. (Units 01 to 0F are "Regular" networks, AUX A is the "Enhanced" network required for the pixels so the first Unit on this network would be 10.) net
  6. Have been trying to create an S5 smart RGB prop and seem to be going nowhere. Tried to follow a Tutorial (Creating a Simple Pixel Show) and when I run it, my results are different than those shown in the tutorial video. All I want is a sequence with 2 RGB trees (a 5-leg SPOKE would work for each tree). T1, Spoke 1 would be Unit 10, circuits 1-10, T1, Spoke 2 would be Unit 11, circuits 1-10, etc. The controller is a PIXIE16D on the AUX A network, Enhanced. T1 is PORT 1, T2 is PORT 2. The "motion" effect I'm trying to use is a "GARLAND" to keep it simple. When I create these props and run the sequence, the Spokes on BOTH trees light up where I only want the tree that I have selected in the visualizer to show. Each tree has a different Unit ID and they show up on the visualizer as separate props?? Can someone create a simple sequence to accomplish my goal and attach to this forum??
  7. Have an existing working network of pre-G3 controllers. The address dip sw on the Pixie is set to "0". The older controllers are on a "Regular" network with recommended speed of 57K, non-enhanced. I have set the Pixie16 on the Aux A network at 500K and flagged as "enhanced". The Regular network is connected to the BLACK USB485 on COM 10. The Aux A network is connected to a RED RS485 on COM 12. Created a prop setting the Pixie as it's controller but no light when run from sequence. Prop appears in the Playback screen but no lights on the tree... How do I know what the UNIT ID is?? Do I need to physically set the address in the dip sw on the board?
  8. I have a similar issue as HappyMommy…. Had (4) CTB16PC's running flawlessly on the REGULAR net. Added a Pixie16, changed REGULAR net to ENHANCED.... Pixie16 worked OK, but CTB16PC's stopped working. Changed REGULAR net back to recommended 56K, recreated the show editor. … ISSUE 1: CTB16PCs still don't work.??? I also noticed that when I altered a working sequence, saved it and created a PLAYBACK file, it generated two files: one with an extension of ".play.lms" and the second with an extension of ".play.lms.pe.lid"??? ISSUE 2: Is this because I changed the REGULAR net to ENHANCED and modified the sequence?
  9. Copy please? I agree to not sell or share thissequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. martoo@verizon.net
  10. May I have a copy?? I agree to not sell or share thissequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. martoo@verizon.net
  11. May Ihave a copy?. I agree to not sell or share thissequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. martoo@verizon.net
  12. Could I have a copy of this please I do not share … just play for the enjoyment of others martoo@verizon.net Thanks in advance!!
  13. May I have a copy? martoo@verizon.net I will not sell, share or post on any other site Thank you.....
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