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  1. can you help me out need Halloween seq I was not going to do hallo , but at the last min now, the wife wants hallow so it would be very helpful to me if you can send me the lot you offered thank -you :Jeffrey sandiegojeffreym@yahoo.com
  2. hello i have an older controller ctb16pc v 1 the red light stays on and the hardware uti will not refresh the unit it says 0 unit found and the firmware when i start it it says loading then stopscant get the controller do do much if anything any suggestions also what and how is the hard reset used for i have other controllers that have issues re set might work
  3. My show is running and everything is playing twice, sometimes three times. --Rebooted, then it's fine for awhile, but eventually starts repeating songs again. Can anyone suggest a fix? (running 3.1.4)
  4. In seq editor when opening up a recent or existing sequence some of the files seem to have dropped off the m or ms from the .lms at the end of sequence name. This is occuring little by little. When trying to open and play the sequences it says file not recognized. If I open Windows Explorer and look at the files, the filenames still have the .lms extension. Only the listings in the seq editor have the missing letter or letters, which keep the sequence from playing. This problem seems to have just started after downloading version 3.1.4. What's going on? I need to get this solved quickly as I do an interactive live show where I take audience song requests and play them directly in the sequence editor. Thank you so much for your help!!
  5. Thank you Steve you have been a big help i will use your recommendation and give it a try :) jeffrey..
  6. does anyone know what the distance between ribbons would be when you set up the scrolling message board style ribbon display i am using 8 ribbons? thanks jeffrey[align=center][/align]
  7. running win 7 lor 2812the latest cant get any of my controllers to work wont recognize anything in hardware configuration tried everything firmware wont download nothing seem to work, even re downloaded s 2 still nothing any ideas
  8. thank you problem fixed how do i get the latest software or firmware?
  9. WINDOWS 7 anyone know if lor will work ? is it compatable Help
  10. can anyone point me in the direction of where i might find the lor registry wipe tool? its my turn to unscrew up my mess.i am using vista keep loosing my media files . everything works except my media on a number of of sequences. as far as i can see reg wipe is the way out. is this going to wipe out everything? do i reinstall starting with the demo file from lor? vista seems to add have a mind of its own when it comes to lor. i dont think it likes lor!!! any any help would be welcome thanks ..sdjeffrey
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