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  1. Can I please have a copy as well Thanks!! Jeremy kramer16@msu
  2. Hello, Can I please get a copy as well, thanks in advance!! Jeremy kramer16@msu.edu
  3. I would love to look at UpTown Funk....Thanks a ton!!! Jeremy kramer16@msu.edu
  4. I would love to take a look at this one as well. You do great work!! Thanks again, Jeremy kramer16@msu.edu
  5. I would also love to have a copy. kramer16@msu.edu Thanks!!!
  6. I would love to get a copy to work with as well!!! thanks, kramer16@msu.edu
  7. great work!!! would you please send me a copy!! Thanks!! kramer16@msu.edu
  8. What a great song!! I would love to try it out. kramer16@msu.edu Thanks!!!
  9. I would love a copy of the mix if you still sharing. kramer16@msu.edu. Thanks!!!
  10. Jumping on the bandwagon! My 3 little girls would love adding this to our show! Thanks, Jeremy Kramer16@msu.edu
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