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  1. That remix would be very neat to see. Would love to have a look. Thanks, Steve s8830906@msn.com
  2. Freakin' awesome.....just saying! Love traditional displays but can't wait to start converting mine over. Great job!
  3. Words can't express but that was close enough. God Bless.
  4. Do a complete uninstall, but then make sure to restart computer. Make sure all traces have been removed, then download again and reinstall.
  5. Ok then. Thanks for all the input. Learned some important things about LOR.
  6. Good info to know there, thanks. A question about the .bak files. If they are backups, how do I access them, or is there a specific way to use these files.
  7. Ok, thanks for that feedback. I have been using LOR for about 4 years now and this is the first experience I have had with this happening. It's not that I am trying to track down why or how to stop it, it's just that when it creates these files, naturally I try and access them to see what they are for. However, at every attempt to open them, it denies me access to them, and LOR will not open them. So if they have a purpose, other than cluttering up my LOR folders, I would love to learn more about these files.
  8. Why does LOR add to my files a duplicate of every sequence I open, once I close it out (wether I make changes or not), right below the .lms file, but with a .lsv extension? Just started doing this since I upgraded to 3.8 Advanced. In older versions, it would save the new file as .lms, but convert the old extension to .bak. And, you can never open any of the files but .las or .lms. I understand .las is Lightorama Animated Sequence and .lms is Lightorama Musical Sequence......so what is .lcs, .lsv, .bak, .lms.lcs???? How do I stop this? Please educate me quickly.
  9. Here is one of our videos from this years show. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/Q2ZHsUAPsWQ Steve
  10. Just watched your videos and all I can say is wow! Love all your items and how you laid them out.
  11. WoW!! Nice sequencing and great video showing the breakdown. Any chance you are willing to share a few of those sequences? This will be my first year with a spiral, if I can get it all done, and would love some great examples like yours to learn from. email is s8830906@msn.com Thanks, Steve
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