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  1. In case you may have a sequence to share, my email address is daddyalj@aol.com Thanks....
  2. I have been asked to make a sequence to the song Heaven Everywhere by Francesca Battistelli. I was wondering if any on the forum has a sequence made for this song already that you would be willing to share. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions.I will revisit everything. I still don't understand why it ran for days with no issues. Again I will look it all of everythig again! Thanks
  4. Help! I am using 5 LOR controllers and one Pixie 8 controller. I am using 2 seperate networks. The Pixie cotroller is connected through the red USB connector and the regular controllers connected with the standard black USB connector. Last year I ran my show on an older laptop computer and kept having issues with the show stopping during the run time or not starting at all and I was getting a comm port error. If I would change USB ports on the computer, things would be alright for awhile but eventually I would see the same issue again. As long as I kept swapping, USB ports I could keep it
  5. I would like to be able to have my same preview that I have created in the Pixel editor and copy it to another computer so that I can continue to sequence in the evenings while my show is running. I am not sure where to look for the file or files to copy to install in my other computer. I really don't want to have to redraw my display again if I don't have to. Can someone direct me to where to find this or at least tell me if it's possible to do? Thanks .....
  6. I need a little help ..... I have purchased a CCR II cosmic color ribbon (2 ribbons) and the Pixie 2 controller. I want to use this controller and CCR by itself for right now. I have named the controller ID as 0F because I will eventually put it into the show with the rest of my controllers the last controller I added was for a pixel tree 8 channel and it took ID's 7 - 0E. I have set up in the network preferences for this controller and said it was Regular LOR network and enhance speed.I am using the red USB adapter. I am able to see the controller in the hardware utility and I can turn
  7. Hello, I am a long time LOR user that has just acquired a new Pixel Tree which uses the Pixie 8 controller. I bought it through the LOR sale and have now received it, Have it set up and usable. I am way behind and am trying to get some sequencing done just to get started. I have quite a few songs sequenced from previous years that I would just like to add some pixel sequences to. I have watched the LOR tutorial on how to use the Pixel Editor and have a basic understanding on how to do the sequencing and I am currently working to get some done. I was wondering if anyone here had any sequenc
  8. You all were great ! Thanks again for all of the help. I was feeling pretty dejected there for a while. Now I feel great and realize what work I have to do to get somewhat caught up to start playing music next Thursday. I will think of you all when the lights are on. It is so nice to know there is help here when you jump off the deep end and try to learn to swim!!! I will make a spread sheet for sure. Thanks for the example and something to follow. You must know me better than I thought when you said I would forget what I did today when next year come around! I have a really good memory ....
  9. ***** UPDATE***** Ok, After all of your great help, I went back to the Pixel editor and created a new sequence, selected the control lights, selected the butterfly effect and just added about 30 seconds worth and hit play. Lights on the tree came on! That's a big win so far ! Now I have to find out how to add to my existing sequences....... Thanks for all of the help from the both of you
  10. I went back to the network preferences tab and I have Aux A set to enhanced network Comm 4 500.0K LOR fastest. When I went in to look, it said port (none) I know I had set that earlier today , but I set it to comm 4 again. There is the option to export this from this page, should I? and where would I export it to? Options are Pixel editor and Sequencer editor. Is one better than the other? pretty igorant so far about the pixel editor.....
  11. I think I have the same settings as you do here. One thing on my settings that is not on yours is where it asks about the sequence method.
  12. Sorry about the pictures ...... I was trying to respond to the other post and it went with your reply
  13. Yes I do have the red High Speed adapter for the pixel tree network. The new Pixel tree is the only thing on that network.
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