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  1. +1 , 5th year using LOR, and I have done this since day 1, (although just learned to use tracks two years ago to group similar elements and/or color schemes) but nothing ever gets changed or removed from my original channel configuration, even elements that I only used the first year, they are still there as place holders so updating sequences from year to year aren't as difficult.
  2. I split my computer audio, and had never had any issues. I know that some guys dont split, and tune their receivers to the transmitter frequency, they use this as a way to "check/verify" their transmitter is working each night. Between running the kids somewhere or the radio we have in the kitched, this is never an issue for me. Plus, my FM receiver/amplifier that runs my outdoor speakers is in the basement next to the show computer, and i do not have an external antenna on the receiver, so i dont get the best reception down there for even my own station.
  3. I was speaking of the high end ones, you know the ones on PBS, that are really there to teach... not the evening home wreckers that are more of reality entertainment shows... but to each his own, just offering my opinion and what i know or have been exposed to ...
  4. now that there is pretty darn funny. i dont care who you are.
  5. when using spt and vampire plugs, you can make custom wiring harnesses, zip tie them together and label both ends of the cords, this will speed up both setup as well as tear down each season! just be sure and label them as soon as you get them setup. (unlike me, who says "I will do that later" and EVERY year, i am calling myself some very nasty names cause my cords aren't labeled. fyi, most of the vendors offering pre-sales, also sell spt wire and plugs as part of their sales. great pricing when they do that. also, figure what you think you will need, and at least double it, if not triple it. (especially if you have a buddy that never buys enough for his own display!! CHADLY!!! LOL)
  6. I have several friends that are roofing contractors, and not your stereo-typical "make a fast buck, fly by night operations" , the whole reason shingles overlap is so each course above will cover the nailing tabs of the course below. You should avoid making any holes in any roof structure at all costs. Not to mention, the minute you put holes in your shingles, all MFG warranties are null and void due to improper installation. Please dont think im being a jerk here, but why would anyone "intentionally" put holes in their roof in the first place? Now if there is NO OTHER option, e.g. vent stacks, chimney's, solar panels, sky lights, etc. Then there are multiple installation layers, flashing, ice/water shield, covers, etc. to keep those area's water and moisture proof. Watch any home improvement shows, building programs, etc, and look at the amount of time and energy spent on keeping the structure's roof solid and in tact, and designed to SHED water away... and that should answer your question. Even if the roof doesn't visibly leak, once you create a hole, and seal it, water still may penetrate and sit under the shingles causing rot and mold damage. swelling, shrinking, and in colder climates, a freeze thaw cycle will all but destroy your roof. In addition to Rye's idea above, you can lay out PVC structures secured with sand bags, you can use aluminum flashing slid underneath rows of shingles, (just take care when lifting individual shingle tabs, etc.) Sorry for the long winded post, but I hate to see this kind of stuff happen in our hobby, when all we are trying to do is put smiles on people's faces, then later we are left to pick up the pieces of damage we do to our own domiciles!!
  7. ill post it here for all to see, mods, if it breaks any rules, please delete and scold me as appropriate. http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/board,28.0.html
  8. holy old posts batman... thought i was back in 2012 again...
  9. check your PM. didnt know if it breaks some sort of rules of LOR if we post links to other forums. didnt want to be the rule breaker here that I am in real life. LOL Happy New Year all...
  10. Jim: looks like its a dead link on your site. any chance you could send me the audio file as well? tswope_smartcs at yahoo dot com. thank you sir.
  11. great work. and you have been a wealth of information for me on the aussie site. i only have certain elements in my display that are rgb, but use both dumb and smart ones. love the work that you have done, and appreciate all that you share with everyone!! Merry Christmas!!
  12. this may help, during the season when i dont have time to fix cat 5 jacks in the controllers, i use these... you can plug it into the good jack then plug both cat 5 cables into the other side... http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=105&cp_id=10513&cs_id=1051304&p_id=7294&seq=1&format=2 you also need a short cat 5 patch, that will connect into the single female, and then plug into the GOOD port on your LOR controller. http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10208&cs_id=1020802&p_id=2126&seq=1&format=2 (although, i do not like the monoprice cables for LOR due to the boot that is around the pins, i normally cut them off PRIOR to using with LOR, so that i can get them back out of the lor controllers after Christmas!) i have done this the past two years, and it has worked for both me and a friend of mine that is just down the road. -troy
  13. There are two of us down here south of cleveland, in North Canton, Ohio. 44720. Let us know if you plan to head down or if we can answer any questions for you. -troy
  14. scubado wrote: i agree with this one, get the main panel upgraded, install a sub panel in the garage, use it to run your show and YOUR BRAND NEW WELDING SETUP!! Then start making all kinds of Christmas decorations!! I hope to learn the skill of welding sometime this year as well. Would like to venture into making some of my own elements out of things OTHER than PVC.
  15. testraub wrote: learned that one the hard way as well, didnt unscrew my mega pole, but did lay it over on its side, folded the lights in half on top of themselves, and then brought them inside in march of 2011 to ball up and store... guess what... after about 10 strands, took the whole heaping pile (54 remaining strands of 100 count LEDS...) and stuffed them in a 50 gallon trashcan... p.s. they got untangled in november of 2011 when we started setting up the display!!! grrrrrr... will NEVER do that again!
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