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  1. So I have tested all of the boxes and Cat5 cables. What I have come up with is that in box 4 and box 11, if I close the door of the box, the Cat5 connections must get loose or something and then the LED light goes off and the connections and communication gets messed up. Any ideas on a fix for that type of problem -- of course I need to be able to close the boxes, but worried I will have to retest everytime to determine the fix.
  2. I hate to say that I am not sure what a CFL is...I am sure that I should...
  3. I am running the show from a laptop with Window's Vista. It is the only thing the laptop does -- strictly running my show and nothing else.
  4. My show with 15 LOR controller boxes has been operating with no problems since late November. Then suddenly yesterday I had some lights on and fading in the middle of the day when no show was scheduled. When I 'refreshed' in HU to check on things and turn off the lights, it was only showing some of the boxes -- 8 the first time, 10 the second, 14 the third, 3 the next and so on and so forth -- no consistency. Some of the LED red lights on the boxes it is finding were flashing while other were solid. And while refreshing, some of the lights in the yard would randomly come on. We had to shut the show down last night and need to try to get it fixed as we are doing a donation drive for our local Humane Society this weekend. My current plan is to try to again replace my long run (less than 100 feet) CAT5 lines and check each box one by one to be sure the computer sees it and go from there. But I feel like this could be something bigger and wanted to get some additional ideas from everyone. I also have made sure none of my CAT5 lines are running near my electrical lines so that is handled too. Just odd to have all this happen when the show has been running just fine. Please help with suggestions! Lisa
  5. Hello LOR Family, In my last round of posting, I got some great suggestions that I thought fixed my problem, but after a few hours of running my show, I am now having the same problems and a few more so not sure what to do. In summary, I have 15 LOR CTC16PC boxes running 240 channels with no fuse issues. My HU goes from seeing all 15 with no problem to finding 9 or 10 or 12, not in order and some listed as 'unknown devices.' Then when we tested the show after moving our CAT5 lines away from our power cords and checking all our boxes individually with a CAT5 direct to the computer, all ran fine. Then after about two rounds in the show, we started having major bleed over where channels on my house were doing what my spiral tree was doing or lights on my MegaFlake were sticking on. I checked again and the HU was throwing odd controller numbers again. Not sure if I need to pull all 15 boxes and manually reset them -- dont want to if I dont have to unplug all 240 channels, but if that is what it takes to work then I will happily do it. Please send along some more suggestions, ideas or tricks so I dont get completely frustrated and sell all of these things... Thanks again for any and all help and suggestions. Lisa
  6. wbottomley wrote: Unfortunately it is not just one sequence having the problem -- it occurs at various times during any of the three songs 'sequences' that I play during the show. There is no set time or point where the randomness and locking occurs.
  7. Hate to have to repost, but need help again and getting frustrated, which is not good... So we did our test run with the lights and everything worked fine for the first round of three songs. Then all of the sudden when it went to run again there were lights stuck on, coming on when they should not come on, etc. We have checked all the CAT5 lines, removed them from running near the power cords and still don't know what the problem seems to be. In HU, it is finding all 15 boxes as it should. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again LOR family!! Lisa
  8. Thanks for the suggestions -- we were able to test each individual box with their respective CAT5 jumpers and determined that there were connection issues within two of the boxes that were sending false signals back to the computer. For now they all seem to be communicating properly so we will see how the 'test run' goes tonight. Fingers crossed!! Thanks again for all the input!
  9. I am trying to run a test to be sure that my computer can find all 15 of my LOR controllers and each time I 'refresh' there is a different number of controllers 'found.' I initially went through and changed the IDs on all 15 boxes individually and all was good with each one. Now that they are all run together, only 0 units to 6 units is coming up found. And my controller 1 box has the red LED sometimes solid and sometimes flashing. Please help as I have tried new CAT5 cables from my computer out to unit 1 and refreshing/rebooting the computer. Also, all the boxes have flashing red LEDs initially so they all are getting power -- seems to be something in the communication. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Lisa
  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone!!! I was able to change my COM port to COM1 and now it has recognized the controller and I have been able to test lights on this first one. Now I am going to spend the evening working on adding controllers so I can get them all functional for weekend light testing. Thanks again to everyone for your help and suggestions -- it is great to have so many other Christmas light folks to get help from. Lisa
  11. Just went through the complete reboot process for the controller, uninstalled and reinstalled my LOR software and waited through another complete 'refresh' process that took almost 30 minutes with no controller found again. Should I have anything in the Unit ID boxes down the left side? I have tried both ways setting it to 01 and also made old ID 'any' and new ID '01'. I just don't know what else to do to make it work...feeling stressed and lost. But I so appreciate everyone's suggestions and am still wanting to try anything you can send my way. Thanks, Lisa
  12. Sorry about the profile part -- just updated things there. I am located in Mooresville, North Carolina. I have rebooted the computer a couple times with the same reaction. The controller I am using right now or trying to use is one from last year. I have not plugged any of the new ones in yet. But this is the first time that I am trying to plug things in this year. I have been working on my song sequences in LOR 2 and decided that I wanted to get the boxes functioning in order to test some of the new custom pieces for this year. Not sure how to get Windows to assign a new Comm Port number, but Comm21 was in the drop down list under manual select -- it's just that the controller is not being seen now. Thanks again for any and all suggestions. Lisa
  13. Chuck, I was able to manually put Comm21 in the box, but there are still no units being found in the 'select units' box and the box just to the left of the refresh button says 'found 0 units.' When I hit the refresh button, it just scans the network very slowly -- took over 30 minutes last time. Not sure what to do now... Thanks, Lisa
  14. D.T., Thanks for the quick reply. I did install the new driver from www.ftdichip.com for Windows Vista. It downloaded CDM 2.04.16 with no problem. I also just went through the adaptor troubleshooting piece from LOR again and identified my Comm port as Comm21, but then when I press the refresh button, the scanning network box comes up and is very, very, very slow to run through. Thanks for any help, Lisa
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