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  1. you can download my visualizer info at the same website. I provided the lee files for both my main and secondary displays. The props are made in both files for easy transfer. Both mega trees, the spiral tree and the arches are all separate props. Don
  2. I just finished uploading all of my Christmas 2011 sequences to my download page at: http://2oldladiesandanoven.com/Downloads.htm The main display includes a 12 ribbon CCR Mega Tree (6 CCRs halved), a double arch using 1 CCR,3 CCRs for house wash, a 4 color star, 7 - 4 color mini trees, 4 - 4 color tree trunks, 1 channel strobes, and a three channel talking face. The secondary display includes a 32 channel - 4 color mega tree, a 32 channel - 4 color spiral tree, 7 - 4 color mini trees, and 4 channel color wash on the building I have included downloads for my visualizer files, in case you would like to see how the sequences looked in my show.
  3. Another good idea, when making SPT wire bundles for more than one color per display item, is to color code the ends with spray paint and number the male ends. Makes putting them out the next time a lot faster and you don't get the channels mixed up.
  4. Congrats to all of the newbies who got their first shows going for the Christmas season. I still remember mine. It really gives you a feeling of accomplishment knowing YOU actually "made it come to life". Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Don McBride
  5. Yes the servo dog works great for controlling servos in animatronics. I have used them in my Halloween displays for the last two years. The main thing in sequencing them in LOR is that the normal intensity level in the sequence is 50% (neutral setting for servo) and reducing intensity moves servo in one direction and increasing intensity moves servo in the other direction. It's kinda labor intensive, but well worth the effort.
  6. Brian, Thanks for the fantastic support on this program. We really appreciate the abilities it provides for sequencing large numbers of channels at once. It is a great addition to LOR. Don
  7. Brian, I have already reloaded all of my mini trees and other rgbw items in the visualizer to make them program properly. The problem occurred when I imported the channel properties into the visualizer. I had grouped the rgbw items in the LOR Sequence Editor, and after exporting the SS sequence it did not program the white channels. Hope this helps to explain it as I no longer have my visualizer which caused the problem. Don
  8. When I grouped my non RGB channels for props like mini trees with 4 channels, RGBW, the SS program only exports the RGB and the white channel does not get included in the sequence. Originally (before grouping) I input all four colors into the visualizer for each mini tree and they worked.
  9. I found a quick way to copy a CCR sequence after I finish a sequence in the Superstar Sequencer and export it. In the Superstar sequence, drag the mouse down the first column of the CCR sequence from red 1 to blue 50, then right click in the highlighted box and click "select row", then "copy". Open your new CCR sequence and right click on the CCRs red 1 first column box and click "paste". This moves the complete CCR sequence in very few strokes.
  10. You can make a group starting with 10 and ending with 44. This will hide them so you can work on the 2 like channels. after finished, degroup 10-44. Happy Lighting Don
  11. Welcome to the madness!!! You can go here and get my sequences w/music files. http://2oldladiesandanoven.com/Downloads.htm The 2009 Halloween sequences are probably what you are looking for, because for the 2010 Halloween sequences I went to talking skeletons and few lights. To copy the sequence, open both of the sequences (yours and mine) in the editor,load the audio file into your sequence, on the lines of the sequence you want to copy from my sequence, drag the mouse over the area to be copied, right click and copy, then go to your sequence and right click on the first box of the sequence where you want to paste the sequence info, and click paste. Happy Lighting Don
  12. The group feature of S3 helps to unclutter your sequences. By grouping your channels, i.e. mega tree, mini trees, house lights , etc; you can open that group and be closer to your timing grid to see exactly where the next action should be placed. instead of having a hundred channels open all the time you might only have a dozen, so no scrolling up or down.
  13. I use the vga port on the laptop to play my projector. If you use the double screen setting on the laptop and then select the second screen on the video preferences of the sequence editor, anytime you play a wmv file it shows on the projector. (By the way, you use the wmv for the audio of the sequence) (Edit: I purchased a 100 ft vga cord and run it to the projector from my laptop) Don
  14. I figured out my problem!!! The configuration screen has a color setting of either balanced or full range. The full range selection must be used to get the full colors on all channels. The red then stays at 100%, the green goes to 120% and the blue goes to 130%. All colors must be maxed out to get the 100% color in the sequences. EASY FIX, now only have to go reset all of the colors in each action in the sequences I have finished so far. UUGH!! (EDIT: After reading the help file for this function, I decided to leave the setting at balanced!! Even though the Visualizer is not white the CCRs will be!!!)
  15. There is a bug in the demo version when set to half ribbons. To get the visualizer in SS to show all 12 strings, you need to set the layout for 12 ribbons, which will try to display 24 halves. The display does not show but half of the number you have selected. When you get the S3 program it works correctly.
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