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  1. did you sell them all or do you still have 1 or 2 that i could buy?
  2. mike nix

    CCR & animation

    I think now we are saying the same thing - I added 2 squares per channel just to make the line longer - I was hoping there was a way to "drag a line" and it work without doing 50 channels - I appreciate your help - thank you!
  3. mike nix

    CCR & animation

    Thanx but.....When I inserted the CCD, I think it already did that step because when I right click, convert to RGB channel isn't highlighted - meaning it's not an option... So, I have basically entered 2 squares per channel on the animation to get it to work - yes, had to do 2 squares for 50 channels - but it works now. hoping there is an easier way
  4. mike nix

    CCR & animation

    Thanks for your help - that makes sense - is there an easy way to do that or best just to learn how to use the visualizer?
  5. mike nix

    CCR & animation

    I have 3.12.2 advanced and wondered how do you show a CCR in the animation portion of the software? do you have to put a "dot" for every channel or is there an easier way so you can see the effects of CCR by viewing the animation? (make sense?) I have done it before and now don't remember how I did it - "growing up is not for sissies!!"
  6. If still available - may I have a copy to goofus2004@gmail.com
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