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  1. i have checked it dose it have to be on the same phase as the mp3
  2. :shock:When I plug in the cat 5 cable to my cosmetic color ribbon I can not find any of the controllers and random lights start coming on and off. :? Can anyone help me fix this? Thanks
  3. Simple show builder does not give us the windows illustrated in the manual.
  4. Thank you for the advice. What is the "lockstep" program? There are times when the MP3 player will not allow me to set the time - how do I fix that?
  5. I set up my show and put the card in the MP3 player and the show starts at the wrong time. We ran the cable to the MP3 player and set the time, but it apparently has a mind of its own and runs when it wants to. Then we have random lights coming on when its not programmed to come on. I've checked the songs and the lights are indeed coming on when they are not programmed to do so. I have ribbon lights and when I plug them in all the controllers can not be found on the program. Does anyone have an advice or know how to fix this?
  6. So do you understand how to use the color ribbon? Or how to set a sequence?
  7. This is how i do my arches over my driveway: use 3/4 (emt) electrical metal tubing, 30 foot-1inch Electrical PVC cut the emt in 5 foot pieces, drive it 2ft in the ground.Put one on each side of the driveway. Take the pvc put it all together and slide the pvc over the emt. and this will hold it up and create the arch. Bubba
  8. Im still wondering when the new ribbon or program will be sent out. If any body knows could you please contact me. Thank you, Bubba Csjtl77373@msn.com
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