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  1. When I started using pixels this year, I created all new prop groups and channel configurations using PE instead of the visualizer. Everything is fine until I needed to work on sequences using a different computer. I can not for the life of me figure out how to transfer preview information. Any suggestions? Thanks, Eric
  2. I got it all figured out. Running the uf50d in DMX mode and connected it to a pixcon16 DMX bridge. Configured it the same as a dumb rgb flood in pixel editor, just have to make sure I choose red for the color. Works just as I hoped. Eric
  3. bingo, doesn't work on enhanced. That means running two networks, was hoping to avoid that this year. I am trying to use the DMX bridge on the pixcon16, I think I have everything right, enable the port on the card, chose the universe, set the dip switches and jumpers in the uf50d. I get a solid led when connected, but still don't have control in PE
  4. I have it on the "traditional" tab, just chose white because they didn't have "wicked bright UV" as an option. Your suggestion is how I thought I have it set up.
  5. I bought a one of the 50 watt uv floods at the spring sale. I can make it work using the hardware utility, but that is it. Is there something special I am missing because I can not make it work outside HU. I want to control it using PE, I have it connected to the same LOR network as my cmb24d's that I have my rgb floods which are enhanced. I tried configuring it as its own prop as a traditional bulb, type: channel per color. I just cant get it to turn on. No problems with my rgb floods on the same network. I also tried adding it into SE, it wont work in there either. I didn't open it up and change any dip switches, rather I just changed the address using the hardware utility. Any suggestions? Thanks, Eric
  6. I also ordered some ws2811 pixels from Ray Wu, but square type, beware the strings pull 5.2 amps with 100 pixels, so the 4 amp fuses will blow and mine would only work when I set up the pixcon 16 for 1804 type pixels.
  7. Output vs universe - noted. The rest of the info about cross talk, lengths, etc. that is the reason I asked now before putting everything together. Thank you very much. Usually I am a last minute type of person, but this year I am determined to be prepared! Time to order a few more enclosures before wife puts a hold on my credit card. Eric
  8. 4 pair UTP cat5 has 8 conductors, each universe gets its own conductor for data, 2 cat5 will give me 16. Using ws2811 so I don't need clock. If I go with a 12 pair, I can bond a few pairs for common negative, that makes just the one cable.
  9. I am making my first RGB mega tree, I bought 16 sets of 100 pixel 2811 strings from Ray Wu. Each string draws 5.2 amps. I would like to keep the pixcon in the garage, run the data on cat5 and place a 12v power supply, fuse block w/ 7.5 amp fuse per string and ground bus in a cg1500 enclosure at base of the tree. Will there be a problem running just the data on 24 gauge, while everything else is on 18 and running the controller on a different power supply? thanks, Eric
  10. I had to use my extra LOR usb 485 adapter I normally use for my jeep when I started using PE and had to mix gen 2 controllers with newer ones. I have a generic rs485 adapter and was able to control a cbd24 with the hardware utility, so I thought I'd be good. now my jeep is all done up for tomorrow's jeep run but shows won't run. Is there something proprietary with LOR keeping this from working? Thanks, Eric
  11. if you are sure white/green is damaged. I would rewire your rj45's on each end like such: pin 1 white/orange pin 2 orange pin 3 white/brown pin 4 white/blue pin 5 blue pin 6 brown pin 7 white/green pin 8 green pin 7&8 aren't used for anything, wiring it the way I showed above basically just swaps the green and brown pairs. do it the same way on both ends
  12. Well now I feel silly, I forgot to have listener running. I also turned off high speed, now I am able to ping both cards at 100%
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