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  1. Pixie16's have also been sold now.
  2. I only have the Pixie16's left for sale, I have sold the CMB24's. Thanks.
  3. Plug ins are also included, Freight would be around 10.00
  4. I have 2 Pixie16D Boards, and 4ea of the CMB24D Boards for sale, The pixies are brand new, The 24 Channel RGB Boards are 3 years old, Pixie16D's 75.00 ea, CMB24D's 65.00 ea. I went 100% Smart Pixels this year, along with only a E1.31 network controllers.
  5. Yes, I am going to replace the ends to match what I am using on my other controllers. Thank You.
  6. Thank You, I was hoping this was possible.
  7. I have 2ea of the Pixie 16 controllers, that I have LOR color pixels connected to, Can I use other WS2811 RGB Smart Pixels and or Ribbons with this controller as well? and, Can I use LOR's Color pixels on other Controllers like the Alphapix?, has anyone confirmed this yet. Thanks.
  8. Could I get a copy of this sequence as well please. timrobuck@gmail.com
  9. Thanks James Morris, I appreciate you sharing.
  10. Hello all, does someone happen to have any sequencing done for Taking care of Christmas by Randy Bachman and would share, I am putting this together late this year. Thanks in advance. timr@hubhasit.com
  11. Equinator, I would appreciate a copy to check out if your still sharing. Thanks for offering your work.
  12. I finally was able to take a closer look on Thursday of the controller, and discovered a thin piece of stranded wire laying on top of the CTB16 board, near the channel terminal that was stuck on, must have been allowing a low amount of power to cross over. I am glad it didn't short out the board, or cause anything else to happen to it. It was such a thin gauge of wire, that you had to look at it very closely to see it. Thanks for your help Jim, I was replacing the Cat5 cable to it when I discovered it.
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