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  1. I don't know how well this will fly, but I thought that the concept of a a image/effects library to be shared by everyone for superstar sequences would be real handy. There is a lot of good work going on, and while I understand the concept of "getting paid for hard work" for complete CCR sequences - the work could be done faster - if the basic design elements were available to utilize in superstar via a repository of effects. These could be stored in a forum area, or elsewhere. Things like images of bells, musical notes, vertical text, etc. etc. What does everyone else think?
  2. Very nice work. One thing I have noticed, and not poking at you in the least - but for some odd reason, folks aren't as inclined to share the superstar sequences as they are regular LOR sequences. I don't hesitate in the least to share something I have put together or tweaked. It may be that the cost is considerably higher to get a CCx display(s) up and running and people arejust trying to recoup some of their investment. Just don't know for sure - but in my humble opinion, I think that this lack of sharing does slow down the adoption/sales of the CCR - again because folks know it is going to cost much more than just the hardware to get into the game. Not saying that everything should be free, but we can't get our mouths watering for professional edits, when we don't have the chance to use/modify something someone else is very proud of doing. Enough of my soapbox, and on with the question - would you be willing to share your sequence? Thanks - Cliff
  3. I am taking the plunge and going to try right out of the gate with 32 channels. I have been reading the posts and know that it takes a good bit of time to learn how to properly sequence the animated effects like chasing lights and the mega tree. My biggest hurdle is that I am "beat challenged" (can't dance either ).
  4. Hi, I am new to this game and was wondering if you could either upload or send me the sequence so I could learn some from it. If sending, you can send it to cliff@tvcomp.com. Thanks in advance cliff
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