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    Lor And Fireworks. Lol

    I had bought one of the 24 ch systems show below PLUS one 12 ch wireless system for 216.00 delivered to my house. please check attached invoice. paypal need charge 5% commission.so total is 216.00 The following message was generated before 12 Sep 2015 13:11(PST) John Price inquiry from John in United States 12 Sep 2015 13:11 ELB24R control system with antenna , 24 cues firing system,wireless firing system Quantity Needed: 1 Piece/Pieces Hi, I would like to know the price for ELB24R control system with antenna , 24 cues firing system,wireless firing system. .
  2. jpbaily1

    Lor And Fireworks. Lol

    I have been using three of these systems along with 24 ch of wireless for the last few years. http://happinessfireworks.en.alibaba.com/product/795901309-215180507/500M_remote_control_pyrotechnic_fire_system_with_sequential_fireworks_firing_system_24_cues_remote_fireworks_fire_System.html The only reason I was thinking of the LOR system was to sync my closer to music. I get what you are saving though. Off to make some mines....
  3. jpbaily1

    Lor And Fireworks. Lol

    So I was thinking of using this unit to set off my E Matches.... CMB24D 24 channel (8 RGB pixels) DC controller Deluxe Any thoughts? I t would be ran via CAT5 from my laptop to the controller(s). From there squib wire will route to the E Matches & the firework. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. jpbaily1

    Need help on the audio timing.

    I just found this in the help section. the Beat Wizard cannot be used with video files or MIDI files
  5. So I have up-graded to the latest LOR software and am trying to incorporate video this year. I ripped my TSO dvd and converted it to WMV and the total lenght is 50 min. When I am making a new musical sequence it only allows me to use the tapper wizard. I would prefer to use the VU or beat wiz but they are gohsted so I can't click on those options. Any reason why they are ghosted? Will I have to chop up the entire video into smaller sections or just deal with the tapper wizard (which I tried and gave up after 1200 taps).
  6. jpbaily1

    Mega Tree with RGW

    How's the mega tree programming going? I need to re-do mine from scratch this year.
  7. jpbaily1

    SPT cable information

    http://www.minionsweb.com/osStore/zip-cord-lighting-system-tutorial-i-18.html Neat information here folks.
  8. jpbaily1

    Where do you buy your extension cords?

    Neat info here too. http://www.minionsweb.com/osStore/zip-cord-lighting-system-tutorial-i-18.html I get my SPT from Sky Craft.
  9. jpbaily1

    32 channel Sequences with mega tree

    Welcome to the group! Wish that I could help you with the sequences, my drive crashed & I am starting from scratch this year. I have received a lot of help from the members sharing their sequences, thanks! I am sure that you will find what you are looking for. Post some pics from Coco once you are up and running! John
  10. jpbaily1

    Looking for TSO Christmas Jam

    Jade Rymkos wrote: Was the song edited for your sequence? I thought that I had it on CD but do not.
  11. jpbaily1

    32 channel Sequences with mega tree

    I too would be interested in sequences, my Hard drive did a fatal crash & I lost 3 years of sequences... jpbaily1@yahoo.com Thanks in advance. John
  12. -klb- wrote: Yep only when playing from elsewhere in the song, it plays fine if I play it from the beginning of the song. I am using MP3... I'll look into the bit rate I had not though of that. Thanks!
  13. So here is my issue...when I run my sequences from last year (THANKS to LOR sequences.com where I had up-loaded a lot of my stuff from last year !!!!), I was running Windows XP. My HD crashed &I had to wipe it. Now the sequences when I run the option "play range/selection" runs the last block of the sequence played. So if I run from 1:00 to 1:53 it plays, but it plays the block of memory that I had ran before running this part of the sequence. Apologies for the rant but was intrigued if others had the same issue. JB PS:You guys are the pinnacle of info that I keep referring to!!!!! Thanks in advance. John
  14. jpbaily1

    4th of July LOR

    So for next year I am thinking of using my LOR 16ch controllers to "fire" my fireworks. Has anyone done this yet? Could be timed to music of course.
  15. jpbaily1

    Mega Tree calc's.

    http://altoonalights.com/mega/mega_calc.php http://www.planetchristmas.com/Excel/MegaTreeCalculator.xls http://www.angelxmaslights.com.au/info_mega_tree_calculator.php