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  1. I had bought one of the 24 ch systems show below PLUS one 12 ch wireless system for 216.00 delivered to my house. please check attached invoice. paypal need charge 5% commission.so total is 216.00 The following message was generated before 12 Sep 2015 13:11(PST) John Price inquiry from John in United States 12 Sep 2015 13:11 ELB24R control system with antenna , 24 cues firing system,wireless firing system Quantity Needed: 1 Piece/Pieces Hi, I would like to know the price for ELB24R control system with antenna , 24 cues firing system,wireless firing system. .
  2. I have been using three of these systems along with 24 ch of wireless for the last few years. http://happinessfireworks.en.alibaba.com/product/795901309-215180507/500M_remote_control_pyrotechnic_fire_system_with_sequential_fireworks_firing_system_24_cues_remote_fireworks_fire_System.html The only reason I was thinking of the LOR system was to sync my closer to music. I get what you are saving though. Off to make some mines....
  3. So I was thinking of using this unit to set off my E Matches.... CMB24D 24 channel (8 RGB pixels) DC controller Deluxe Any thoughts? I t would be ran via CAT5 from my laptop to the controller(s). From there squib wire will route to the E Matches & the firework. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. How's the mega tree programming going? I need to re-do mine from scratch this year.
  5. http://www.minionsweb.com/osStore/zip-cord-lighting-system-tutorial-i-18.html Neat information here folks.
  6. Neat info here too. http://www.minionsweb.com/osStore/zip-cord-lighting-system-tutorial-i-18.html I get my SPT from Sky Craft.
  7. -klb- wrote: Yep only when playing from elsewhere in the song, it plays fine if I play it from the beginning of the song. I am using MP3... I'll look into the bit rate I had not though of that. Thanks!
  8. So here is my issue...when I run my sequences from last year (THANKS to LOR sequences.com where I had up-loaded a lot of my stuff from last year !!!!), I was running Windows XP. My HD crashed &I had to wipe it. Now the sequences when I run the option "play range/selection" runs the last block of the sequence played. So if I run from 1:00 to 1:53 it plays, but it plays the block of memory that I had ran before running this part of the sequence. Apologies for the rant but was intrigued if others had the same issue. JB PS:You guys are the pinnacle of info that I keep referring to!!!!! Thanks in advance. John
  9. So for next year I am thinking of using my LOR 16ch controllers to "fire" my fireworks. Has anyone done this yet? Could be timed to music of course.
  10. http://altoonalights.com/mega/mega_calc.php http://www.planetchristmas.com/Excel/MegaTreeCalculator.xls http://www.angelxmaslights.com.au/info_mega_tree_calculator.php
  11. Mega tree calcs here; http://altoonalights.com/mega/mega_calc.php http://www.planetchristmas.com/Excel/MegaTreeCalculator.xls http://www.angelxmaslights.com.au/info_mega_tree_calculator.php
  12. New findings. USE a tree base to attache your light strings to. It got windy yesterday & a few of my strings can disconnected from the light stakes in the ground. Ya know those little green cheesy ones that are made to let you run lights in a straight line in your yard. For my frist year though I am not too dissapointed. I stopped by to see a tree that a fourm member did at this plaec & got some GREAT info.
  13. Can do that part fine, wanted to edit my sequences while the show was running, & it works (sorta).
  14. I was editing my sequences last night with the control lights feature turned off while my show was running. When I played it back though the song played "on top" of the show song that was running. Thanks for the help guys.
  15. On my 10' tall tree, I started with 3 colors (Red, blue, & white) which took up 30ch of of LOR. Started with (10) ea. red, blue, & white. It looked thin so I added (3) strands of ea color around the ring, I ended up with (30) 100 count of mini light strings of Red, Blue & White for my tree.
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