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  1. Thanks for the update. It has been a learning experience, but well worth it.
  2. converted to AVI. Don't know if it really helped, but I also changed the method on enlarging the media player. Instead of hitting the "maximize" option on the media player, I just dragged the horizontal and vertical edges to get full screen. After the first loop, the horizontal size was correct but, the vertical size reverted back to a small dimension. It did loop the sequence, as expected. After the second loop (I dragged the vertical size to full height, on the next loop the windows media player the dimensions were the correct size, as desired. Unfortunately, the next night the windows media player was back to the small window. During the first loop, I resized by dragging the edges. Throughout the show, the media player stayed at full height. Thought it was fluke on the incorrect size. Didn't touch S5 since the end of last night's show. Tonight, it started in the small window again. I can work around the issue by not turning on the video projector until it is dark which gives me enough time to resize media player.
  3. Thanks for the tip, I can convert and I'll update the tread on the results.
  4. I have S5 (ver 5.08), running on a Windows 7 Home edition. I'm using smart LED strips controlled by a Pixlite 4 board. I'm utilizing a video projector to display video through a window (projector inside the house). I have a two monitor set-up. The main monitor and an extended monitor. My show only has one musical sequence. The sequence is approx. 8:30 long. I have tried using wma and mp4 formatted files of the same video source in the sequence. In the Sequence Editor, I located the video player (maximized window) in the main display and also tried the extended display. (In following the procedures from S4, I went into video preferences in the sequence editor and selected the first option, played the sequence, then went back into the preferences and selected the second option) In playing the sequence in the editor, everything worked as expected. I saved the file then created a playback file (see attached - could not attach .lid file) On the initial play of the show, the music and lights will work as expected. The problem (in regards to utilizing a video projector that depends on a full screen display) is that the video player always opens only in the main monitor in a minimized state. (As stated before, I've used to difference sequences that would display in the extended monitor and the other to display on the main monitor). If I leave the player in the minimized state, the lms file will loop (as expected). But, if I maximize the window (to enable the projector to fill the window with the desired video) and when the sequence ends the sequence attempts to loop but fails, I get the following error" "ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Error playing media file.....)" Thanks Halloween2017_A.play.lms
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