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  1. Free Sequences for download

    Thanks for Sharing.
  2. Who wants a free sequence?

    Can you please send me a Copy of it. Thanks in Advance. hemilovers1@gmail.com
  3. Up dated list of seq I have

    Sarge, please send me #5 also. Thank you very much. hemilovers1@gmail.com
  4. Up dated list of seq I have

    Sarge, can you please send me #22 and #30. Thanks in Advance. hemilovers1@gmail.com
  5. Lights don't Play.

    I'll try them. Thanks for Trying.
  6. Lights don't Play.

    Do you know who can help me with this Problem?
  7. Lights don't Play.

    I've checked the lights in Hardware Utility and the lights do light up. Yes in Seq. Editor-Play- the Control lights is checked.
  8. Lights don't Play.

    There's a blue box now. But lights won't work.
  9. Lights don't Play.

    There's a red box at the bottom right. And the lights still won't work.
  10. Lights don't Play.

    OK, I'll try that.
  11. Lights don't Play.

    OK Don, I tried that. And they won't work. The sequence plays, but the lights don't. So what else can I try?
  12. Lights don't Play.

    OK, I'll try that. Thanks
  13. Lights don't Play.

    What do you mean-only the CMB24D defined? Yes the red light is solid when I try playing the sequence. And only one program is open.
  14. Lights don't Play.

    The Dip Switch is on 8, on the CMB24D. And I assigned 8 on the sequence. Yes, they are Dumb RGB's. Only 1 color at a time.
  15. Lights don't Play.

    I have-3 LOR1602 Controllers; 4 CR150D DMX(CCR's) and 1 CMB24D DMX with 8 Single Pixel RGB's. So I exported the sequences from Super Star Sequences to the Sequence Editor. Then I tried to see how they will look, but when I play the Sequence, nothing happens. I don't have everything connected, just the CMB24D with the 8 single pixel ribbons. Does everything need to be connected? How can I check how these 8 Ribbons will look in the sequence?