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  1. .LAS - Light-O-Rama Animated Sequence (open with sequence editor) .LMS - Light-O-Rama Musical Sequence (open with sequence editor) .LSS - Light-O-Rama Show (open with show editor) .BAK - Backup file of .LMS or .LAS sequence file (created each time you save the file) tom.
  2. hobbes

    DMX Terminator

    Three 330 ohm resistors wired in parallel is equivalent to 110 ohms. tom.
  3. Assuming that the board powers up and works you should not have any problems. The reason that a socket is used is if you would need to replace the IC, it makes it much easier. The program burned onto the IC has the ability to update the processor's firmware without being removed so there should be no need to remove it. tom.
  4. Just to expand on controlling a scrolling LED with LOR. Once S2 supports RDS (Radio Data System) I was going to try to use it to send commands to my scrolling LED signs. I will have to add a second serial port to the PC or use a USB to RS232 adapter. The signs I have can be pre-programmed with multiple messages will then respond to commands on its serial port. In an earlier post Dan stated that the RDS data would come from plain text so I believe that this will work. Each song could be used to trigger different messages which could include the name of the song being played. tom.
  5. The following are all good online electronics parts suppliers. They may not be cost effective for buying real small quantities (less than $10 total order) but they should have anything you may need. You could also check your local phone book for 'Electronic Part/Supplies'. http://www.mouser.com http://www.digikey.com http://www.alliedelec.com http://www.newark.com tom.
  6. Four of my videos on YouTube have been flagged for possible copyright infringement. YouTube did not remove the videos, all they did was to add some 'Ads by Google' links to the video's home page. I assume that the copyright holder (which is UMG for my videos) gets the revenue from the links. tom.
  7. WOW! :shock: Make sure you take some videos of your setup. I would love to see it in action. tom.
  8. If the icicle lights had a built-in controller that allowed you to change between the colors then you could remove it and connect the wires to a LOR controller. If the icicle lights were just static, then you can't control the individual colors using LOR. This is because of the way the lights are wired at the factory. If you want to have color changing icicles you could buy sets for each color you want and then overlay them on the roof line bringing down 1 cord for each color. That is the way most people achieve color changing icicles. tom.
  9. http://www.lightorama.com/downloads/LORRegistryWipe.exe tom.
  10. There is a hardware comparison matrix you can find here: http://lightorama.com/Documents/AC_ControllerMatrix.pdf It is a good starting point as to what each controller has to offer. tom.
  11. Basis21b, Try this link: http://web.archive.org/web/20070829054139/http://braincambre500.freeservers.com/open+end+half+wave+dipole+antenna.htm Just an FYI for those not familar with webarchive. They are attempting to make backup copies of the Internet. The main site address is: http://www.webarchive.org. tom.
  12. It sounds like your computer is not recognizing the USB to serial adapter. I don't use an adapter like that so I probably won't be able to help very much. You can look in your device manager to see if any devices show a problem. You can open the hardware manager by right clicking 'My Computer' and choosing 'Properties...'. The device manager is on the 'Hardware' tab. Someone that has the USB to serial adapter will probably be able to give you more things to check. tom.
  13. Have you tried to manually select the comm port? Make sure that you don't have the sequence editor running at the same time as the hardware utility because they will both try to use the serial port and conflict. Are you using an actual serial port or is it a USB to serial converter? Can the sequence editor control the lights? tom.
  14. grandlakedad wrote: The path to the audio file is embedded in the sequence file, that is why it was looking at the C: drive and not the flash drive. All that needs to be done is to open the sequence file in the editor and then choose 'Edit -> Media File...' to change the location that it will look for the audio (or video) file. tom.
  15. hobbes

    What would you do?

    I wonder if Dan is planning on having a demo version of S2. If that is the case you might want to wait for that since you would not need to buy the full version until it is closer to when you may be using it. Only LightORama could answer that. tom.
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