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  1. Hello All, This is my first year switching from LOR to xlights and also using the Falcon F16v3 for my main controller. I have 1 universe setup for 15 LOR AC boxes and another for 2 CCR trees that I have and then additional universes for 4 pixel arches from the f16 outputs. For some odd reason even though I have the macros disabled on the CCR controllers, I had to make the second CCR start channel a few channels after the 1st one ended to make it behave normally. I tested them earlier this year with one arch and 3 LOR AC boxes hooked up to the f16 and all was perfect after figuring out that channel assignment issue..... Fast forward to today when I finally got my display ready to run. I have the CCR's set to serial output 2 and the AC boxes on serial output 3 and all defined properly in xlights. If I have only 1 CCR hooked up, it works perfect. But if I plug another cat 5 cable into the CCR controller, even if it is not hooked up to anything at all, I get a serious lag, erratic behavior (sometimes CCR doesn't come on at all when it should, other times part of it lights up when the whole thing should, etc). As soon as I unplug the cable that would go to the second CCR, it's back to working perfect. I've tried both CCR controllers and both do the same thing. I've tried 6 different cat 5 cables from the f16 to the PC I use, from the f16 to the ccr's and between the ccr's and same results every single time. I just cannot understand what would cause this even when I just plug a cable into the second jack when it's not connected to anything. It's baffling that it worked when I tried it with part of my AC boxes set up earlier this year but now I can only have one CCR hooked up for it to work properly. The rest of the display works perfect, it's just this CCR issue. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks for any help.
  2. Thanks for all the comments and especially the camera tips. I didn't realize this, but like I posted earlier, the camera I'm using has both an auto-focus and continuous auto focus setting. I turned both of them off and what a difference!! So looks like I have a little bit of re-editing to do. LOL. I'm going to try the white balance adjustment and see if I can get it even better, but so far what a huge difference from just turning off those settings. Thanks again.
  3. Hey Everyone, I know this has been asked before and probably too much, but I just wanted to get your thoughts on pulling out the GFI's for the light circuits. I have two dedicated runs outside and also one more that's on a low-use basement circuit will all three protected by GFI's. Even though I'm in NW Indiana, it's been quite warm this season, and like before, whenever it rains, the GFI's blow instantly. Yesterday even though it rained during the day and had stopped by sunset, it was still so wet that it popped 2 of the 3. I thought about covering the connections but I just have too many plugs to do that with and have these candy cane lights that you have to connect at ground level in the grass that makes it impossible to prevent moisture on them. What are the latest feelings about removing the GFI's from the circuits so that this doesn't happen? I'm curious because the frustrating thing is everyone else in the neighborhood who puts up the standard string on the shrubs has no problem when it rains, but yet mine have to stay off (or else they just turn themselves off via the GFI). I'm just curious how people in really wet climates like Seattle or down south make it work with the wet weather. Thanks for any info.
  4. it really wasn't that bad. I just did each section one at a time (arches, tree, CCR's, and yard decorations) and once I got the basic beat down just used that as a reference for the rest. It did (as I imagine all songs do) take a lot of listening to the same part at half speed over and over and over and nudging the events left or right a bit, but overall wasn't that bad. I used audacity to split the songs up and just inserted that static part between them.
  5. thanks for the comments guys!!! As for the camera, I was playing with it and I did notice a white balance setting also and wondered about that. The odd thing is that it has both an AF (auto focus) mode and a CAF (continuous auto focus) mode. I have no clue of the difference but turned them both off. it did better but not great. I'll have to play around with that white balance too and see if I can get these lights from blending with each other so much. Thanks again for the comments and also the camera help. I even thought about getting a different camera but would hate to have it be as simple as taking time and just playing with each setting more and more.
  6. AHHH. Thanks for the tip! Honestly (and I know how stupid this will sound) it was driving me nuts trying to figure out what settings to use to keep it from bluring. I resigned myself to the fact that the LED's were the main problem and that I just had to deal with it. I'm going to give that a shot tonight and see how it goes. Any certain settings that are best to use? thanks for the tip.
  7. Here's a few clips of my display. Hopefully the first two songs of the intro come across correct with a "tongue-in-cheek" humor as intended. Please post any comments....good or bad. thanks for checking it out. http://www.WinfieldLights.com
  8. I have 5 CTB16PC boxes and a 1602w running with the mp3 director in it. Last year all ran with no problems. This year, added 2 CCR's and instantly noticed the "uh oh" moment when the leaping arches lagged, then caught up, then other stuff lagged. Another post on here helped me big time with simply bumping up the network speed when creating the show with the hardware utility. That REALLY helped. there are still just a couple small spots where a lot of morphs are going on where you can see a lag but not much. Next year, I plan to add another 33 channels (6 light poles with stars) and really think I'm going to have to suck it up and go the computer route. I just don't see how with the lag this year, I will be able to add those and not bog it back down. SO, if I were you, I probably wouldn't be real interested to try it. you could, but just have a PC ready to go in case...
  9. WOO HOO. searching thru all the other posts, I came upon one that helped my problem. all is well now.
  10. I think I found the answer in another post. I bumped up the network speed when creating the show with the hardware utility and for some reason the compatibility mode was checked in the sequence editor. After following steps listed by someone else, it is MUCH, MUCH better. still just a hint of a lag sometimes but if you didn't know to watch for it, you really wouldn't catch it. Thanks for the great posts and help to everyone who helps us "challenged" folks out.
  11. well, I found out that the unit I have to drive the show ....showtime 1602mp3... cant do multiple networks. Are there any other options to get rid of this problem?
  12. ugh. Ok. thank you for the quick reply. Would you have any suggestions to help my problem since I can't do multiple networks? It's like the CCR's take over the megatree and leaping arches at times. I have the ccr's doing a morph and the tree "spinning" then the arches should come on one by one and the tree change color, but it won't happen until the morph on the ccr's stop. that's just one example but it's in certain parts of multiple songs where the arches start running real slow, then go really fast to catch back up and then it's normal so I have to guess it's the CCR's creating the drag. is there anything else you could think of doing?
  13. Hello, I posted in another area about a problem I am having with lights "lagging" at times and then running very fast to catch back up to the music. I added 2 CCR's this year so it seems to be something with that. It was suggested to put the CCR's on a different network but I have a question about that. Is it possible to have multiple networks using the 1602MP3? I use that as my first unit to control the show and then have ctb16pc's for 5 other units and 2 CCR's. does anyone know how to setup and configure a second network on the mp3 unit? Also, if this is possible, do I have to make sure each CCR is set to the new network in the sequence editor? Thanks for any help.
  14. thanks for the reply! could you tell me how that's done? Watching it some more, it's the same songs in the same spots every time. And then just to double check, I watched the visualizer. On one song, where there should be arches, there are none and where the tree should change color, it just continues with the previous activity, in this case, a white twinkle, then it goes how it should. It's almost like the CCR's are hijacking the arches and tree somehow. How do I put those on a different network though? Thank you for your help. ahhhh... posted too soon. so would it be that I just go back and make the NETWORK on the channel, for example, AUX A? Do I really have to do this 50 times for each CCR and then export the channel config and import it into the other sequences or would there be an easier way to make the network apply to the whole CCR with only 1 change instead of 50? Thanks again.
  15. Hello, I just started my show tonight (late from issues that were not so good, but all fixed now) but I have a new problem this year. All I changed (added) this year was 2 CCR's. I have a megatree with 3 colors and 4 leaping arches that are being the issue. My first controller in the line is the 1602W for the main control, then ctb16PC's for the rest of the units. the tree has unit 2 and 3, the arches 3 and 4, then goes to the 2 CCR's then to unit 6. The problem is with the arches mostly but also with the tree a little. I have the same songs as last year and what I did was just create a new track (track 2) for the CCR's in S3 so I wouldn't have one really long track but could toggle between the "regular" lights and the CCR's for sequencing. Last year, no problem, timing perfect. This year, after adding the CCR's, the arches will at points "lag"behind the music, then run at what seems 2x plus speed to catch up and then be back in sync. I think it has to be with the CCR's or the way I made another track since that's really all I changed year to year. Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this lag, and catch back up issue? I first had Lock step check then unchecked it since I didn't use it last year but the problem stays. And it's not on all songs, but just some, especially where all the lights are going like the tree, arches, CCR's etc. Thank you for any ideas or help you guys might have.
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