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  1. im having the same problem. What did they do for you? I have a help ticket submitted. Just trying to get a quick answer. Thanks
  2. Never mind guys and gals, I finally got it. For some reason I had to create the group a couple of times before it took. Quirk in the software? It is easy enough to create a group, getting it to work as a group instead of just the first prop in the population was my headache. All ok now though
  3. I have what I call a 'Spiderweb". It has 8 legs and three inner circles, all individual props. I want to group them as 1 prop. When I create a group and try to sequence, it will only sequence the first prop in the group, not the whole group as one. Am I missing something?
  4. I see what you are showing me. When I select a portion of my sequence in sequence editor, select insert Superstar effect, Superstar opens up and only shows my prop, no existing effects. What I am looking for are already created effects in my existing sequence.
  5. Is it possible, in S5, to create superstar effects in a song, close out Superstar, watch the effects in the main preview window, reopen Superstar and see the effects that were already created in the Superstar sequencer? When I select the row to add to Superstar all I get is a new, clean, and empty canvas to work with. Wish I could see the already created effects. Thanks if anyone knows a trick that I dont,
  6. Never mind. I have got it figured out. When I try and create a motion effect row it send it way down on my sequencer where I didnt notice the new channel
  7. Little help if possible. With the older version of the sequencer (pre 5) I would be able to do an instant sequence for a prop in superstar and save it as an lms file. I would then use that file for my 16 channel controller and modify the effects as needed for my sequence. I cannot do it with S5 or dont know how to do it. Reason: I have a Ghoul rock band and the drummer has 3 channels that have lights that are sequenced to different beats. A lot easier than doing the sequencing by hand. Is this possible or did we lose that with the S5 program? I am not able to create a motion effect row for the 16 channel controller.
  8. Restarting my computer was one of the first things I did. Sometimes that's a cure all. This time I was baffled. Last night I was Leary on deleting the software and reinstalling being so close to showtime. After sleeping on it I told myself, what the heck, go for it.
  9. Solved my own problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software. That seems to have done the trick for me
  10. Earlier I had a problem with overlapping channels not letting me use control lights for testing a controller. I have that problem solved thanks to K6ccc. Now my problem is, since I have done that, none of my sequences that have been created in S5 will load. I get an error "Unable to read, blah blah blah, an entry with the same key already exists". When I select "ok" I get the error "sequence not loaded" . I can open any sequence that has not been modified or created in S5. It's my sequences that have been created or modified that will not open. Any help appreciated.
  11. I'll give this a whack and see what happens. Also, I have upgraded to S5
  12. I set up a falcon controller to use with my show. I am trying to test it out and I keep getting an error saying that there are preview problems that must be corrected before I can proceed. I have 1 16 channel controller, the falcon and a cmbd 24 controller. The 16 channel controller has multiple props using the same channels which in the preview gives me conflicts. No big deal, I understand it. But it seems that it is preventing me from controlling my lights when I select control lights and try and start a sequence. Anybody have any ideas? p.s. control panel is running, com listener is running.
  13. Thanks Brian. I have changed my layout, thats why I am having this problem. I can get the sequences to open up in S5 no problem. I was hoping to be able to copy and paste from there. The two layouts are completely different. No problem, just didnt want to have to sequence the tree again.
  14. My dilemma. I have sequences that were created in S4 or earlier with a 12 strand pixel tree, 50 pixels per strand. In S5 when creating my tree it gives me 1 row and says effects 01( Mega Tree. Effects 01). I am trying to copy and paste my effects from the earlier version of the sequencer but don't know how. May not even be possible. I am able to do it in S5 thru the sequencer if the sup file is available, but I have some sequences where there is no sup file ( I have deleted them). Hope someone has some good news for me. Thanks in advance.
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