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  1. $75 for the board. $100 for the board, power supply, enclosure. I’ll toss in the pixels for no extra charge, there’s not many.
  2. Need to sale my CCP's that are 3 years old. 2 of them are attached to boscoyo strips, 1 of them is attached to boscoyo arch coro, and the last 1 is attached to a spinner so I would probably just need to sell the controller and not the strings. I also have a 3 year old CMB24 with enclosure and power supply and a handful of pixels. $100 for each of the CCP's and $75 for just the controller. Make an offer on the dumb board and pixels.
  3. He probably has 3 or 4 times as many tree sequences as matrix sequences and only 1 matrix sequence that I could use. Again, I was hoping for matrix sequences to match tree sequences.
  4. I use holidaysequences for my tree, but I don't see a lot offered for a matrix. I was hoping he would compliment his tree sequences with matrix sequences so we can have both props in our displays.
  5. I'm sure it's been covered but I couldn't find it, so if someone can just point me to where it is, i'll be grateful. I'm considering building a matrix, but I have zero interest or time in sequencing it. In fact, this is my first time looking at anything Christmas related this year as I've been too busy and even told everyone that i'm not doing my display this year. But, as time draws near I can't help myself. And my son has offered to take over for me so I get a break. But I was wondering if anyone has matrix sequences for sale or does custom sequences. I saw a couple on superstarlights and a couple on holidaysequences, but very limited supply and not the songs i'm hoping for. I don't intend to change my display or do any sequencing this year, just running with what I had last year. So songs/sequences to compliment what is already in my display would be ideal. I have a 12 string tree and if there is a way to take the tree sequence and turn it sideways, I would do that.
  6. I've been on the FB page also trying to figure this out for the last week. I'm using LOR to run my show. I have 8 controllers on 1 network and a pixel tree run with a F16v2 controller. For 2 weeks my show ran brilliantly. Then for no reason the tree began to lag and act very choppy. It's best described as using a regular adapter instead of the high speed adapter when you need the high speed. I'm not using any adapter for the falcon board, just an analogy. So I don't know what I need to do to fix that problem. I've considered uninstalling and reinstalling LOR, but the idea of changing and messing with the software during the season makes me sick!
  7. And to be clear, you have a flat tree and a circle or half circle tree? I know the term pixel tree can be flat or round. So making sure.
  8. Was wondering if the sequences I purchased for a CCR tree (typically flat) will still work on my new 180 tree? With a flat tree, the ribbons end up at different heights, taller as you get closer to the center. With a half circle pixel (bullet ws2811) all the strings are the same height. Any issues?
  9. I built circles using the grey pvc. I supported them by screwing 1x2's on the backside.
  10. Probably a thousand different answers to that. For me, I bought the boscoyo strips, also available at holiday coro. Pixels snap right in, I can do 50 in about 5 minutes! For my windows and posts, I built pvc frames using 1" pvc and zip tied the strips to it. I attached the pvc frame using those 1"x1" zip tie pads that stick to the glass and allow you to run a zip tie through it to anchor something light weight. For added support in case the temps causes the pads to lose tackiness, I put pvc legs all the way to the ground just to help hold it up and take weight off the zip tie pad (not sure what the actual name is for that). For my roofline, I did the exact same thing. Used the strips, zip tied to pvc, used zip tie pad on my roof and laid the CCP's in a nice straight line before zip tying.
  11. Concur! I considered for about half a second replacing just 1, but I knew no matter which I replaced....ol' man Murph would have final say. This way, I eliminate the encore and guarantee frustration.
  12. A shout out and thank you to LOR. I submitted a ticket and was sent at few pixels free of charge! I cut out the last good and first bad pixel and put in replacements, now I'm up and running again!
  13. I need to figure out which is the bad pixel. The last lit pixel or first unlit pixel. But that's a good idea George.
  14. Tonight: I unsoldered the last 2 legs. I moved the last leg which doesn't light at all. After receiving data from the 8th working leg, the last leg that works flawlessly, it worked fine. So I'm left with 1 leg that lights 7 of 10. So what is the recommendation for the bad pixel that clearly isn't sending data down the line? Cut it out and run with 99 pixels instead of 100?
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