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  1. Thank you Bob for the clarification. That is very helpful, my extra channels are defined on the same network. I will either remove the channels, or set them to device type none.
  2. Don, Thanks for quick reply. Nothing programmed into the extra channels. I was assuming this would be answer, but I have been surprised before with LOR when I have made assumptions. Jim
  3. Our show this year is spread across six houses via ELLs. Some of the remote houses have 16 ch controllers, but only 4 are used. I know the ELLs have limited bandwidth. Is there any problem leaving unused channels in a sequence? If there is no activity on the channel, do they consume any bandwidth? Thanks, Jim
  4. Hello, I purchased some of the RGB 10W floods and single pixel RGB ribbons, the LOR website lists the operating voltage as 12V. I am controlling them through a CMB24D. I have power supply that is labeled 12V, but the output measures 13.8 volts. I know this won't bother the controller, but does any know if the this extra voltage is within the normal operating range of the floods and ribbons? Thanks, Jim
  5. Thank you for suggestions, I was able to do some testing this evening before show time, here is what I have learned. I did upgrade the firmware on the CTB16PC (I have a spare controller, just in case it didn't work.) Yes, you upgrade it while it is in the network. No effect. I found that one the CTBPC16 controller, if I put snubbers on the LEDs, things settled down. Without the snubber, multiple other channels than the one channel being faded will randomly have actvity. Channels on both the CTB16PC and CTB08. This is repeatable, by adding/removing the snubber. But wait there is more, on CTB08, the fading LEDs on channels 5,6,7,8 work great (with & without snubbers), I found that any fade on channel 1,2,3,4 causes significant activity on other channels, on both the CTB08 and CTB16PC. The channels that get activity are both LED and Incandesent. The two controllers are the end of my LOR network, they are both running from the same house circuit, different house from all other controllers. So now I have a whole new set of questions, on how to troubleshoot this and I don't know if any apply. Is it possible a failure on the CTB08 is causing random traffic on the network? Could some other noise from a power line affect the communication? Would a bad network cable exhibit this type of activity? Tomorrow, in the daylight I will try swapping the CTB08 with my spare, but do people have other suggestions of things I can try in case the problem continues? Thanks.
  6. Do you have a snubber on the LEDs? A small resistance across the line, as described here http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/topic/36988-easiest-terminatorssnubbers-to-make/ Here is a video link that shows the problemhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO-KSZq9l64, that uses a night light as snubber. Hope this helps. .
  7. Hi, I added my new neighbor's house to our display this year, he had never done outdoor lights before and purchased LED Strings. His strings don't fade, more of a rapid flicker when dimming. I tested adding a incandesent string in line, thinking it may just need a snubber, but no real effect. I did not try snubbing all the circuits at the same time, only two of them, but my understanding is that I should have seen improvement on those two. The controllers I loaned him are older, and in looking at the firmware it is not current. 1 controller CTB16PC Gen 1 - V4.02, the other CTB08 V1.0. The strings connected to the CTB08, exhibit much worse flickering than the other. Can old firmware be causing the problem? I have never needed to update firmware before (obvious from the version numbers), can it be upgraded over the LOR network, with other controllers on the line? Or does the controller to be upgraded need to be the only thing on the network? Thanks, Jim
  8. Brian, Thank you for the quick reply and clarification. Sorry my post was unclear, it is the Visualizer tutorial at http://www.lightorama.com/downloads/3.0.4/help/index.html?tutorial.htm that mentions stages. "You could also divide your stage up into several different Visualizer files for ease of use. For instance, you may want to use one for stage left, and a separate one for stage right." Would a strategy to do this, be to create a separate sequence for each house, then load them as sub-sequences into one master? I have not worked with sub sequences before, so I don't know if that is a good or bad idea. Just seems like it might be easier maintenance, and less problematic then always trying to cut and paste. My house has 120 channels plus the CCP, the neighbors have 8 & 16 channels, any strategies or best practice organization style to manage it all would be appreciated. Jim
  9. Hi, I am new to using Super Star, I upgraded to handle some RGB ribbons and one CCP device that I purchased. As I have been reading the tutorial, I have been learning how much more it can do using visualizations. This year I have added two neighbor's houses to my display. The three houses do not fit into a single visualization. In the tutorial I saw reference to multiple "stages", but I have not been able to find further information on how to use them. Does multiple stages mean multiple visualizations? Would that allow me to work with each house separately and then bring them all together into a single sequence? Ideally, I would like to be able to coordinate effects between the houses. In the past I have done this with cut and paste in the sequence editor, but it appears that SuperStar will do a lot of this work for me. Any advice, or links to additional reference material would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  10. Hi, I am adding two neighbor's houses to my display this year. Is there a strategy of how to use the visualizer, when it all doesn't fit in one image? The three houses are controlled in one sequence. Thanks, Jim
  11. When connecting LOR controllers with a Cat5 cable is there an unused pair of wires that is passed through the controllers so that a continuity alarm circuit could be triggered? This year we will have multiple controllers outside. What I would like to do is build an alarm circuit so that would detect a control cable being unplugged or cut. I have the following controllers, CTB16D, CTB08, CTB16PC. Thanks, jaanth
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