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  1. jhiggins did you ever try this? If so how did it work? I have an 8ft Olaf with dancing lights I want to do the same and the blower looks just the same
  2. This video helped me understand how they are programmed http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/37388-sequencing-dmx-moving-heads/#entry346000
  3. Yes it have used a trampoline frame for many years and no issues......
  4. Yes it did it to my house as well even though I had put my entire show on a separate breaker box I haven't tired putting them on separate breaker because they were all on one about 60 of them and their was about 30 or so on one spt cord I figure they were not getting enough power I have no clue as to why this was happening Someone said it was due to a surge of power being used but I have not used a surge suppressor that was recommended
  5. Ok I asked about becoming a dealer with the makers of the ge color effects this is what I got in an email this morning Christopher, Thank you for getting in touch. We do not have a domestic warehouse for distribution purposes, and we operate FOB Asia, FCL shipping. Planning for 2013 is already underway, and if you are interested in meeting about our products, please advise, and we'd be very happy to meet. Our main showroom is in Hong Kong, and we have a secondary showroom in Trumbull, CT. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Anthony
  6. What are the price for these strand you purchased ? Please and thanks Chris
  7. I have found that only lowes in my area are carrying them this year and they are now 25ct instead of 36ct Last year Home Depot, Walmart and several other places carried them but they are now online and outrageously expensive $100 for one sent that last year cost 50 I'd love to get several more sets my self but I will wait till after Christmas I have close to 1000 bulbs this year that I bought last year after Christmas
  8. So I wouldn't have to purchase the software renewal as well and actually save $30?
  9. Sorry I just don't have the money I'm having to pay for college at the moment Thanks though
  10. I live in Arkansas as well You can just drop them off on my door step Lol Good deal but I hate to Pass up on but I just don't have the funds sorry
  11. Christopher2113


    Great that's what I thought Now did you run out if USB hubs or do u just get a USB splitter and continue to add them? I'm beginning to figure all this stuff out haha
  12. Christopher2113


    so it is so that you can use a usb-485 to run dmx if i understood corectly it will only control 512 channels (1 universe) so does that mean that i need to get another usb 485 conector for universe 2 and so on for the next universe? now another question will the usb485 work to hook up the e681 but since it is open dmx can i just run it off the ethernet port on my computer?
  13. Hmmm Does 1 pixels count as 1 channel ?
  14. Ok 2ss I'm game but do I need more than 2 If I want to use the auto sequencer to program my pixels I plan one ordering will I need more than 300 channels Or is that just for ccr?
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