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  1. Jim, Can I please a copy jonproctor1@msn.com Thank you
  2. WIsh was there tonight, those guys are awesome.
  3. here is link to video of 6 songs starting with dueling...same view...from the front porch. P.S. This video is about 18 minutes long
  4. Taken from my front porch looking across street, hope to have a better videos that shows all 3 of the houses and the 70,000 plus lights and other sequences ready soon. So for right now just ones from the front porch:)
  5. will try and get a better video of tree tonight and post it an explain the mega tree.
  6. Just a sample and does not include other 2 house on other side of street http://youtu.be/p5OKA7LJYd0
  7. www.cabletiesandmore.com Have purchased numerous times, but natural color about $34.57 (includes shipping) for 5,000 4inch They have black and lots of other colors and sizes.
  8. Lots and lots of extension cords:)
  9. 12 boxes of 300 count Icicles. 125 boxes of minis (Blue, Green etc.) 100 count. Next up CDI Sale
  10. With that title I expected to see someone "Sitting on the curb, and licking themself" This version of video really shows your display well, looking forward to the next one. It is a work of art in motion.
  11. A couple links to video....wife took one, daughter did other. I am working on others. Trying to figure out how to get the neighbors house in the videos since it is across the street and part of the show.
  12. Nope...Did roof and large live tree Saturday and working on another tree in the yard today.
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