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  1. WayneKremer

    Internal format - where is it stored?

    Ah! The computer name changed from XMAS to NEWXMAS. Why the heck would they include computer name? Makes no sense in keeping that info. Otherwise, the paths and drives are exactly the same. Just a pain to reload every sequence. Not a problem...
  2. WayneKremer

    Internal format - where is it stored?

    The sequences and music are exactly the same from old to new. If I copied the main LOR folder in Documents, shouldn't the LOR\LORinternal\Cannonical folder be part of it? At work now. Will need to check the details when I get back. thx! Wayne
  3. I got a new computer to run the show. I copied the main folder (and all of those under it) over to the new computer, yet most of the sequences get skipped because it said it couldn't find the media file...yet the media file is in the Audio folder. If I pull up the sequence in SE, it converts it to the internal media format and the sequence works fine in the show. It appears that the internal format is not saved in the main folder. Where is it saved? thx Wayne
  4. WayneKremer

    Daytime (no lights) sequence builder?

    I just looked into Zara. Seems cool for the most part, but tricky on starting and stopping it without interruption. I play my songs in WMP right now, but need a simple way of turning it on and off during and after shows. thx! Wayne
  5. WayneKremer

    Daytime (no lights) sequence builder?

    Yes, that's what I'm talking about. But, I thought that someone wrote a program to create a bunch of 1 channel sequences with the associated music file. Otherwise, I'll have to create over 100 sequences manually...which I would rather not do. Can Zara Radio handle local files?
  6. I thought I remember seeing a program that someone built to create sequences with music only (no lights). Was I dreaming that? If not, can you point me in the right direction? thx!
  7. WayneKremer

    Bug fixes in 4.3.16?

    Mike, can you please fix the beta announcement of 4.3.16? It references the What's New page...but that only has up to 4.3.12. Would like to know the bug fixes for 4.3.16. thx Wayne
  8. WayneKremer

    Show burps and some weird stuff pops up

    Bob, I assume you are still trying to find the initial cause of the problem and your temp fix is to get everyone's shows to run smoothly. thx
  9. WayneKremer

    Dimming CCR's

    Excellent! Thank you!
  10. WayneKremer

    Dimming CCR's

    I know how to do dimming in a sequence, but I would just like to dim the entire CCR down 50% for all my sequences....WITHOUT re-doing all the sequencing. I know...right? So, is it possible? thx!
  11. WayneKremer

    Storm Protection

    Had hellish winds, but next to no rain because the Sierra's shadowed our whole valley. Kinda bummed that we got no precipitation out of this huge storm. I took down my mega-wreath screen and everything else handled the wind perfectly. The pixel tree was bolstered with 12 gauge wire in the center section and that stopped all the conduit sticks from blowing around like crazy. The base to the conduit sticks were concrete rebar tie-wrapped. The whole pixel tree moved in harmonic patterns with the wind, but not out of control to the point of destruction. Wireframes moved around a bit, but held. Put the screen back up and we are ready to rock tonight!
  12. WayneKremer

    Storm Protection

    I plan on removing my wreath screen as it acts as a sail in the wind. The pixel tree sticks are held in place by zip ties. I think I'll use the concrete rebar steel ties instead. It'll hit you first in California. Let me know how you fare... Good luck everyone!
  13. WayneKremer

    Storm Protection

    plasmadrive, I'm also shutting down my show early tonight and going completely dark on Thursday. I think I will even unplug all my controllers in case something goes flying. They are expecting 80+ mph winds here. Scary!
  14. WayneKremer

    3 Pixels in a row not displaying green on CCR

    I wouldn't mind if LOR sold individual repair sections. As it stands now, I only see that I have to repair the whole ribbon to fix just one small section.
  15. WayneKremer

    3 Pixels in a row not displaying green on CCR

    I have this same issue (green missing). Worst part is that sometimes the problem goes away on it's own, but then comes back just to annoy the heck out of me. Has anyone been able to fix this problem? I'm willing to dissect the CCR.