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    After seeing a house with a computer display Google was my new best friend. I came upon LOR and never looked back.
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  1. Would love to have copies of all also. Thank you so much for sharing prelude.iso@shaw.ca Ryan
  2. Would love a copy of this one as well. prelude.iso@shaw.ca Thanks in advance Ryan
  3. If you r still sending out. prelude.iso@shaw.ca Thanks Ryan
  4. If your still sending it out please add myself prelude.iso@shaw.ca Thanks Ryan
  5. PreludeRM

    DMX Dongles

    Has anybody tried any other dongles besides the Actidongle, DMXking or the Entec open / Pro. I see tons of other dongles on Ebay and AliExpress but would like some feed back if anybody has tried and of the others. Thanks Ryan
  6. I was thinking of doing this one myself one day but just never get around to it.
  7. Earle Could I get some sent my way as well please. Thanks for sharing these with everybody. Regards Ryan prelude.iso@shaw.ca
  8. Would love a copy as well. Thanks in advance Ryan prelude,iso@shaw.ca sorry prelude.iso@shaw.ca I put a comma in the first post. should be a period.
  9. Figured out what was wrong with my controller. It seems when I wired it. I placed the neutral wire from the 1-8 side over one peg so it was on the 9-16 side. You might check the neutral wire and make sure it's not Like I did. Hope this helps. Ryan
  10. I have exactly the same thing happen to me today. Same card as the above. Swaped fuses with the other side to check if it was a fuse and still no 1-8. Fuses are good power is good as I have taken the controller indoors to test as well. Hardware util recognizes it no problem. Any other ideas what could be wrong???
  11. Extending the antenna didn't boost the power it just allows the transmitter to transmit a full FM band wave. I have read about some of the other FM transmitter kits some members have can do 40 city blocks. Now thats power.
  12. PreludeRM

    'nother newbie

    I've just started out with a 16 channel controller myself this year. I got the Whole House FM transmitter and in the instructions it said if you want more range to extend the antenna. I opened up the transmitter and soldered a 110" antenna to it. Now I can get just about 2 blocks from my house and still hear it in my car. I'm just glad there is not a lot of radio stations in Calgary in those bands. I didn't realize it only transmitted in the upper bands. Ryan
  13. I bought the FM transmitter that they sell here on lightorama. The first time I tried it I only got in my house. I opened it up and soldered a new antenna with a length or 110 inches to get a full band FM signal. Now I can transmit easily 2 city blocks. More than enough for what I need.
  14. PreludeRM

    Cold Cathodes?

    Has anybody used Cold Cathodes on any of their displays. I was thinking of possibly using them in my set up I am planning. Thanks Ryan
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