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  1. Last update for tonight Turns out the Troubleshooting of the original problem caused the total failure after startup My checking of all network connections caused a secondary problem. didn't quite click one all the way in. Bottom line 5.28 firmware will not work with my setup of 2 500mb networks running: 25 ft Mega tree with 12 CCB systems(24 strands) and 2 CCPs - 8 row globe 4 CCRs - Arches 6 - 16 Chan controllers 5.26 does seem to work correctly, all is in sync and plays correctly This does push the Show Director to the max Perhaps we go to PI Player next year Fingers crossed this will get through this season, No more upgrades for me in any December from now on . Steve
  2. Looks like I spoke too soon Ran for 1 cycle and total screw up I don't know what to do now, show is completely down Does anyone know about resetting the G3 MP3 box One instruction says push reset button - No reset button that I can find Other instruction says it will reboot after firmware installs, I do not see this happen time stays on screen the whole time ?? Steve
  3. Show appears to be running normally with thr 5.26 Firmware Still has a few minor issues with some odd pixels staying lit until next action for that pixel.(Not keeping up??) Also some issue with .las amimations I use in between shows not running correctly Much better than 5.28 though, hope they fix it soon. Steve
  4. I am also having the same issue I have spent many hours digging network cables out of the snow , thinking it was me I have just downgraded to 5.26. The show will start in about an hour, let you know how it works. Steve
  5. Mark The link is broken Try This http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRaIOtH_fIU Steve
  6. Thanks Brian but I'm still confused a bit I bought the Sample 24 string sequence to figure it out The 24 strands are actually 12 strands(devices) folded, what is the best way to get this to 24 devices Thanks Steve
  7. CCB is Cosmic Color Bulbs Is is an 8 Row Globe - This is a Tree top Fixture Created by Brain at SuperStar Steve
  8. Brian Do you have a sequence for a 24 X 50 CCB Tree with an 8 Row Globe? Could I possible adapt your 24 X 25 sequences? I have the tree built but not much time now to sequence. Thanks Steve
  9. Last year all was fine Now the Status LED on my controllers just flash when connected to show director Also tryed to connect to Hardware Utility - will not find Show director I am using a US485B Any suggestions, entire system works fine fron the PC I really want to use the Show director
  10. Sorry, I missed that one Hope someone steps up to take this on, The Expo is a great event.
  11. Looks like Chuck is planning a Christmas Expo for 2012 http://www.christmasexpo.com/christmas-expo-planning/
  12. This is why I continue to invest in Light-O-Rama products Report an issue - 24 hours later problem solved. I know is is impossible to write perfect code, this kind of hustle to make it right is what makes a company worth doing business with. Thanks Brian for getting this fixed so quickly. Thanks Dan Ditto
  13. I just upgraded to ver 3.1.0 and when I try to start Superstar Editor I get a Microsoft error and the program quits Anybody else see this? All other Light-O-Rama programs seem to work normally
  14. Have a look at this thread http://forums.lightorama.com/forum76/27264.html
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