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  1. Does anyone have the specs on the power supply that is used with the 8 - 10q Flood Plug n Show package? I'm wondering how many floods I can load up on that power supply. The store page doesn't have any info on the power supply that is included. Thank you!
  2. Hello. I recently purchased a CMB-24 board to use for the LOR RGB Floods. It works really well! But, I was having some difficulty in wiring up the input header for the interactive aspect. When I go to the hardware utility, I check the input status for the board and even though I have nothing attached to the input header, it was showing that input 2 was on already. When I attached my buttons, according to the diagram, I could get button 1 to work, but not 2 or three. Because of this, I had to wire my inputs to my DIO32 board. (which I hate doing because of having to use resistors and cutting apart ribbon cable.... annoying. Why there isn't an input card for these boards, I'll have no idea. I would have bought about a 100 of them already. But, that's another topic for another day...) And my inputs worked correctly there. So I know that its not my button wiring. Any ideas there? I tried a reset and I had the same results. Unfortunately, I had to pull the board out of the display for now because my 12vdc power supply died. So i won't be able to do anymore testing on it until next year. (The project is in Ohio and I'm in Vegas now....) Just wondering if anyone else had issues or if I was missing something completely different. Thanks! -=CoasterBP
  3. So basically I have to "Create a Show" for each assignable trigger, download it to the card, create the next show, download it to the card... Seems a little tedious, but i guess I will give it a shot. Thanks, Don! -=CoasterBP
  4. Hi. I'm used to using a PC to control my shows and my interactive elements. I've been contracted to program and install a museum piece. I'm using a PLC to control the moving bits and parts and I want to use the PLC to trigger the different lighting sequences. I'm using a G3-MP3 to store and direct the other controllers. I've used interactive triggers on regular PC driven shows, but I haven't used a director before. I've read through the documentation in regards to setting up a show with interactive triggers. I've tried looking at the Hardware Utility and I see where I can assign the different inputs. But when I click on input 1 and put Sequence 1 in the playlist and then click on input 2, it keeps Sequence 1 in the playlist... am I assigning these wrong? Basically, this is what I need to have happen: Trigger 1 - plays Sequence 1 Trigger 2 - plays Sequence 2 Trigger 3 - plays Sequence 3 and so on.... Do I have to make each sequence its' on Show? Thanks. -=CoasterBP
  5. Check out the following: http://www.atmosfearfx.com/ http://www.themightymicroscope.com/windowcreeps/ http://www.hi-rezdesigns.com/online_store/ http://scaremation.com/products.html http://vidscenes.com/shop/ http://chickenhaunt.blogspot.com/p/for-sale.html Spectral Illusions
  6. I asked Ray for 6" spacing on my pixels. No extra charge.
  7. Also as a note, if you are going to mirror your desktop for your projector output, change your desktop background to solid black, because when you aren't playing a video, it will project whatever your desktop background is.
  8. When it asks you to select a media file for your sequence, just select the video file.
  9. Well, klb, you got it to work. Thank you so much! I appreciate the help and the time you and everyone else took. to help me out. Thanks! -=CoasterBP
  10. Tried that. Typed it all into my dos prompt and hit enter. Relaunced control panel and tried the test sequence. Got nothing.
  11. This is something I just type in my dos command prompt?
  12. And when the pixels work because I umplug the USB wireless adapter. If you can't see details on this pic, let me know. I'll let you know specifics. Thanks! -=CoasterBP
  13. This image is from where the wireless internet is working, but the pixels are not:
  14. The E681 is connected directly from the LAN card. No router. My USB wireless internet dongle connects to my router inside the house. So there isn't a way to tell the Network Preferences program WHICH connection to listen to, is there? I need that internet connection to be active while shows are running.
  15. Hysterical, Tim. I've found the problem and while I've fixed the problem with the pixels, I've developed a new problem. My problem was my wireless connection. Here's my computer setup. I have an LAN connection onboard my motherboard. I have a second LAN card on a PCI slot and I have a wireless internet USB dongle. I have successfully used both LAN connections to test the pixels. But the wireless connection (the usb dongle) is mucking up the works. As soon as I unplug it, the E1.31 control over my pixels works. So how do I get the best of both worlds? -=CoasterBP
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