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  1. I have an E681, 2x E682, 6x e6804, 3x ecg-p12, 4x ecg-p2, 2x stella e16's, pixlite 4, and soon HC 16 and they all have there pluses. personally I like the J1sys as they have better control of each port, but the sandevices does have it's good points as well with the number of Universe supported and configuration. As I was building out my display last year with this mix of controllers it did get a little tough deciding which controller an element would go on due to the limitations of both of the controllers. I ended up needing to reorganize some of the elements and controllers to make the best use of the 5V/12V power requirements and port assignments. I think going the 4 port makes more sense for smaller elements and 16 port good for the megatree. just needs more ethernet ports to hang the 4 port controllers from.
  2. I would love to see how you all have sequenced it in your preview windows. Anyone got it done yet and can share your movie from your preview? Neil In So CAL
  3. I think this was in relation to timing issues with DMX Neil
  4. Thanks for this detailed information, I can see that this is going to be a fun project and certaintly will drive CCR sales for LOR and everyone will want Lightshow pro to drive them easily. Now the question is wether I can wait for the next LOR sale or just buy more CCR's today.
  5. what does the 12 * 16 matrix look like using the CCR strips. How have you spaced the strips? what size matrix panel will this create? I am thinking this will produce a 63" panel with 5.5" centres between strips. I was think about experimenting with my 2 CCR's and creating a 10 * 10 matrix which I think could be something like a 38" panel with 4" centers between strips, but not taken that step yet as I cannot visualise what the results will be. Also waiting on the new Lightshowpro release this month which will allow some cool transitions and blends over the matrix from an avi video file. http://www.lightshowpro.com/entry.php?11-The-Next-Level-in-Sequencing! Neil So Cal
  6. I am looking at getting another 2 CCR's to build up my matrix, do you have photos or video of your test? How are you programming your matrix? Neil
  7. I tested this on my recently purchachaed obey 40 and did not see the delays that you are talking about, also when I move the sliders i see near instant changes to the CCR. Perhaps they have more updated firmware for you dmx board? Neil
  8. That works great, thanks for looking at the issue and resolving it. Neil
  9. thanks again Dan, I set this up exactly as you have stated and still get the same issue, whatever is seelcted on the string just flashes at 1 per second
  10. yes thats exactly what I am getting as well, I have also tried on 2 CCR's with first being on channel 1 (dmx 1)and 2nd on channel 2 (DMX 17) I dont seem to be able to control as much as I can either, dmx +15 does control intensity, and +9 controls colour, if only I can stop the CCR flashing at around 1 per 2 seconds that would be good. Neil
  11. Thanks for this John. it makes sense, but when I use my dmx controller obey 40 to set the values I am not getting what I expect to see. I can change the colour effect to some point, however the macro effects are not giving me what I expect I am basically getting an effect across the ribbon that is flashing the whole ribbon at about once every 3 seconds. I will get back to this later tonight and see if I can make some changes to get it working. settings on the hardware utility unit id mode=normal Channel Mode=triples Resolution=50 dmx mode=macro effects only
  12. neilric99

    CCR via DMX

    Anyone got the CCR's working via DMX, I am looking at using them off season as mood lighting and having some understanding the docs issues. I have the Chauvet obey 40 and also magicQ with enntec dmx pro Neil
  13. I have 2 CCR's and an Enttec pro USB dongle that I would like to use dmx software to drive the CCR's I have checked using the hardware utility with 1 CCR that I have plugged in that I am running native mode on channel 1 (which ties to DMX 1) and DMX mode set to macros only and 50 pixel resolution. I do get a solid status light I am having some trouble understanding the CCR150D user guide in setting up the CCR to operate via DMX controls. So taking the example color effect with Macro effect I have set up this way DMX 9 (155) to 17 (color effect dazzle in 7 channel mode) DMX 10 (156) to 90 (color effect speed) DMX 11 (157) to 100 (color effect intensity) DMX 1 (152) to 64-75 (macro chase from controller) DMX 2 (153-44) to 180-189 (macro submode to 4 x 4) DMX 5 (154-85) to 64-75 (macro chase speed) All I get is a dark CCR, am I missing something in my understanding of the DMX mapping to macro channels? Neil
  14. Anyone used the MagicQ software DMX board from Chamsys.co.uk and enttec pro usb dmx to control CCR's? or anything that is simealar to this? I want to play with the macro effects via dmx on the CCR to get them to provide some mood lighting while I am not using them for my christmas display. Neil
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